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Howto. Exchange. Networks. Casestudies. CommunityOrganization. Welcome to Partnerships Online. One Book, One Twitter: The Lab Notes. (I'm calling these "lab notes" because One Book, One Twitter is One Big Experiment.

One Book, One Twitter: The Lab Notes

I hope you'll all contribute to these notes.) Last night a tweet came in over the #1b1t transom. Collaborate only when necessary. On April 2, we were attending a Tools for Catalyzing Collaboration workshop organized by Eugene Kim of Blue Oxen Associates who also happens to be a WiserEarth advisor. One of my favorite sessions of this Open Space gathering was around the definition of collaboration. Eugene shared his definition: Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management. As someone who works with social media managers and community managers, it seems the line between the two types of positions is not terribly clear – and maybe doesn’t need to be – but I think it would be helpful to distinguish between the two.

Differentiating Between Social Media and Community Management

Why? Jim will often say that everyone is a community manager and he is right – everyone has a group of constituents which could be cultivated to drive better performance. The World Cafe Community - Hosting Conversations about Questions. Broadcast Institutions, Community Values. There is a long history of businesses trying to harness the power of online communities for commercial ends.

Broadcast Institutions, Community Values

Most of these attempts have failed, for the obvious reasons. There are few products or services people care about in a way that would make them want to join a community, and when people are moved to speak out about a commercial offering, it is usually to complain. Media organizations, however, would seem to be immune to these difficulties, because online media and online communities have the same output: words and images. Even here, though, there are significant obstacles to hosting community, obstacles peculiar to the nature of media. 90:10 Group. Wall Street Journal: WSJ Community. Discuss Groups. Answers. Con. Mikemost/socialweb + communitymgrs...

nGenera Community - Overview. 2010: year of the CM. Community Managers by Luc Legay I’ve watched the demand for online community managers (CM) build tempo this past year.

2010: year of the CM

Perhaps it follows last year’s frequent request from clients and others for “facebook in a box” for their organization. Now they need someone to make it work. I wonder if those 16,000 social media specialists on Twitter will re-brand as community management specialists? Elements of a vibrant online community – part 1 of 2: triggers, Overview - Open Kollab. Save time with these community building shortcuts. Sometimes you want to build an online community in the quickest time possible.

Save time with these community building shortcuts

Perhaps you have a target to reach a certain number of members. Perhaps you have a target to reach a certain number of posts. Here are some community building shortcuts for those looking to reach numeric targets. Hire paid posters. How To Kick Start A Community –an Ongoing List. One of the top 10 questions in social media marketing asked is “How do we kick start our community?”

How To Kick Start A Community –an Ongoing List

This post aims at providing some resources for brands that are preparing their community strategy. The old adage of the field of dreams isn’t true -if you build it–they won’t neccesarily come. Brands must have a kick start plan to be successful with their community. Below, I’ll list out some practices I’ve heard from companies that have had successful communities, and I’d ask you chime in and add more ways, let’s get started, I’ll be as specific and actionable as possible. Community_manager_large.png (PNG Image, 1020x548 pixels) ReadWriteWeb’s Guide to Online Community Management - a valuable. Last week, I had the opportunity to review a draft of The Guide to Online Community Management, published by the ReadWriteWeb team and edited by Marshall Kirkpatrick.

ReadWriteWeb’s Guide to Online Community Management - a valuable

Simply put, if you’re planning or considering a community effort at your organization, this is a must have. The report provides answers to any “ifs, ands & buts” with regard to the strategic importance of community engagement. Most readers of this blog come from larger organizations. Connie Bensen. Full Circle Associates. Institutional Learning and Chang. This section of the website summarizes methods, tools and approaches for monitoring and evaluation of collaborative projects.

Institutional Learning and Chang

The texts are drawn from different sources and recognized accordingly. There are various techniques associated with M&E as Table 5, extracted from Fahrenkrog et al (2002), illustrates. We would appreciate your feedback , so that we can improve the list. We are interested in hearing successful and unsuccessful uses of evaluation methods with examples of circumstances of use. Please use the comment box, in each method's page, to write your feedback.