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Awakening The Dreamer - Home. Home > Mission Markets. Home - eLearning Global Giveback Competition. Coaching for Results and Consumer Protection & Financial Education in Microfinance Courses Win in 2 nd eLearning Global Giveback Competition March 23 (Orlando, FL) Eric Berg, Executive Director of LINGOs (Learning in NGOs) thanked all volunteer developers and announced the eight finalists and two winners of the second eLearning Global Giveback Competition today at the eLearning Guild’s Learning Solutions Conference and Expo.

Home - eLearning Global Giveback Competition

Through the first two eLearning Global Giveback competitions, instructional designers and eLearning developers have created over 50 online courses as volunteers for international non-profit organizations. These courses will help the global staff of the non-profits, all members of LINGOs, do their good work in the fields of humanitarian relief, development, conservation and social justice even better. View the courses: The winning and finalist courses are available for viewing at Volunteer and Agency Perspective This course will help people understand what’s possible.” International Development Design Summit. 50 Incredible Social Sites for Social Change.

Architecture for Humanity. List of links. Quick alphabetical reference to all (or almost all) the links to people, places and projects mentioned in this blog.

List of links

Includes easy reference to blog archives. Some items are referenced twice for easier finding e.g. "John Dada's 5 minute you tube Introduction to Fantsuam" comes under John Dada and Fantsuam. Please send a comment if something you hoped to find here is missing, or a link is not working, and I will try to add/fix it. * V *Vinay Gupta - My blog on meeting Vinay, with more links about him and his work* W *WES: World Entrepreneur Society 2009 Worknet chatroom - My blog about it and how to log onwww4mail at szs.netWeb Navigation & Database Search by Email. Knowledge Transfer for Greater Impact.

Welcome to former Social Edge users!

Knowledge Transfer for Greater Impact

Social Edge was an online community created by the Skoll Foundation from 2003 - 2013. The site has since closed as we have focused efforts on the new Skoll World Forum platform. However, if you were a Social Edge user, you will be pleased to know that all of your articles and comments have been saved and can be browsed below. In addition, if there is a specific piece of content or a particular author you are looking for, please use the search bar at the top of the screen. We have moved over 2000 posts from to, and are constantly adding new, relevant content. Feel free to browse through our contributors and original content, or visit our homepage and customize your experience by filtering our content for exactly what you're looking for.

Emersense. Eldis - Welcome to Eldis. Social Entrepreneurship Twitter List by Nelson de Witt on Listor. The New Constructs: A Collaborative Book for the Connected Age. Entrepreneurcommons -  Entrepreneur CommonsBringing sustainabili. Entrepreneurcommons - Top 150 "Social Capital" Blogs. 10 Year Campaign. This campaign will build the capacity of our Chapters, Design Fellows and Open Architecture Network.

10 Year Campaign

It’s time to do more. + Grow and Support the Chapters Grow our Chapters from 50 to 80 in the next year. Volunteers drive our Chapters. They are our presence in the local community. With your help we will be able to further enable their efforts by creating a chapter affiliate portal, provide chapters with an online community and create a toolkit of materials to aid in project management and fundraising. + Recruit more Design Fellows Grow our Design Fellow Program from 15 to 25 designers in the next year. Our Design Fellows change lives.

With your help we will have more capacity to link more communities to designers and bring sustainable design and construction where it is needed most. . + Expand the Open Architecture Network Increase membership from 20,500 to 30,500 in the next year. + Become a Community Builder Increase our Community Builders from 4 to 25 in the next year. Benefits: