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I am a professional marketing research consultant. I am very friendly person and I love to share my ideas and collaborate with others. Contact with me if you need any information or would like to work on a joint venture! =)

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Don’t Be Embarrassed About Your Hearing Loss. About 48 million Americans have hearing loss, and it is the third most common health problem in the U.S.

Don’t Be Embarrassed About Your Hearing Loss

So why do some people with hearing loss feel embarrassed about admitting that they have a hearing health issue? Perhaps because hearing loss is often associated with ageing, even though one in every five American teenagers – and 3 in every 5 veterans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan - have hearing loss. And ageing is nothing to be embarrassed about either, of course. Or you may worry that people might think you’re being rude when you don’t respond to them, or feel that you’re inconveniencing others by asking them to repeat themselves.

Worrying about these things can unnecessarily cause you to avoid social situations and interactions. Understanding Hearing Loss One in three cases of permanent hearing loss is caused by exposure to noise. And there are over a hundred types of medications (ototoxic medicine) that can cause hearing loss. How To Negotiate the Cost of Your Medical Bills. Soaring healthcare costs and high deductible insurance plans make negotiating a reduced rate on your medical bills is the smart thing to do.

How To Negotiate the Cost of Your Medical Bills

Below are nine tips to help reduce what you owe. 1: Get A Detailed Bill If your medical bill just provides a summary of the charges, call the billing department and get a detailed statement – you’re entitled to it. You may want to make several copies of the bill before you start reviewing it. Begin by reading the bill carefully and circling any charges that you don’t understand. 2: Break The Code Medical bills use specific coding systems to provide specific information about the treatments and services patients receive.

CPT Codes (Current Procedural Terminology): Insurance companies use these five-digit numerical codes to determine what they will pay to your provider – and what you owe. A word of warning: medical coding is complex, and like any complicated system is prone to human error. Paying Off Credit Card Debt and Affording Dental Care. By Suze Orman If you have credit card debt, please don’t fall into a funk, or think you can wait to tackle it in a few months.

Paying Off Credit Card Debt and Affording Dental Care

No, no, no! Credit card debt is one of the most expensive financial mistakes you can make. The average interest rate is 15% and it can rise to nearly double that if you’re not careful. And credit card issuers love to lull you into making small payments, so they can just keep charging all that interest. You need a plan of attack. If you have a FICO credit score of at least 720, look into a balance transfer deal where you will owe zero interest for the first year or longer. Once card #2 is paid off, focus on the next card with the highest interest rate. Suze Orman has been called “a force in the world of personal finance” and a “one-woman financial advice powerhouse” by USA Today. Dealing With Emergency Dental Bills – Tips from Invest In Yourself With A Pre-Tax Health Savings Account.

Everything You Need To Know About Hearing Aids! Everything You Need To Know About Hearing Aids From their days as huge trumpet-shaped devices to the “portable” bulky boxes weighing several pounds that were worn around the neck – hearing aids have come a long way.

Everything You Need To Know About Hearing Aids!

New technology has transformed them into sleek and powerful sound-amplifying machines. There are now five basic hearing aid types, all designed to make life more enjoyable for the nearly 38 million Americans who have hearing loss. The smallest digital hearing aids can easily be concealed inside an ear, and deliver nearly perfect sound quality. And nearly all modern hearing aids manage to pack a microphone, amplifier circuitry, tiny loudspeaker (receiver) and batteries into an amazingly discreet, lightweight device. Understanding Supplemental Dental Insurance. What Is Supplemental Dental Insurance?

Understanding Supplemental Dental Insurance

Supplemental dental insurance is purchased to fill the gaps in a policy holder’s dental or medical coverage. Gaps in coverage can occur when the primary policy’s annual spending limit is reached, or when a policy doesn’t provide coverage for necessary or desired dental treatments. And, since many health plans do not include dental coverage, dental insurance itself is often acquired as a “supplementary” policy. Suze Orman Savings Plans. It doesn’t make sense to pay more than you have to at the dentist.

