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W2260A Wall Calendar Clocks with day and date - Alzheimer's. These large calendar wall clocks are suitable for use in bank, building society and other financial and general offices and all other areas where a battery powered clock with a clear, accurate and reliable display of the date together with an analogue display of time is required. Due to its design features the calendar clock has also been found very suitable for use by people with the early stages of Alzheimer's disease, brain injury, cognitive or memory disability.

Three models are available: Type W2260A with a white case and dial, with a large clock face Type W2268A with a silver case and dial, with a large clock face Type W2272A with a white face and dial, with a small clock face Each calendar clock displays three letter abbreviations of the day-of-week and the month using 25mm (1”) white characters with 35mm (1.4”) white numerals for the the day-of-month on a black background. Chalkboard Wall Calendar. 15 Unique and Innovative Calendars. The most creative modern calendars and innovative calendar designs that will show you the current date in style.

15 Unique and Innovative Calendars

Autumn Calendar World’s first tear-off calendar that tears off its “leaves” automatically. Icon: Lorenz Static Table Clock by Richard Sapper.