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DYING FETUS - "Homicidal Retribution"‬‏ CEPHALIC CARNAGE - "Dying Will Be the Death of Me"‬‏ HEAVEN SHALL BURN - The Weapon They Fear (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬‏ SUICIDE SILENCE - Wake Up (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬‏ SUICIDE SILENCE - Bludgeoned (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬‏ BEHEMOTH - At The Left Hand Ov God (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬‏ BEHEMOTH - Slaves Shall Serve (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬‏ DIMMU BORGIR - The Chosen Legacy‬‏ Dimmu borgir - Puritania‬‏ Dimmu Borgir - Kings of The Carnival Creation (live)‬‏ Dimmu Borgir - Sorgens Kammer Del.2‬‏ Dimmu Borgir - The Serpentine Offering‬‏ Dimmu Borgir - The Sacrilegious Scorn‬‏ DIMMU BORGIR - Gateways‬‏ Whitechapel "The Darkest Day Of Man" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬‏ Whitechapel - "This Is Exile" Metal Blade Records‬‏

Whitechapel - "Breeding Violence" BlankTV Music Video Premiere‬‏ Whitechapel "Possession" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬‏ Job For A Cowboy "Embedded" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)‬‏ Job for a Cowboy - Knee Deep ft. SpongeBob squarepants‬‏ Job for a cowboy / entombment of a machine‬‏ Black Fucking Metal. Whitechapel.