Suze Orman Savings Plans

But what’s the best way to cut costs on dental and still get quality care? America’s personal financial expert, Suze Orman, says that dental savings plans provide the best bang for your dental care buck. Read on to find out why Suze recommends dental savings plans over traditional dental insurance. Types of Dental Insurance. Paying For Dental Care – What You Need To Know About Dental Insurance Today, businesses, families and individuals have a variety of choices to reduce out-of-pocket costs on dental care. What is the difference between dental insurance and dental savings plan? What Are The Differences Between Dental Insurance And Dental Savings Plans?

What is the difference between dental insurance and dental savings plan?

Both dental insurance and dental savings plans, an alternative to dental insurance, can help you maintain your oral health and overall wellness. Which option you choose is an individual decision, which should be based on your dental care needs, budget, and preferences. Here are some issues to consider when deciding between dental insurance and dental savings plans: Cost Of Dental Insurance The typical cost of an individual dental insurance policy is around $350 a year.

What’s the Best Way to Pay for a Root Canal? Great.

What’s the Best Way to Pay for a Root Canal?

You’re laying back in the dental chair after just having a set of x-rays taken, and you hear your dentist say “it looks like that one is going to need a root canal.” Forget the rumors you’ve heard about whether or not a root canal is painful — your dentist is great at getting you numb, in fact, he even offers sedation — you’re more worried about how much the bill is going to hurt your wallet. The idea alone puts you into a sweat…how are you going to pay for it? Your car needs new tires and the kids are about to head off to camp. How to Avoid a Major Dental Bill. One of the most common reasons why people avoid trips to the dentist is because of the size of the bill.

How to Avoid a Major Dental Bill

Surveys repeatedly show that people avoid dental care because of the cost, or that it seems to be expensive. Coincidentally, health benefit packages are also dropping dental insurance coverage by employers and small business owners. The results aren’t surprising: people going without dental care because they’re afraid they can’t afford it. Everything You Need To Know About Bone Grafts. No matter how well you brush your teeth, your smile relies on healthy gums and bone to keep your teeth where they ought to be.

Everything You Need To Know About Bone Grafts

If you lose bone support, your teeth can become mobile and fall out. Adding Bone Back to Your Jaws Sometimes it’s necessary to graft bone back into your jaws, around your teeth. A graft can be natural or synthetic. Some people have bone grafted from their own bodies, while others opt for sterilized donor bone. Understanding Dental Insurance Benefits. If you’ve been paying out of pocket for dental care for you and your family, you may be interested in ways to cut costs. You may have heard of dental insurance, but never really understood how it works, and how it can ultimately save you money. While dental insurance is often referred to as “insurance,” it doesn’t really work in the same way as a health insurance policy, or homeowner’s policy.

This is why there has always been a bit of confusion about dental insurance, and how it works. Dental Insurance or Coupon Program? Instead of thinking of dental insurance as a way to pool risk, or protect you from unforeseen circumstances, it’s better to think of it as merely as a discount coupon. Health and Dental Insurance for Unemployed. If you’ve recently lost your job, we understand that you’re likely in a bit of a panic.

You probably are worried about how you’re going to pay next months rent, and maybe even how you’re going to put food on the table, for you and your family. One other issue that is extremely important to address after losing your job is finding health and dental insurance. Depending on your previous job, you may have some level of coverage for a certain amount of time, but you don’t want to put off looking into all of your options after becoming unemployed. Finding Affordable Dental Insurance. If you’re like most people, you want to know how to get the most bang for your buck. Perhaps that’s why do-it-yourself (DIY) videos are so popular. You get what you need done and at a fraction of the cost.

DIY dental work, however, is not something we would ever recommend. Improving Access to Dental Care For Families. Understanding how dental plans and dental insurance work can be helpful when you need to find affordable dental care. Millions of Americans every year have to make the best personal choices about dental care and affordable plans when faced with the expense. Accessing affordable dental treatment can be challenging unless you understand your options. With so many procedures and preventative oral hygiene measures needed to maintain healthy teeth and gums, it is important you understand the logistics of dental insurance, dental plans and government subsidized dental programs. Americans are looking for affordable dental care. Millions of people in America need affordable dental treatment.

Oral hygiene education is important, but not always a priority. America is a melting pot of many cultures, diverse ethnic backgrounds and an abundance of personalities. Many individuals in America may not understand the causes of tooth decay and how it can lead to gum disease. Are You Looking For Full Coverage Dental Insurance? Unemployed and In Need Of Dental Insurance. When you’re tight on money and in between jobs, you usually start to look at where the budget can be trimmed. Maybe that means canceling the cable, freezing a gym membership or putting your social life on hold until you’re a little more financially stable. Alternatives Dental Insurance. Finding Free Dental Care Online - Aetna Dental Offers. Routine professional cleanings or checkups are probably at the bottom of your priority list when you don’t have dental insurance, but a toothache can go on for days, and the risk of infection only increases with time, leading to potential dental disease.

Oral Health Crisis In America. America needs a dependable dental care plan in a growing dental crisis. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one-quarter of adults in the U.S. ages 65 and older have lost all of their teeth. Everything You Need To Know About Dental Implants. How To Find Free or Low Cost Dental Care. Elderly Dental Care Assistance. Congratulations, Boomers! Our generation is the first that can confidently expect to have most or all of our adult teeth when we hit age 65 – and well beyond.  How To Maintain Oral Health. The benefits of maintaining good oral health go far beyond a beautiful smile and fresh breath. Scientific research shows that taking care of your teeth and gums can have positive effects throughout the body.

For example, periodontal (gum) disease has been associated with increased risk of cardiovascular disease and, in the case of pregnant women, pre-term delivery. Oral Hygiene for Kids. What do tots, tweens and teenagers have in common? They all need to practice good oral hygiene to protect their teeth from the number one chronic childhood disease: tooth decay. What To Do If You’re Unemployed and Need Dental Insurance. Why Suze Orman Loves Dental Savings Plans. Jaw Pain Due To Injury. Do you know what lives in your mouth? How often can I replace implants as I get older? Dentures vs. Dental Implants - Which to Choose.

Dental Implants All-on-4® Treatment Make your Day! What do you know about Clear Choice? Get Over Your Dentistry Jitters! Dentures: Would Have, Could Have, Should Have. The Case for Implants: Swallowed Dentures  The Case for Implants: Swallowed Dentures  Where Did the Idea of Dentures Come From? Dentures: Would Have, Could Have, Should Have. 10 Natural Ways To Keep Your Smile Healthy. Celebrate National Nutrition Month! Prescription Drug Costs Are Rising. Breaking Up With Your Dentist. Are Porcelain Veneers Worth It? The Unhealthy State Of The Nation. Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period? Does Dental Insurance Cover Sedation Dentistry? Why chewing ice is bad for you! Do I Really Need to Use Mouthwash? Tips from a dental hygienist. Marcy's Blog: Taking Care of Your Teeth at Work. Marcy's Blog: Mouth Guards & Sports.

Marcy's Blog: Meth Mouth More Than a Modern Problem. Marcy's Blog: How Long Should You Keep Your Toothbrush? Patriot Plan Plus Dental Plan. iDental Discount Plan by United Concordia. Alliance HealthCard Savings Card. DenteMax. Solstice Dental. Dental Insurance Alternative. Thinking About Braces. Reliable Metal Braces. An Alternative to Braces. 5 Celebrities with Bling Teeth. 5 Best Star Make-over’s. Celebrities & Their Teeth. Foods for tooth health! Foods for the best oral health.

Fighting dry mouth. Do you have it – Dry Mouth? Changing Your Smile – One Veneer At A Time. Marcy's Blog: Bright Smiles with Braces : Dentistry. Basics of Gum Disease. All About Root Canal Therapy. Marcy's Blog: Home Remedies for Toothache - Immediate Pain Relief. Marcy's Blog: Why is chewing ice bad for your teeth? Marcia Rosy Hernan on Vimeo. Dental Health Care Update on Pinterest. Mihernan86. Welcome! To My Blog. Healthy Living. Marcia Rosy Hernan. @mihernan86 – Delicious. Marcy's Personal Blog.

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