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Oval Suction Cup - 3" x 6" The Filmtoolsᆴ 3" x 6" Oval Suction Cup is designed for use in situations where space is limited or the angles on the mounting surface make it impossible to use a round suction cup.

Oval Suction Cup - 3" x 6"

This Filmtools Suction Cup Assembly features a 40 pound weight capacity and a 3/8"-16 male threaded spud that is a 1/2" long. Specifications: Measures: 3" wide x 6" long3/8"-16 Male threaded spud40 pound weight capacity per cupOblong shape allows attachment on long, narrow objects.Attaches to flat or slightly curved, smooth, nonporous surfaces.Red-line indicator warns user of any vacuum loss.Check valve allows re-pumping without loss of remaining vacuum.Lift tab on vacuum pad edge permits instant release.

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Canon 550d Movie Crop Mode - Blog - the automatic filmmaker is Steve Ellington. The Canon 550d is an excellent photo camera with its 18MP(5176x3456 pixels) sensor, but the main reason that I purchased one was for its HD video modes.

Canon 550d Movie Crop Mode - Blog - the automatic filmmaker is Steve Ellington

It is capable of shooting 1920x1080p at 24, 25 & 30fps as well as 1280x720p at 60 & 50 fps. In order to produce these frame sizes/rates while still using the full sensor area the camera "cheats" by skipping lines. When shooting 1080p for example, i believe that the camera is skipping every third line. The 550d has another video mode which doesn't use this cheat.


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