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9 Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing. Are you wondering how to add social media to your email communications?

9 Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing

Email and social media marketing go together like Batman and Robin. They both can be effective on their own; however, when combined, their (super) powers can save the city and exceed your marketing goals. Quality Rater Guide Leaked: What Businesses Need To Know. Creating a local business website that Google and your users love is not always a straight-forward task, especially if you are building your own!

Quality Rater Guide Leaked: What Businesses Need To Know

Even gorgeously designed websites can overlook the basics. Your website is just the start of the plethora of signals that Google looks at when deciding if your local website is worthy of a place in their search results. Your online footprint and reputation plays a major role too. What Does Google Want From Your Local Business? Quick & simple social media image size cheat sheet. Stunning images are part of what makes social media so appealing, so take the guesswork out of image sizes with this cheat sheet by Constant Contact.

Quick & simple social media image size cheat sheet

Don’t forget, if you need to create graphics for your business or event, Canva offers templates in all the sizes you need to make your marketing that much easier. Via Constant Contact. Perfect images every time with infographics.

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The Big List of IFTTT Recipes: 34 Hacks for Hardcore Social Media Productivity. 119 Flares 119 Flares × We are all about working smarter here at Buffer.

The Big List of IFTTT Recipes: 34 Hacks for Hardcore Social Media Productivity

Our focus on improvement and efficiency has led us to blog smarter, share smarter, and approach problems and activities with a fresh perspective of getting more done as quickly and simply as possible. To that end, we love automation. Pricing. Select a plan & sign up in 60 seconds.


Upgrade, downgrade, cancel at any timeChoose either monthly or annual pricing in the next step Popular Choice Monthly PricingBased on annual billing Email Support- email response within 48 hrs. Social Media Metrics – Perfection Of Means & Confusion Of Goals. We’ve come a long way in a very short time.

Social Media Metrics – Perfection Of Means & Confusion Of Goals

The exponential growth of social media has made it an integral part of the marketer’s toolkit. Social media takes up more than one quarter of all time spent online, and is arguably the quickest, fastest way to reach millions of customers instantly. Recent research from Pew shows that 73 percent of US online adults use a social network.

On a global basis, eMarketer estimated that in 2013, 68 percent of internet users around the world used a social network at least once per month, and they expect it to rise to 75 percent by 2016. LinkedIn Invitations: Everything You Need to Know. Most knowledgeable LinkedIn users would agree that best practice when sending an invitation to connect on LinkedIn should include a personal note introducing yourself and expressing why you want to connect.

LinkedIn Invitations: Everything You Need to Know

Although I personally don’t think it’s a crime to send a generic LinkedIn connection request, a well-crafted personal message will always increase your chances of connecting with the recipient. This is probably true for all social networks. Generally, the fact that I get generic invitations is usually not the reason why I reject connection requests. When receiving a generic invitation from someone, I always check their LinkedIn Profile to see if they’re someone who I want to connect with. If the LinkedIn profile is not complete or doesn’t clearly tell me who they are, the chance of being a connection is pretty much zero. Here’s a recent invitation I received which contained the LinkedIn generic message.

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan. Ever heard the saying "Failing to plan is planning to fail?

10 Questions to Ask When Creating a Social-Media Marketing Plan

" That old but wise adage often rings true when it comes to social-media marketing. Creating a detailed, goal-oriented social-media strategy is just as important as having a rock solid business plan. "If your social-media plan is to just wing it, your fans and potential customers are going to know," says Amy Porterfield, social media strategist and co-author of Facebook Marketing All-In-One for Dummies (Wiley, 2013). Worse, it could turn them off of your brand and on to your competitors. 8 Tips For Managing A Social Media Crisis [INFOGRAPHIC] Behind the Scenes of 4 Hot Social Media Campaigns. There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for developing content that's poised to go viral.

Behind the Scenes of 4 Hot Social Media Campaigns

In many ways, a great piece of viral content, whether it be video, pictures or social media, becomes popular due to its alchemy. There's something about the right mix of thoughtful, engaging and emotionally driving content that just pops on the Internet. In our Behind the Social Media Campaign Series, we delve deep into why and how certain branded campaigns capture that super-sharable magic.

(July 2013) How Many People Use the Top Social Media, Apps & Services?Digital Marketing Ramblings… Here is my monthly, running tally of how many people are using many of the top social media, digital services and mobile apps updated for December 2015 (the best I could find, at least). This list grows pretty regularly. It began with a simple listing of some of the obvious social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Skype, YouTube, WhatsApp,, Odnoklassniki, etc; then grew to include digital services like Amazon, Google, eBay, Netflix, Spotify and Pandora; then the focus turned to APAC social and digital properties like Alibaba, Weibo, WeChat,, LINE and Momo and lately I have been focused on updating current listings, adding in new ones along with smaller niche ones that I may have overlooked at the beginning.

This post now includes over 1,000 listings and more are added almost weekly. 6 rules for better LinkedIn InMails. LinkedIn is a fantastic resource for B2B sales and marketing.

6 rules for better LinkedIn InMails

With over 200m users across all industries and pretty much every location, chances are your next best prospect will be on there somewhere. Of course, it’s one thing to know they’re there, it’s another to be able to engage them in a conversation. That’s where LinkedIn InMail comes in. For those that don’t know, LinkedIn InMails let you directly email any one of LinkedIn’s 200m+ users. Every professional LinkedIn account includes the ability to send a number of InMails every month. What’s more, LinkedIn guarantees a reply – if you do not receive a reply within seven days, you’ll be credited with a new InMail.

