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Bedtime Yoga. Yoga For Bedtime Whether you are a night owl who would rather be a morning bird, have trouble falling asleep at night, or just need a little extra help relaxing before going to sleep, doing a little yoga before bedtime can help.

Bedtime Yoga

This routine—which you can do in bed—will put your body and mind to rest, helping you to sleep soundly through the night so you can wake up rested and fresh for the morning. No sleeping pills required! First things first. Get ready for bed. Short Meditation Sit up in bed comfortably, either with your legs folded or straight in front of you; whatever you can do with the most ease. Seated Twists Stay in your seated position and twist around to the back of your bed. Easy Forward Bend Keep your seated position and gently bend forward at your hips and let your hands stretch out straight in front of you on the bed. Legs Extended Forward Bend Flat Back Slowly start to straighten your legs in front of you. Legs Extended Forward Bend Round Back Lying Down Knee to Chest Knee Hug. Flat Tummy. By James Duigan UPDATED: 01:26 GMT, 15 May 2011 Beach babe curves?

Flat Tummy

Check. Honed legs? Sort of. If you want evidence of the plan's effectiveness, look no further than the woman on these pages, Christiane. 1 Eat fat I'm talking about good fat, the sort found in nuts, avocados, oily fish and oils. 2 Take a bath Lots of my model clients take an Epsom salts bath just before a bikini photo shoot. 3 Spring-clean your insides The ideal ratio of bacteria in a healthy human gut is 85 per cent friendly to 15 per cent harmful. Drink filtered water rather than the chlorinated water that comes out of your tap.Eat organic meat. 4 Don’t overcook it If you overcook food, you’ll kill off or reduce the number of nutrients it contains. 5 Beware of gluten Foods that contain gluten can weaken your abdominal wall and make it slack, resulting in a protruding stomach. 6 Sleep it off In the hour or two before bed, turn off your laptop, TV and mobile phone, and keep your lights low. 7 Eat flat-tummy foods.

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