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Jlm design: blog. Sometimes projects take years to develop, cultivate and bring to fruition.

jlm design: blog

The idea to bring a simple 3-d architecture class to students at my sons' school started back in 2009. I wasn't sure exactly how, but I had a strong desire to introduce kids to model making, and thinking about space and the world around them. In December of 2009, my husband and I attended the Architecture Heritage Ball where the centerpieces were models contructed by students in the Center for Architecture's after school programs.

They were exquisite works of art and exactly the inspiration I needed! Off the Beaten Path. Moscow, Russia It was 1993, just after Perestroika.

Off the Beaten Path

Russia was very unsettled and the Ruble was at, or above 5,000% inflation. The Russian people were wondering what to do with a post-Communist, open market, capitalistic, economy after 70 years of a government ruling everything. The Christian Church had been isolated, shunned, and even persecuted under a Communist government attempting to dictate there was no God. Notes to Myself by Stefan Fiedorowicz. Mother-Writer: Toni Morrison. If Not Now, Then When? Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods by Christine Byl.

Christine Byl opens her memoir with the pleasant scene of herself and three fellow crew members, crusty and dirty, having a post-hitch beer at a small-town Montana bar.

Dirt Work: An Education in the Woods by Christine Byl

A young woman approaches and asks how she keeps up with the boys, one of whom volunteers that it’s all they can do to keep up with her. She then backs up and tells the story of how she got there. Like many young women in our culture, Christine was expected and expecting to go to college, to do cerebral work and keep her hands (literally) clean; but a summer gig held her, and she reveled in physical challenges, in learning new things, in the mechanical world. Eventually she reveled in her hardening muscles and her expertise, in surprising men with her ax-work and in mentoring other young women coming up in the “matriarchy” of trail work (still predominately male) within Glacier National Park. Hey, it's Caleb Jacobo's blog. I stare into an evening sun; a pebble-sized hole in the reddening horizon.

Hey, it's Caleb Jacobo's blog.

The world stretches towards this sun, as if painted on the inside of an enormous straw; I, standing at one end, the sun the other. All the world curls around us. A boardwalk, wooden fencing, a hill covered in coastal shrubs, all rush to the shore ahead, where curious figures dance and sing and fill my nose with smells both wonderful and complex. “Hello?” Practical Tips on Writing a Book from 23 Brilliant Authors.

Hello there! If you enjoy the content on Neurotribes, consider subscribing for future posts via email or RSS feed. Steve Silberman reading at the Booksmith in SF. Photo by Heather Champ. I love books. My late father Donald, who taught Wordsworth and Melville to inner-city kids for decades, used to read Ulysses to me while he carried me on his shoulders. Shared Earth – the ancient mounds project. THE TEENAGE YEARS – 1957 to 1963. Growing Up in Greenwood, MS I sometimes hear people talk about their childhood memories, things that happened to them when they were 2 or 3 years old.

THE TEENAGE YEARS – 1957 to 1963

Not me, I don’t seem to have any of those, at least not many. My earliest memory is my Dad coming home from work in some kind of old car (don’t remember the model – it was just a black car, with running boards), and as he pulled into the driveway, I would run out to meet him. He would stop, let me climb up on the running board, and then ease on up the driveway.

It became a daily routine for me, to wait outside around 5:15 PM. Blog Archive » the current state of things. A chronicle of a life well-lived, from a Mississippi Delta childhood to the front pages of one of America's premier newspapers. The 1934 Camp Ki-Y picture.

A chronicle of a life well-lived, from a Mississippi Delta childhood to the front pages of one of America's premier newspapers

Sara is second row, second from left, then Mary Charlotte Clarke, Lena White Miller and Mary Hayes Crow. Rawa is in center on the back row. I think Tiny is in fifth row, just left of center. CC Lockwood. Girls Gone Greenwood: Road Trippin' in Mississippi. A blog of travel, agriculture, & photography. Not for The Fainthearted: Changing a Church’s Culture. Barefoot Workshops - Documentary Workshops. Homemade Coconut Butter. Lately I have been OBSESSED (that needed all caps for sure) with coconut butter.

Homemade Coconut Butter

I eat it by the spoonful, put it in smoothies, bake with it, drizzle it on fruit, use it as a sandwich spread, saute veggies with it and more. Coconut butter is made up of the kind of fat that is good for you and your heart (just like avocado). Coconut butter is not coconut oil and surprisingly tastes much different. The taste reminds me of a candied coconut and let me just say it is freaking amazing. Not only is this unbelievably good it is also the easiest thing to make and you only need one ingredient... 5 cups of shredded unsweetened coconut (do not use coconut flakes or "reduced fat" shredded coconut, it will not work) * * I purchase already shredded unsweetened coconut in bulk from my local natural grocery store. Place the coconut butter into a container with a lid and store at room temperature.

Enjoy :) Five Ways People in New Orleans are Different from Us «Where y'at? The New Orleans Course Where y'at? The New Orleans Course. A note to my students: Most of you have never been to New Orleans. I grew up in the South, but only geography makes New Orleans part of the South. The people are different and that is wholly a good thing.

10 Tips for Using Long Telephoto Lenses. By: Luis Argerich Long telephoto lenses are typically used for wildlife and bird photography but they can also be used for macro shots and landscapes, here are a few tips to improve your long focal length shots. 1.

10 Tips for Using Long Telephoto Lenses

Afternoon MoJoe. Grand Isle. After a hectic week in New Orleans we were ready to kick back a bit so we headed to Grand Isle, the only populated barrier island in Louisiana. When we called for a reservation Michelle was surprised to hear our name was Tidball as Lanny, her husband, had an uncle by marriage named Tidball. We did share our family stories but I don't think we are directly related. “You Don’t Have to Live Your Life the Way Other People Expect You To.” « The Happiness Project. Your Life is Far Too Valuable to Live Like Everyone Else. End of the Road: Jefferson Parish's Town of Jean Lafitte. The Weblog of WriteMemphis, by Emma Connolly. Home. Welcome to Emmaville.

Some Info on Our Bloggers. Be sure to check out WriteMemphis!

Some Info on Our Bloggers.

On KRISTIN KORNELIUSSEN: Kristin has taught grades 8 through adult in Germany, Missouri, Washington, and Tennessee and currently teaches writing courses at Southwest Tennessee Community College. She has been volunteering with Write Memphis since fall 2011, primarily with the girls at the Riverview-Kansas Girls Inc. site, and is excited to begin work on the South Memphis Story Gathering project. On TROY WIGGINS: I am a recent graduate of the University of Memphis School of Urban Affairs and Public Planning. I obtained my MPA in May 2012, and my concentration is in nonprofit administration.

I have worked for several local nonprofit organizations, including the Southwest Tennessee Community College’s Educational Opportunity Program, Hope House, and The University of Memphis. Cleanse – A Design So Vast. Publishing Trends - News, opinions, and stats in the changing world of book publishing. A CUP OF JO. Just Another American in Paris. Miami Street Photographer. The Dark Side of the Moon.