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Hospitality trends

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WTTC launches new report on the future of Travel & Tourism in a Post-covid world. Article-58007-quel-accueil-sans-contact-en-htellerie-de-luxe-covid. Sustainable travel 2021: on the way to net-zero emissions. Before Covid19, the hospitality industry accounted for around 10% of our global economy.

Sustainable travel 2021: on the way to net-zero emissions

In 2019, no less than 15,000 hotels were in the pipeline attesting to the industry growth and place in our society (Hotel Management). In such a thriving industry implemented changes can have a global impact not only on its activities but also on other industries. As we face difficult times with the Covid19 and the climate change crises, it is time for us as an industry to take a stand and inspire others with our actions. The hospitality industry must change to strive in the long-term and has the chance to inspire others by doing so. What is servitization: from product to people-centricity. The dominance of services, then, and the transformation of business models to accommodate this, is not a new phenomenon.

What is servitization: from product to people-centricity

However, servitization has since received extensive attention from both academia and industry, occasioning many a special-issue journal and conference. Where once service contracts were as literal as having an agreement for a technician to come and perform maintenance on your boiler when it broke down, both the object of servitization and the means by which it is realized have evolved significantly. As increased digitalization disrupts the manufacturing industry, servitization could now be considered the customer-facing component of Industry 4.0. Its implementation, in turn, may rely on shifts from purchase to subscription models, to name just one possible manifestation of the transformation it entails.

A definition of servitization for today. Purpose-driven hospitality: a conversation with Cyril Aouizerate - Glion Website. Hospitality’s own power trio Of course, all the ‘green’ credentials in the world mean nothing if a hotel isn’t a great place in which to stay the night.

Purpose-driven hospitality: a conversation with Cyril Aouizerate - Glion Website

And in this regard Cyril has some heavyweight support in the form of legendary designer, Philippe Starck, and the hugely successful hospitality entrepreneur, Michel Reybier. UNWTO’s Natalia Bayona on global tourism’s unique opportunity; and how to grasp it - Glion Website. No return to overtourism Outside of its investor appeal, sustainability is of course the big watchword throughout the industry.

UNWTO’s Natalia Bayona on global tourism’s unique opportunity; and how to grasp it - Glion Website

Amid widespread concerns about a return to overtourism in certain pre-Covid hot spots, Natalia believes this is a unique opportunity to correct the mistakes of the past. Transform, innovate, unify: building tomorrow’s hospitality industry - Glion Website. Amid the pain of the current crisis there’s a unique opportunity for hospitality businesses to transform radically, while also setting aside traditional rivalries to pull the levers of power in a more cohesive fashion.

Transform, innovate, unify: building tomorrow’s hospitality industry - Glion Website

Jonathan Humphries, Glion faculty and hospitality consultant, tells us more… For many in hospitality, the past year must have felt a little like being in a boxing bout where only your opponent is allowed to punch. You get knocked (or more accurately locked) down. You get up again. New Amadeus-IHG research explores the future of hospitality - 2019 - News & Media - Newsroom - InterContinental Hotels Group PLC. The end of room types, robots at the concierge and achieving ‘cult status’: new Amadeus-IHG research asks if this is the future of hospitality?

New Amadeus-IHG research explores the future of hospitality - 2019 - News & Media - Newsroom - InterContinental Hotels Group PLC

New research study, Drivers of Change in Hospitality, explores the changes we can expect as guest insight, technology optimization and the ability to hyper-personalize take effect. Informed by over 7,500 consumers worldwide and industry experts, the study identifies three trends that the sector must respond to meet the needs of the consumer of the future. Future focus: three hospitality trends for 2020 and beyond - Glion Website. To be successful in a fast-moving industry like hospitality means never standing still.

Future focus: three hospitality trends for 2020 and beyond - Glion Website

Today’s guest demands are tomorrow’s history; so the clever companies are the ones which constantly peer over the horizon. We join them to pick out three future hospitality trends that everyone in the business needs to have an eye on. Hospitality is big business. According to data benchmarking firm STR Global, there were almost 17 million hotel rooms available for travelers to stay in during 2018. Hospitality Consultancy Services. NNNReport Metrics that Matter. NNNCendyn Guide VirtualHospitality contactlessWorld. NNNCedyn Guide Create Wow Moments for Guests in a Socially Distanced World (1) 2021 Top hospitality industry trends. 12 Latest Hospitality Industry Trends in 2020. You may belong to any industry but there is one industry which will have touched your life in some way or the other.

12 Latest Hospitality Industry Trends in 2020

It is the hospitality industry. In this article, we discuss the top trends of the hospitality industry in 2020 and beyond. 100 Hotel Trends You Need to Watch in 2021 & Beyond. It’s official: the future is quickly approaching.

100 Hotel Trends You Need to Watch in 2021 & Beyond

The hospitality industry is changing faster than ever before and it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of the hotel, travel and hotel management trends impacting this dynamic business. Whether you're looking to start your own hotel, manage one already or are just curious about the travel industry because it's one of the largest and most influential on earth - this guide is for you.

Our team of experts put in dozens of hours researching trends and published the most comprehensive list online. Below we outline 100+ trends that range from renewable energy to new hotel designs, alternative lodging and everything in between. Travel stats cheat sheet. 2021 Hotel Industry Trends to Know. Hotel industry trends Talking about trends, trying to predict them, and attempting to foresee the future is very much a trend in itself.

2021 Hotel Industry Trends to Know

The future of the hotel and hospitality industries is a hot topic and the paths to success are potentially many. In general terms, hotel industry trends or hospitality trends generally look at new consumer behaviour, new technology, and the new business theories that are powered largely by the former two factors. Must-Know Hospitality Trends for the Next 5 Years. The world is undergoing a major shift in decision-making and buying power, and it’s changing the hospitality industry. The only way to see continued success is to prepare for these inevitable changes. So what’s coming up in hospitality in 2020, 2021, and beyond? We’ll show you. P.S. In this post, we’re focusing on future hospitality trends for the next five years. Hotel Tech Report: Software Reviews, Technology Trends, and Buying Advice. NNN2020 HotelTechIndex Market Leaders Report. Whitepaper Google Hotel Adsen v0520. eBook Hotel Marketing Canvas. Covid Strategy Ebook Revenue Management.

Covid Strategy Ebook Hotel Marketing. Covid Strategy Ebook Front office. Covid Strategy Ebook F&B. Hotel Management Blog With Tips to Optimise Revenue. MISC0171 01 EE ID IDeaS 2021 Outlook Survey Results EE. Revfine ebhms version 2. 2021 Top Hospitality Industry Trends. What are the latest trends in the hospitality industry? Well, it goes without saying that the coronavirus outbreak and ensuing safety measures have had a significant impact on hospitality throughout 2020 and will no doubt spill over into 2021 and beyond. Some responses to this extraordinary situation, attempting to entice patrons back into food and beverage outlets and assure holidaygoers that it is indeed safe to enjoy a hotel stay, have accelerated existing hospitality industry trends and triggered lasting change.

Meanwhile, evolution at the societal level - consequence in part of shifted values in the aftermath of the pandemic’s most acute phase and in part of increased consumer awareness of all things sustainable and purposeful - has set new benchmarks for hospitality enterprises. Hospitality Industry 2021.