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Packaging a Nation - Articles - Travel + Leisure. Quick: Where do Panama hats come from?

Packaging a Nation - Articles - Travel + Leisure

If it sounds like a trick question, that’s because it is. For most of us, the counterintuitive fact that Panama hats are from Ecuador—and that Teddy Roosevelt unknowingly condemned Ecuadorian haberdashers to generations of obscurity when he famously wore one of the hats on a 1906 visit to the Panama Canal—is of little consequence. But to Ricardo Estrada, the misnomer constitutes a marketing problem. "It’s unfortunate," says Estrada with a sigh. "But I think it would be difficult to change the name—maybe we call it the Ecuador hat and nobody will buy it. " Estrada isn’t selling Panama hats. If you think Ecuador is a 107,000-square-mile nation of 13 million on the western coast of South America, bordered by Colombia to the northeast and Peru to the southeast, well, you’re right. Ask Allan what, precisely, that means, and you’re likely to face a barrage of trendy jargon and consultant-speak.


GottaGettaBlog! 2003-2007: Your Personal S.W.O.T. Analysis Archives. Audio-Tech Business Book Summaries delivers each month TWO current business book tiltes condensed down to 45-minute audio CDs or MP3s plus PDF transcripts. Abilene Paradox. Video/Audio - The Hedgehog Concept. Retail Design Diva. Creative Tourism. This week on Smart City, we're talking about different ways of seeing a city. First we'll find out how cities can provide unique, creative experiences for their visitors from Alex Pattakos , co-editor of a new book called " Creative Tourism, A Global Conversation " In it, he and others describe how cities can offer customized, authentic and meaningful experiences to their visitors that are tied to the uniqueness and ''spirit'' of a place.

And we'll revisit my conversation with Fred Dust . In his books on London and New York , Fred attempts to teach his readers how to look at the world with “eyes open” by showing them the intimacies of these cities that can be easy to miss. Fred is partner and practice lead for IDEO, a global design and innovation firm. Soundview Executive Book Summaries and HSM - World Innovation Forum Audio Clips.

For more than twenty years, Joel Makower has been a writer and strategist on green business practices, and has been dubbed "The guru of green business practices" by the Associated Press.

Soundview Executive Book Summaries and HSM - World Innovation Forum Audio Clips

Joel is executive editor of and its sister sites,,,, and — all published by Greener World Media, of which he is co-founder and chairman. Joel is also the principal author of the annual State of Green Business report and the Greener by Design conference, both produced by Greener World Media. Joel also serves as a senior strategist at GreenOrder, a sustainability consultancy, and is a co-founder of Clean Edge Inc., a research and publishing firm focusing on building markets for clean energy technologies. From 1991 to 2005, Joel was editor and publisher of The Green Business Letter, an award-winning monthly newsletter on corporate environmental strategy. COMEDIA : Thinking about creative cities.