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Marceloverdijk/lesscss-java. Asual/lesscss-engine. Asual/lesscss-engine. Blog - LESS for Java. LESS is a cool project that has been around for a while and extends CSS with a few nice features like variables, mixins, operations and nested rules.

Blog - LESS for Java

The best thing about it is the syntax that feels very natural and easy to learn. I was eager to play with LESS but the main stopper for me was the fact that it is written in Ruby and I'm mostly involved in pure Java projects. It seems that my desire to try it was really strong because I sat down and lost almost a weekend in learning how JRuby works and finally produced a working prototype that only requires the Java 5 Virtual Machine. Over the last two months I was able to totally reorganize, extend and test the code base and I'm now finally glad to release it officially. LESS for Java is a set of 2 modules that primarily target Maven 2 compatible projects but can also be used in any Java enabled environment:

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