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The energetic match - polarised Twin Flames within the Zero Point. NESARA. Documentaries 2 see before u wake up. Annunaki - Those Who From Heaven Came. Ancient Aliens Series Info. Gardening Techniques. Famous Scientists Who Believed in God. Interestingness. Esotericism. Interesting Synchronicity? An image that I used in my post on June 18th bears a striking resemblance to a crop circle that appeared on June 17th.

Interesting Synchronicity?

To be sure, the potential significance of the crop circle itself is far more interesting than its connection to my writing; but of course I can’t help but wonder what personal meaning it might have, given the “temporal proximity” of its formation and my subsequent post. : ) I’m not the one that put these two images together. I never would have seen it. Interesting Search Engines. Google Tips, Tricks & Hacks. Spirits Align. Empathic Ability.