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Analytic Tools

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Choose platform — - AI for Business. TANAGRA - A free DATA MINING software for teaching and research. Data Applied | Try Now. DataCracker - Plans, features and pricing. Free Features include: Analyze up to 100 responses per survey All results are based on the first 100 responses; enough for a small survey. Easy-to-use web-based analysis tool Office-like interface and work flow.Works in your web browser. Create tables and charts Create tables, crosstabs, column charts, bar charts, pie charts, grid of bars charts, line charts, snake charts, dot charts, stacked column/bar charts, stacked column/bar charts with negatives, mosaic charts, trend charts, scatter charts, bubble charts, quantized scatter charts and histograms. Create word clouds Create a word cloud to visualize open-ended text.Modify the interactive word cloud - combine, split, rename or hide words.

Reformat your data Switch between viewing data as percentages, averages and multi-variable structures (grids).Clean up messy survey data by recoding responses. . $19 per month* Free features + $25 per month* Basic features + $65 per month* Standard features + Talend Data Preparation for Analytics: Self-Service Data Prep Tools. Install Dataiku DSS. 18 Free Exploratory Data Analysis Tools For People who don't code so well. Introduction Some of these tools are even better than programming (R, Python, SAS) tools. All of us are born with special talents. It’s just a matter of time until we discover it and start believing in ourselves. We all have limitations, but should we stop there? No. When I started coding in R, I struggled. Now when I look back, I laugh at myself. Data exploration is an inevitable part of predictive modeling. I have written this article to help you acknowledge various free tools available for exploratory data analysis.

List of Non Programming Tools 1. If you are transitioning into data science or have already survived for years, you would know, even after countless years, excel remains an indispensable part of analytics industry. It supports all the important features like summarizing data, visualizing data, data wrangling etc. which are powerful enough to inspect data from all possible angles. Free Download: Click Here 2. Free Download: Click Here 3. Free Download: Click Here 4. 5. 6. 8. 9. Predictive Analytics Platform | RapidMiner. Download R-3.2.2 for Windows. The R-project for statistical computing.

Meet QlikView - PPC | Qlik. Weka – Graphical User Interference Way To Learn Machine Learning. In this era of data science where R and Python are ruling the roost, let’s take a look at another data science tool called Weka. Weka has been around for quite a while and was developed internally at University of Waikato for research purpose. What makes Weka worthy of try is the easy learning curve. For someone who hasn’t coded for a while, Weka with its GUI provides easiest transition into the world of Data Science.

Being written in Java, those with Java experience can call the library into their code as well. Personally, I had my first shot at Data Science when I took a course at University of Waikato. It was a healthy introduction and gave me a smooth transition into the Data Science. Below is the pedagogy of stepwise learning which will help you to understand the concepts in a better & concrete manner: Step 1 : What is Weka and Why to use it? According to Wikipedia:, Weka is a collection of machine learning algorithms for data mining tasks. Step 2 : Setting up Machine Step 4 : Data Sets.