Entry-Level Social Media Work. With a whopping 600 percent increase in social media roles over the past five years, it’s shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear social media management is a trending career path. The demand for communication-savvy, digitally-forward young professionals spans across all industries. But landing an entry-level social media position requires a lot more than boasting a large following on Twitter. If you’re a member of the Class of 2013 or looking to transition your career into the digital realm, it’s in your best interests to understand the challenges of the entry-level job search. Today, employers require more experience than ever for those seeking entry-level employment. The Complete Guide To The New Facebook For Business Page.

Facebook’s efforts to simplify marketing and advertising on the social network took a giant leap forward with Thursday’s launch of the Facebook for Business page, a single destination for all of the information brands need to tap into Facebook’s vast advertising resources. One of the main goals of the Facebook for Business page is to continue the push the social network started when it announced an overhaul of its ad products in early June: Brands are being encouraged to look at advertising on Facebook by determining what their goals are, rather than by choosing from among its different types of ad products.

On that note, when users select “Get Started” from the menu at the top of the Facebook for Business homepage, they are greeted with a list of business goals to help them determine which ad products best fit their needs: drive in-store sales, increase online sales, launch a new product, build awareness, and promote your app. Each option brings users to detailed, step-by-step guides. 8 Hot Social Media Tips For Partners Competing In The Enterprise. Socialable - A Leading Global Social Media Marketing Agency. 71.2K Flares Twitter 4.1K Facebook 331 Google+ 328 StumbleUpon 65.6K Pin It Share 178 178 LinkedIn 293 inShare293 Email -- Email to a friend Buffer 270 71.2K Flares × As much as I love Twitter, I have to admit I haven’t seen that familiar blue Twitter home page in quite a while.

Why? Because although Twitter is amazing, I can only fully leverage it by using a range of Twitter tools. 5 Steps For Optimizing Your LinkedIn Company Page. With 3 million company pages and 225 million members, LinkedIn has grown over the last 10 years to become the place where professionals network and do business online. LinkedIn is truly growing beyond just a search and social media platform. The content marketing explosion has meant that influencers are sharing and engaging via content and not just looking for jobs. In previous posts, I have talked about how search and social are closely aligned, and how content is the catalyst that drives search and social activity. Today, I will present LinkedIn as a perfect example of how search and social meet content and influence.

How Brands Can Choose The Right Social Media Platforms For Their Goals. Link Tracking: How to track links shared on social media. Creating vs. Curating Social Media Content For Your Business. Having a steady flow of engaging and valuable content is a constant challenge for most businesses and brands. The time and effort required to produce incredible Facebook updates, powerful tweets, stunning pins, captivating videos for YouTube, and longer format blog posts is a challenge that many businesses find overwhelming. How To Get More Pinterest Users To Pin Your Blog Posts ~ Web Marketing Dude. Maybe you already heard how good it is for your website traffic to have your content pin on Pinterest.

The site give you access to a very responsive audience that can easily be turn into traffic, opt-in leads, and even direct sales. In this post I gonna give you a few quick tips to make sure your blog posts or articles are pin ready. Download PNG icon pack. Little Known Ways of Branding Yourself - Imagine being kidnapped and locked away from civilization for years and years. Imagine being mute, so that you cannot say anything to the world. Imagine coming to the end of your life sensing that you did not impact others as you would have liked to. Then imagine being given an envelope. 7 Tips from Professional Networkers.

The GroupHigh Outreach Blog » How to Create Content Worth Sharing. All marketers have a common goal – and that’s to create the type of content that gets shared endlessly. But what exactly makes content worth sharing and how can you make yours more likely to go viral? 50 Facts about Social Media for Business. The Register: Sci/Tech News for the World. Social vs Search Traffic. Adios search. 'Social Wars' Infographic Compares the Forces of Google, Facebook. Facebook v. Google. It seems like the eternal battle of this decade and it's hard to tell who's winning. This infographic might help a bit. (8) Business, Social & Technology Trends for 2013. Dashboard. The Ultimate Complete Final Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet.

In June of this year, we published an infographic listing all of the sizing information for images on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Pinterest. It was a wildly successful piece of content, totally blowing our expectations out of the water. Unfortunately, while its popularity has flourished, nearly every social network instituted changes to their image sizes, rendering most of the information on the infographic out of date. We knew we needed to update the information on the cheat sheet, but we weren’t comfortable with simply adjusting one or two figures on the blog post and leaving it as-is.

What is Your Myers Briggs Social Media Type? Have you ever taken the Myers Briggs test? It is an assessment based on Carl Jung’s theory of psychological types that looks at what kind of characters people have and is broken down into four categories: extraversion or introversion, sensing or intuition, thinking or feeling, and judging or perceiving. These assessments are extremely accurate if taken properly and essential to group constructions for projects and group dynamics. Recently, the developers of the study, CPP, compared their data to those who use social media and the results are fascinating.

7 Things You Never Knew About LinkedIn Search HR. How Local Search Will Evolve in 2013 [6 Predictions] How to Conduct a Social Media Competitive Analysis - SwellPath. Seven steps for effective Twitter monitoring.