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Lemon Drop Jell-O Shots. Lemon Drop Jell-O Shots ~ Get your tailgate on with these fun jello shots re-envisioned into lemon wedges. Good food, good fun, and . . . some darn good Jell-o shots to add to your tailgate party or Sunday football potluck gatherings. Lemon Drop Jello-O Shots Lemon Drop Jell-O Shots Pre-season has started and with that comes the ever popular football potluck and sometimes tailgate parties amongst my group of friends. I must admit, I don’t get to them like I once did since having Cole. That being said, I will be bringing these fun Lemon Drop Jell-O Shots.

I also made limes and oranges, but they didn’t make it in the final picture. No recipe, just a few notes and the step-by step pictures (using a lime) to making these Jell-O shots. Step-by-Step Empty out the citrus of your choice to create a vessel.Juice the citrus first as it makes for easier pulp removal. Leave a Comment. Unfettered F-U-N . . . Rainbow Jelly Shooter! Rainbow Jelly Shooter Its been a whirlwind at the test kitchen. The book is progressing (crossing fingers that it is going to press in early December!) , we have been working on a little something (three little somethings, actually) for, and about a million more actions items cropping up here and there, many of which have not received appropriate attention and are currently housed in a bin marked "anxiety provoking". One of the highlights of our week was a lovely chat with Erin over at, who mentioned that they were hosting a Double Rainbow Week, which sounded like such fun!

(And it IS - featured items include double rainbow . . . donuts! Cookie pops! Bring it on!) So, when the weekend rolled around, rather than trolling cocktail books for jelly shot inspiration, we decided it was high time for a bit of unfettered f-u-n . . . I love the "rainbow" gelatin technique - borrowed from the popular recipe for kids' finger gelatin. Cheers, Michelle Red Layer. Tropical Tango. Original V-8 Recipe. Parsley adds color and aids digestion of the foods we eat and acts to prevent gas and bloating. The organic acids in tomato fruit and juice enhance the digestive function by stimulating salivary and gastric secretions, thereby promoting the digestion of foods rich in starch (such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes), as well as in protein (such as meat, fish, eggs and milk products).

Carrots have a cleansing action on the liver and helps it to release more bile, which will cause peristaltic action. This can help to relieve constipation and help with digestion. The high fiber content in spinach makes it a remarkable intestinal tract scrubber. It cleans out the system by removing the accumulated wastes in the digestive tracts by its mildly laxative effect. More importantly, it also repairs, heals and nourishes the tracts and tones up their functions. An excellent help for constipation, colitis, poor digestion or stomach ulcers. A bell pepper is a stimulant herb. Easy and Effective Tonic for Thyroid Disorders. I know several people that suffer from thyroid disorders, and these greatly affect their health and wellbeing. Thyroid disorders can affect your weight, mood, energy, cholesterol, bowel problems and more. The thyroid gland is one of the largest endocrine glands and is found in the neck. The thyroid gland has a very important role in our body: it controls how quickly the body uses energy, makes proteins, and controls how sensitive the body is to other hormones.

Common thyroid disorders are hyperthyroidism, or overactive thyroid, and hypothyroidism, which is the underproduction of the thyroid hormones. When I researched the subject of how to maintain the thyroid in top condition, I’ve seen that radishes and radish juice came at the top of the list regarding balancing the activity of the thyroid gland.

One of the problems that I was facing when researching this subject was how much and how long to take this tonic. Hypothyroid drink. Detox Smoothie « Drinks. Yep, that’s a healthy green smoothie? I realize things like these are rather scarce over here, at this little place of mine. But before you start wondering whether I’ve overcome a head injury recently, let me explain what’s going on… I made this smoothie yesterday. That allowed me to tick off my first New Year’s resolution – to bring a little more health into my life. Then I did three (3) sit-ups. I was feeling amazing. A new person was born. Today I made a batch of cookies and had two glasses of wine. So everything is back to normal. The new person has grown up rather quickly, it seems.

Still I wonder what made me feel better, the alkalizing smoothie or the lovely wine. Need to think it all through. Here’s what you need to prepare this healthy beverage. 1. 2. Minus the seeds. 3. They have rather mild flavor so they won’t affect the final taste of your drink substantially. 4. 5. Fresh ginger is beyond healthy but very flavorful. A little goes a long way. We need just about 1/4 teaspoon. 6. 7. The Ultimate Green Power Juice.

Yes, you are right, this is not a typical Picky Palate recipe :) Over the last 6 months or so, my husband and I have been doing a lot of blending (with our Blendtec) and juicing. I love drinking these in the morning for breakfast, it’s amazing how great you feel. We have a fun juice shop down the street from us called Nekter Juice Bar that we visit often. One of my favorite juices to order from them is their Toxin Flush which has all of the same ingredients as you will see below. I do not know their exact recipe, but you know I was determined to re-create my favorite drink in the comfort of my own home so I could have it anytime I wanted. It ends up I like my version even more. Score! Please know, we have a very basic juicer, it is nothing fancy. The ingredients for my Power Juice are apples, spinach, parsley, lemon and fresh ginger. If you’ve never juiced before, it’s quite fun.

Keep adding your ingredients to the juicer and watch the juice flow Almost done! The Ultimate Green Power Juice. Blueberry Lime-Aid Slushy. I tend to forget how hot the rest of the country is right now when I live by the beach. Trust me, I know hot. I grew up and lived in AZ for 31 years and will never forget those dreadful summers! If you are need of some cooling off, grab the kids and blender and whip up my Slushy Blueberry Lime-Aid. It’s icy, cold and sparkly. This one does not disappoint. Enjoy friends and stay cool! Simple line-up for ya. You’ll need 2 lovely limes cut in half to squeeze into your blender. Add those blueberries and lime juice to start. Some honey and ice cubes follow! Pour in your lemon-lime soda for that sparkly-ness Alright, ready to blend. Oh yah! Refreshing and perfect for summer. Blueberry Lime-Aid Slushy Ingredients 12 ounces frozen blueberries2 limes4 tablespoons honey2 cups ice2 cups lemon-lime soda Directions Place all ingredients into high powered blender of choice.

Makes 6-8 servings Other recipes you may enjoy... Creamy Watermelon Lime Chiller - Kleinworth & Co. Welcome to Project 52- week 29 Wow- hard to believe that we are more than half way through July. I am seeing more & more people pinning Christmas things. I know!!! Part of me wants to start planning & then the other part of me feels overwhelmed because I have all these other months to think about first.

If I plan out too many at once- I’m going to burn out I think. As part of that prep for munchkin’s birthday- I have been playing with creating drinks. She loves pink so this Creamy Watermelon Lime Chiller was a top pick. Plus all this drink creation gave me the chance to play with these straw flags from Life n Reflection. As part of being on the design team for Kristy- I was given this Spring party Set. Since it’s not spring anymore- I focused on the flags. You can pick up the set HERE. As I mentioned yesterday in my Scavenger Hunt post- we spent part of the weekend at one of the stations having a cleaning party & BBQ afterwards.

So do you want the recipe?? Now share what you have been up to!! Frozen Hot Chocolate, Serendipity Style! A few weeks ago I was in NYC for literally less than 24 hours and one of the only things I was able to squeeze in other than what I was there for was a visit to Serendipity for one of my favorite treats…..the Frozen Hot Chocolate. It is massive, chocolaty and perfectly ice-y. When I got back home I told the boys all about the treat I had and said I would re-create our own version! So…..I got to work Here is your line up. Please add one more hot chocolate to the picture. I ended up using 5 packets. I had my little guy hop on the counter and help whip the cream and sugar. Like so Let’s start with the milk. Cocoa time! Give it a good blend! Add the ice and crush it up! I found the perfect consistency and was in love See those little ice crystals?! Time for the sweet cream and chocolate!

I used mini chocolate chips, but you can used shaved chocolate that looks more authentic to the original Ahhhh, wait until you try this! A few boys I know enjoyed the treat Frozen Hot Chocolate, Serendipity Style 1. Mexican Chocolate Breakfast Shake Recipe. Candy Flavored Vodka.