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Enrich Feeding Time for Your Cat. Make Her a Puzzle Feeder. - Purina ONE®

A great way to appeal to your cat's desire for physical and mental stimulation during feeding is through the use of a puzzle feeder. Some puzzle feeders are ball- or tube-shaped and release bits of kibble when rolled just the right way. Some have sliders that move to reveal hidden compartments where you stash the food. Others have silos of different heights to add complexity to the hunt. While these feeders come in all shapes and sizes, they operate on a similar premise: each challenges your cat to work for her food. Many members of our Facebook community showed an interest in puzzle feeders, but expressed some concern about the cost of versions available in stores. Our experts explore ideas Sandra and Jill, cat behaviorists from our expert team, along with Stephen and Jacob from Purina's industrial design team, got together in the Purina 2T Innovation Center in St. Here's how you can make the team's favorite. Wheel What you need: 1. 2. 3.

Tips for Feeding Your Cat - Purina ONE® We've noticed a few questions from our community about finding the best ways to feed your cats, so we prepared a list of tips and best practices.

Tips for Feeding Your Cat - Purina ONE®

Whether you have a finicky or overzealous eater, your cat's instincts may shape preference in ways you've never thought of. You'll ultimately have the best handle on your cat's desire for taste, smell and texture, but here are a few other factors to consider in making feeding time more effective and enjoyable. Bowl vs.

Plate A cat's whiskers help it navigate its surroundings, determine the width of openings, and communicate mood. Tip 1: Use a shallow bowl that your cat cat can grab food from without impeding the whiskers. Tip 2: Choose a dish large enough to hold a day's worth of food, with a lip just tall enough to keep the food contained while letting your cat easily observe the room. Tip 3: If you constantly find yourself cleaning up after your cat, consider a wide plate large enough to catch stray kibble or canned food. Proper Placement. Cat Puzzle Feeders – True Nature of Cats Journal – Purina ONE® It’s easy to slip into a routine.

Cat Puzzle Feeders – True Nature of Cats Journal – Purina ONE®

Same food. Same time. Same location. We love our cats, and it shows. However, this life of luxury can have unintended consequences. The reality is, cats are wired to work for their food. For these cats, this means the necessity of actively hunting for prey and learning how to extract other sources of food from their environment, like insects or berries, as the opportunities present themselves. To replicate the stimulation that is naturally comes with working for food, consider incorporating puzzle or exercise feeders into her routine. To replicate the stimulation that naturally comes with working for food, consider incorporating puzzle or exercise feeders into the feeding routine.

This activity will introduce you to some different types of puzzle feeders. Why Your Cat Needs A Puzzle Feeder. I’ve written before about the value of incorporating puzzle feeders (food-dispensing toys) into your cat’s daily life but if you’ve been reluctant to try it or are confused about how to begin, this article will take you through it step-by-step.

Why Your Cat Needs A Puzzle Feeder

What’s a Puzzle Feeder? A puzzle feeder is simply a food-dispensing toy. The cat figures out what movement of the toy is required to get a food reward and a game is born. You cat doesn’t technically “need” a puzzle feeder but for many cats, it can be a very effective tool for adding mental stimulation into daily life. When you think about it, your cat is a hunter and the natural way she would get her meals would be to hunt them down. Shop All Hello Kitty Plush & Dolls At UNZIPPED GLASS ZIPPER BAG.