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TheEight_Cs_of_Engagement.pdf. SCIL – Lead the change. Setting up individual student blogs using google apps (Part 2) Blogger FTW!

Setting up individual student blogs using google apps (Part 2)

Most blogging platforms including blogger will let you have multiple authors on individual blogs and set up multiple blogs with one account. On reflection this is probably the best way to set up blogs you set up the blogs and invite kids to join rather than vice versa. Some of my kids have set up other blogs but their main school one is the one I set up to them. Log into google and then into google and hit ‘create blog’ decide which template to use and then hit ‘create blog.’ Congratulations, you have created your blog. Once you’ve created the blog, hit on the name and then click on layout. Once you’ve finished, hit save in the top right hand corner then hit template on the tabs along the side and hit the grey edit html button.

Now you are ready to create your first student blog. Go back to the blogger dashboard and hit create blog. Other setting that need to be changed on every blog before you hand it over to the students. Comments Emailing options Personalizing blogs. Setting up individual student blogs using blogger (part 1) Design by author Despite my well-documented loathing of blogger as a content management system over the last term I’ve set up 28 (!)

Setting up individual student blogs using blogger (part 1)

Individual student blogs using google’s platform. As a result, I thought I would do a write-up of the process for any teachers out there interested in going down this path. First of all do you have a purpose to your blogging. Unless you can articulate this right now then stop. Next up get your kids commenting. Classroom Redesign Challenge! Think Like a Designer. Big Ideas For those of us who love to see spaces transformed, this series of videos and articles called Remake Your Classroom hits the spot.

Classroom Redesign Challenge! Think Like a Designer

The crew at Edutopia teamed up with Third Teacher + to re-imagine a middle-school classroom with 36 kids. They set aside $1,000 and one weekend to do the job, and with the help of the students, the community, designers, and other helpers, they aimed at matching the physical classroom environment with lofty teaching and learning goals. The end result — complete with surprise unveiling — shows how imagination and design savvy can make a profound transformation in the learning lives of students and teachers. Here’s the final video, but be sure to watch the first and second part in the series too. Related Explore: classroom design. 10 questions to help you become a better teacher.

I read the post 10 Questions To Help You Become A Better Teacher This School Year by Terry Heick with interest.

10 questions to help you become a better teacher

The post grabbed my attention as I often sum up my own ideas in ten points. It has some interesting questions for teachers to consider, but I wonder if the post perpetuates the (mistaken?) Idea that we should focus mainly on what we do and how we teach in order to improve as educators. In my opinion, focusing more on learning and less on teaching is a more worthwhile endeavour.

Students Who Challenge Us:Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do. Among the many challenges teachers face, often the most difficult is how to engage students who seem unreachable, who resist learning activities, or who disrupt them for others.

Students Who Challenge Us:Eight Things Skilled Teachers Think, Say, and Do

This is also one of the challenges that skilled teachers have some control over. In my nine years of teaching high school, I've found that one of the best approaches to engaging challenging students is to develop their intrinsic motivation. The root of intrinsic is the Latin intrinsecus, a combination of two words meaning within and alongside. A cardboard arcade made by a 9-year-old boy.

High-Impact Instruction: A Corwin Companion Site. By Jim Knight Introduction to the Companion Website This website provides access to the video clips referenced throughout the text (also accessible via QR codes).

High-Impact Instruction: A Corwin Companion Site

This site also provides selected checklists and forms from the book in a reproducible format. Used together, these documents and videos create a comprehensive package to supplement your experience of High-Impact Instruction. 5 Smartly Illustrated Quotes for Teachers. Today while I was wading through my Feedly feeds I came across these beautiful quotes posted in My Modern Net.

5 Smartly Illustrated Quotes for Teachers

These quotes jumped out to me as they are paired with some clever illustrations. You might have already come across some of them somewhere else but the illustrations are really unique and probably say more than what the words themselves communicate. Three Radical Ideas to Reform Education. Surprise. They Don’t Involve School Buildings. Earlier this year, I shared my disappointment with Fast Company’s compilation of "13 Radical Ideas for Spending $100 Million to Overhaul Schools" The problem was that these ideas really just weren’t all that radical. Even Will Richardson, who was featured in the article, commented on my blog that he agreed (see comment here).

Richardson did feature a radical idea in his own blog a few years back in his post, One Town’s Reform…Close the Schools. The article explains how a UK community shut down its 11 schools replacing them with dynamic learning centers that looked very different than traditional compulsory schools. According to their site, they are still going strong. The learning center idea has certainly taken off as more and more people are realizing that the compulsory, oppressive, disconnected, test-driven schools that exist today are not the best option when it comes to preparing children for success in the world.

SERC. Teaching & Learning Initiative Six Approaches to Co-Teaching In their book, Interactions: Collaboration Skills for School Professionals, Marilyn Friend and Lynne Cook identify "co-teaching as a specific service delivery option that is based on collaboration.


" As a service delivery option, co-teaching is designed to meet the educational needs of students with diverse learning options. Students at all academic levels benefit from alternative assignments and greater teacher attention in small-group activities that co-teaching makes possible. TOP 10 Dr Seuss Quotes for Students.

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The Secrets of Your Classroom - What Your Set Up Says About You. I finally made it into school today and saw to my amazement that all of my furniture had been moved back in, the floors were waxed, and now all of those boxes were ready to be unpacked.

The Secrets of Your Classroom - What Your Set Up Says About You

I couldn’t help but be excited, and then I realized that I am hugely pregnant, and didn’t even know if I could stand up for the time it would take me to set it up. So what is a girl to do? Try anyway. As I unpacked, arranged, and dreamt a little of the new year, I realized once again how much the way we set up our classroom reflects our educational philosophy. How much those seemingly innocent decisions of table placement, wall decorations and so on really reveal to the world. You Are A Difference Maker! This is a brief message written to our staff in anticipation of our first day of school (also posted on our school’s professional learning community blog). cc flickr photo by Krissy.Venosdale As we prepare for the arrival of our students, I hope you will take a few quiet moments to put aside lesson plans, forget about administrative tasks, and consider our purpose (as a school, and as individual educators): we must attend to the academic, social and emotional needs of each one of our students.

Our educational system asks a lot of teachers, and unfortunately, in times when we are spread too “thin,” it is difficult to maintain our focus on the best interest of kids. Ken Robinson: Changing education paradigms. Silverton Primary School - Home. Free 30-Day Trials. Inspiration Mind Maps 1-9. The Inspiration Mind Maps 1-9 above are also available as a Free E-Book.

Inspiration Mind Maps 1-9

12 Most.