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?p=w_jobv17&w=d&email=aestrada@jfku. 9781118647486_custom.pdf. 100+ Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Title Templates That Work. You’ve probably heard this a lot of times.

100+ Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Title Templates That Work

But YES. Having a catchy title is the key to grabbing people’s attention. It's your golden ticket to increased traffic and wider audience. You need to elicit interest, emotion, and curiosity in your potential readers to make your blog post title as irresistible as possible. Plus, it plays a crucial role in improving your search ranking. For example, you're writing an article about starting a website, instead of using "Creating A Website" as a blog title, you'd want to write "How To Start A Website in 3 Easy Steps" or "How To Start A Website in Less Than 20 Minutes" instead. Not only it's more attractive, your post also get a higher chance of landing in the first pages in the search results since it's more specific and there's less competition for the latter phrase (a.k.a long tail keywords) than the former. You get it. So be creative.

We all know the importance of a great title, but how can we really achieve this? 6 Quick Tips for writing titles 1. 2. Welcome to Forbes. is dedicated to helping mental health professionals develop a web-based presence through video and social media marketing. is dedicated to helping mental health professionals develop a web-based presence through video and social media marketing. 7 lessons on Presentation Design from TED TALKS. eLearning Trends For 2015. How To Get More From SlideShare - Super-Simple Tips For Content Marke… The Digital Life of College Students. Here Comes The iPad Generation - Future of Higher Education 2015. 21st Century Strategy. #TweetSmarter Webinar 2.0: Learn from the Experts How to Drive More … About. Buncee® is a whole new way of creating and sharing online and mobile greetings, memories, interests, new finds, business stories and more in a unique, fun and social way.


By leveraging the capabilities of online tools and iOS devices, buncee makes it easy for even the most ‘non-technical’ individuals to create and share engaging and interactive multi-media creations that can be shared publicly or privately. Play the video to learn more! Our web-based platform provides users with multiple easy-to use tools to add personal photos, text, drawings, and online content such as YouTube videos, Soundcloud audio, flickr, Google, or public Instagram images into a digital canvas called a ‘buncee’ that can be shared among all your social and private networks with just a few clicks.

What Makes Us Happy, Revisited. He lives near San Francisco, makes more than $50,000 per year, and is voting for the billionaire to fight against political correctness.

What Makes Us Happy, Revisited

For several days, I’ve been corresponding with a 22-year-old Donald Trump supporter. The Teacher's Guide To Pinterest. Pinterest has quickly become one of the biggest ways for teachers to share resources and information short of Twitter.

The Teacher's Guide To Pinterest

It lets you build ‘boards’ and easily ‘pin’ parts of the web (text, images, videos, websites, etc.) onto those boards. Simple enough, right? Here’s our Teacher’s Guide To Pinterest that gives you a few more ideas about how to properly use Pinterest in an education setting. Enjoy! The Teacher's Guides To Technology And Learning. Welcome to the official guide to technology and learning by Edudemic!

The Teacher's Guides To Technology And Learning

This part of Edudemic is meant to offer you, the teacher, some of the best and most popular resources available today. We’ve combed through hundreds of resources in order to narrow down our guides into something easy to read, easy to use, and easy to share. Below are links to the guides we have made so far. They’re always a work in progress so be sure to let us know if we missed something or if you have more resources you want us to call out in the guides. We’re always looking for the best and most useful resources so don’t be shy, share! Just click on the title or image of each guide to view that particular resource. The Teacher’s Guide To Twitter Twitter has proven itself to be an indispensable tool for educators around the globe. Infographics : the Anchorage to Memorable Learning.

Top 51 Free Tools for Making Infographics. Telling your story in visual form through the use of infographics has been one of the hottest trends in recent times.

Top 51 Free Tools for Making Infographics

Given the tremendous information available online, people are now more interested to get information through colorful and interesting graphics, instead of words and numbers. Creating infographics, however, requires tremendous analytical and creative skills plus the ability to convert these data and information into interesting visuals. The good news is, there are available resources online that you can use to help you create infographics. In this post, we will list down all available resources and tools that you can use to simplify the process of creating infographics. If you want to view some excellent examples of a well-designed infographics, then checkout our previous post on the following topics: