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Migrations Consultants is the most reliable and highly experienced Immigration Consultancy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Migrations Consultants has a long history of dedicated services and a network of satisfied clients to mark our success. As the best Immigration consultants in Dubai, our vision is to provide satisfactory results to our clients. Our services include Immigration services, work permit and Skilled Visas for Canada, Australian Skilled Migration, New Zealand Skilled Migration Visas, Denmark Visas, UK Visa Services and so forth.

All About O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email An O-1 visa is meant for individuals with extraordinary talents in arts, business, education, athletics, or science.

All About O-1 Extraordinary Ability Visa

Many people can face difficulty while applying for an O-1 visa. Consultation This type of documentation has a written opinion of a contemporary group that might incorporate labour organizations. Contract The contract between the petitioner and the receiver must get submitted. Itineraries It is vital that the O-1 petitioners must establish that there are events and projects in the area of the beneficiary for a specific period. You can also read: Can I get a US Work Visa if I don’t have a job offer? These are the four main O-1 visas. Application procedure The application procedure of an O-1 visa includes many steps and requisites. Explore more about winning a US green card visa and acquiring permanent citizenship of the United States. Reasons for South Africa critical skills visa getting disapproved? The South African critical skills visa is mainly designed for professionals based on their knowledge and abilities.

Reasons for South Africa critical skills visa getting disapproved?

To apply for the critical skills visa, the workers are not required to hold a job offer. The applicants can stay for one year in South Africa for securing a job if their visa application gets approved. Most of the candidates are pleased with the critical skill visa as it gives a lot of time to search for an ideal job in the African nation. Points to Consider Before Migrating to New Zealand from Dubai - Immigration Blog. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email New Zealand is seen as one of the most charming countries in Oceania.

Points to Consider Before Migrating to New Zealand from Dubai - Immigration Blog

It is pretty famous for its coastline and striking mountains. The tourists arriving in New Zealand often admire its culture and lifestyle. How to apply for Australia Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887) The Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887) allows permanent residency to the individuals holding a general migration visa.

How to apply for Australia Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887)

It grants an entirely legal residency in Australia to its possessors; it means that the visa holder can travel, work, and perform other duties anywhere within Australia's borders. The candidates can apply for the Skilled Regional Visa (Subclass 887) only if they have stayed in Australia for two years under any specific visa. After fortunately obtaining the visa, candidates can have access to public health care facilities, schools, and universities of the country. How to Gain a UK Post-Study Work Visa? Migration Consultants Dubai - Everything about the fast-track scheme by Denmark. It is a kind of policy implemented by Denmark that allows the certified companies to hire skilled employees who are non-EU citizens.

Migration Consultants Dubai - Everything about the fast-track scheme by Denmark

The employees can gain residency and a job of up to 4 years in Denmark. Get in contact with the local migrant counsellors if you are desired for Denmark Immigration. The procedure of Denmark's fast-track scheme takes typically about six months to get complete, depending upon the aspirant's application. The best part of this scheme is that the international employees can begin working right after the application process. They can travel anywhere across Denmark without any annoyance. The fast-track scheme by Denmark is divided into four tracks, which are: The Pay Limit scheme track Your application to stay and work in the country is based on the pay limit scheme only if you possess a high-paid job offer. Who can apply for Silver Fern Work Visa? - Immigration Blog. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email.

Who can apply for Silver Fern Work Visa? - Immigration Blog

The Fitting Candidate for Canadian Permanent Skilled Worker Immigration. Applying for US visa from Abu Dhabi. It is mandatory for the citizens of the United Arab Emirates to apply for US visa if they want to access the United States.

Applying for US visa from Abu Dhabi

It does not matter if it is an immigrant or non-migrant intention; a US visa is compulsory in both conditions. The application process for US visa from Abu Dhabi can be a bit tough for people who do not know the procedure's key steps. Once they get familiar with all the steps of the application process, then they will come to know that it was not that hard.

The significance of sales representatives in Canada - Immigration Blog. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email With Canada’s developing economy, you can figure out the number of great opportunities for foreign workers.

The significance of sales representatives in Canada - Immigration Blog

What are the ways of acquiring a second passport and Portugal Residency? The second passport in Portugal is a very valuable alternative for the people who want to settle and work in the EU.

What are the ways of acquiring a second passport and Portugal Residency?

Portugal’s second passport program is a major permit for the people coming from India and China. Those who belong from a low rated passport nation can also access the second passport. The people of Portugal have a visa on arrival access to 171 different nations. Therefore, the Portugal passport is at the 6th position in terms of travel liberty. Even Forbes has listed Portugal to be the top location for residency. European passport is seen as a very powerful passport globally.

Finding Occupation in Australia for Skilled Migration – Migration Consultants Dubai. Visa should be there with a person who is looking to live and work in Australia.

Finding Occupation in Australia for Skilled Migration – Migration Consultants Dubai

There are specific types of visas that are designed for the aspirants. These visas depend on the industry of the candidate. Australia has an exclusive work culture with strict rules and regulations for employees’ joy and satisfaction. Contact a trusted Australia immigration consultancy if you want to have smoothness during progression. Finding work in Australia has been the query that often takes place in the candidates’ minds. Migration Consultants Dubai - How advantageous are New Zealand immigration consultants in Dubai? It might be too daunting to apply for a foreign country's permanent residency if you do not have acquaintance. Things might be easier for those who are looking for a normal visitor visa.

For the individuals who wish to settle in another country permanently, the process can be tricky and time-consuming. The necessity of immigration agents arrives in this situation. Appointing the agents can be worthy as they are trained and knowledgeable. Read further to know the nature of immigration consultants. Concrete Jobs for the immigrants in New Zealand - Immigration Blog. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email. What all is necessary to seize a Portuguese passport. Portugal immigration is not very comfortable to gain for the outsiders; a lot of patience is required. Several norms are tied with the possession of a Portuguese Passport. Once the apprentice or foreigner meets all the required criteria is qualified for the Passport. The person is allowed to inhabit Portugal freely as a European Union (EU) civilian. Therefore, he/she can access or depart from the country on many occasions without any specific restriction.

Facts associated with Portuguese Passport Many of us do not know that the European nation Portugal offers various passport categories which are like: 1. The Diplomatic Passport is for the authorized groups that are running a political business. 2. Guide for Foreign teachers in Denmark - Immigration Blog. Shares Share Tweet Pin Email The public teaching plan in Denmark is regulated non-leniently. Fortunately, there are a massive amount of employment openings that are offered by Denmark to the overseas teachers, mostly English teachers.

Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) for foreign students. There are instances when the Temporary Graduate Visa proves to be vital for the students coming from overseas. But there are few eligibility criteria that the applicant of the Temporary Student Visa. Here are the basic obligations which are required 1. How to get PR visa for Australia effortlessly. Migration Consultants Dubai - Critical Skills Visa for practised engineers. The engineers who are coming from other countries to settle in South Africa give an application for a Critical Skills Visa. It includes engineers like civil engineers, mechanical engineers, and electrical engineers. All these categories of engineers can gain the Critical skill Visa once they have fulfilled all the criterion requisites. What should be the English proficiency for Canada immigration on PR Visa? - Immigration Blog.

Spouse Visa Category if your spouse’s accompanying you to Australia - Immigration Blog. Shares Share Tweet. Classifications for Federal Skilled Worker in Express Entry. How crucial is the Skilled Recognised Graduate Visa for Australia? Fundamentals for succeeding the IQA. Migration Consultants Dubai - What can be done to acquire Citizenship in Germany? It has been confirmed by various news reports and article reports that the German passport is one of the most authoritative passports globally. German passport has given its citizens the freedom to roam 179 countries without any visa. This is one such spectacular bonus of having German citizenship.

Working in the hospitality industry in New Zealand - Immigration Blog. Shares. Shift to Canada as a Secondary School Teacher. The right to entry in Canada is not just simple at all; everything is done in a processed way. Top Occupations in Demand in Australia for Skilled Migration - Immigration Blog. Shares Share. Migration Consultants Dubai - Guide to Denmark immigration for Electrical Engineers.

A nation's development is directly proportional to the solidity of its immigrants as well as the natives. New Zealand Visa Extension- Reinforcement for the non-natives. Demand for Tier 2 Religion Visa. Canadian Global Talent Stream - Immigration Blog. Thinking of moving to Toronto? Here is a list of things you should know. A guide to the level of German required for a visa in Germany? Guide to Spousal Visa in South Africa – So Your Spouse Can Join You to South Africa.

How does the Australian PR points calculator work? - Immigration Blog. Migration Consultants Dubai - What do you need to know about Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa NZ? Apply for Australian PR As the Aussies Are Issuing Skilled Visa Invitations For 2020-21 by migrateconsultants. How to get Permanent Residence Permit in Germany? - Immigration Blog.

Migration Consultants Dubai - Ways to get a U.S.A Green Card Visa. Denmark Immigration services based on the Green Card Points. Employer-Sponsored Australian Visa (Subclass 186) - Skilled Migration. How to Get Freelance Visa for Portugal? UK Global Talent Visa - For Talented Individuals by migrateconsultants. Enumerating the German work permits. Three most essential industries in South Africa: Skilled Immigration by migrateconsultants. Learn About Skilled Migration to Portugal from Dubai – Migration Consultants Dubai. Migration Consultants Dubai - A Guide to Tier 2 Visa for Skilled Workers. Understand Immigration Points for New Zealand! Are you a doctor? Immigrate to Canada and make a Career for yourself! Getting a Danish Work Visa from Dubai_All you need to know - Download - 4shared - Saleem Naqwi.

Migration Consultants Dubai - What to keep in mind while immigrating to Canada as a Machine Operator? How to get a Jobseeker Visa for South Africa. Different Types of UK Work Permit Visa. Everything that you need to know about the PNP program. Migration Consultants Dubai - All You Need to Know to Apply for New Zealand Electronic Visa Waiver (ETA) All you need to know about Portugal Work Permits and Visas - Immigration Blog. Everything you need to know for immigration from Qatar to Canada – Migration Consultants Dubai. Things to keep in mind while immigrating to New Zealand by migrateconsultants. COVID-19: Don’t Lose Hope to Immigrate to Canada - Immigration Blog.