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FlatCAM: PCB Prototyping CAD/CAM. 0.5mm Precision Solder Pencil... or Got Lead? - All. Good afternoon all Makers, Tinkers, and Hackers.

0.5mm Precision Solder Pencil... or Got Lead? - All

This is going to be a quick little tip to help you out with thin gauge solder. I like thin solder as it is easier to work with, but alas I have been given large hands. So I was thinking up a solution to keep solder close to my work piece, with a bit more dexterity then a bear knitting with soggy noodles. I was hoping that there was a more rigid way to hold solder but still allow the fine precision of the thinner gauges and figured all would be lost until one day... I was writing in my design notebook with a fine 0.5mm Mechanical pencil, thinking about glorious puns. The day it arrived day it arrived I jammed it into my pencil, and now my soldering world will never be the same. Step 1, Acquire stuff A roll of 0.5mm solder in the composition of your choosing. Step 2, Prep the pencil, Remove the eraser from the back of the pencil and remove the graphite "lead" saving for your other pencils.

Step 4, start soldering and profit!!! Dirty PCBs. KF5OBS’ Dirty PCBs review KF5OBS’ first PCB manufacturing run with Dirty PCBs: So what’s the quality of the board?

Dirty PCBs

For $ 33 delivered I naturally didn’t expect much. But I was wrong. First off, I received 12 PCBs. So the Protopack definitely worked in … Read more “Dirty” isoUSBRS422 boards just arrived @alper_yazar tweeted picture of his “Dirty” isoUSBRS422 boards. Location based development board Matt Coates of Sky Labs Electronics writes: So here it is! Surface Mount (SMT) PCB Assembly - JLCPCB. EasyEDA - Online PCB design & circuit simulator. Pdf2gerb: Convert PDF to Gerber and NC Drill formats. New!

pdf2gerb: Convert PDF to Gerber and NC Drill formats

Version 1.6 is a massive update courtesy of DJ. The tool now auto-generates soldermask and outline layers, supports polygon fills, can read compresed PDF 1.4 format, and is much more robust. It also has proper documentation — read it here. Thanks DJ! I prefer to design circuit board layouts in Adobe Illustrator — it's a familiar tool and I get results quickly. Pdf2gerb is a Perl script that converts specially-formatted PDF files to Gerber and NC Drill format.

Converting PDF to Gerber The PDF and Gerber file formats are very similar. For example, the PDF command "350 450 m" moves the pen to coordinate (350, 450). Pdf2gerb reads a PDF file line-by-line, converting each command to its Gerber equivalent. Converting PDF to NC Drill An NC (aka Excellon) Drill file specifies drill coordinates and diameters for the circuit board. Pdf2gerb looks for filled white circles in a PDF and outputs their coordinates and diameters as NC Drill commands. Multi-layer boards Example Usage Contact. How to do amazing SMD soldering work? - Which Soldering Station. Nowadays, the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) design become so compact that most of the electronic components on the boards are surface mount devices (SMD).

How to do amazing SMD soldering work? - Which Soldering Station

Since the size of the SMDs are usually small and most of time the pitch between two pins is tiny too, it is kind of tricky to do good SMD soldering. Here, we prepare a list of tips and find the resources for you to help you master the SMD soldering so that you can do not just good but amazing soldering work with SMD. How to solder SMDs Chips with lots of pins? Two approaches to this. 1. It requires that the device is heavy enough so that it is not movable by the hot air from the hot air gun.

A. B. C. Click to see why customers think the solder paste a must-have for SMD soldering 2. If the device that needs to be soldered is too light, then you have to apply this approach. A. apply flux on the corresponding pads. b. align the chip and solder one pin down to the board.