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Transformational Festivals (festivals transformationnels)

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Maîtrise en études du religieux contemporain - Bureau de la registraire - Programmes. Permettre à l'étudiante ou à l'étudiant : de développer ses capacités d'analyse et de synthèse sur le religieux contemporain, particulièrement sur le pluralisme religieux et la formation des identités religieuses;d'approfondir différentes approches anthropologiques, sociologiques et théologiques des phénomènes religieux contemporains et d'en discerner les logiques du croire;de contribuer de manière critique par une recherche ou une intervention à une meilleure compréhension du religieux contemporain.

Maîtrise en études du religieux contemporain - Bureau de la registraire - Programmes

Pour le cheminement de type recherche Permettre à l’étudiante ou à l’étudiant : d’acquérir le savoir et le savoir-faire nécessaires à l’élaboration de recherches personnelles et critiques sur une question précise et d’en faire un exposé de manière scientifique;d’articuler une réflexion théologique sur l’environnement pluraliste au plan religieux qui caractérise les sociétés occidentales et sur la formation des identifiés religieuses dans ce contexte. Conditions générales Conditions particulières.

Le Syndrome du bien-être. The Difference Between Cultural Exchange and Cultural Appropriation. North American Psytrance Festival Guide 2016 — fractaltribe. Exploring Community Festivals and Events (Hardback) About the Book The development of the festival and event industry has seen large scale growth and extensive government support as a result of objectives to enhance and project the image of place and leverage positive sponsorship and regeneration opportunities.

Exploring Community Festivals and Events (Hardback)

As we move deeper into austerity measures prompted by economic recession, community festivals and events as a sacred or profane time of celebration can be considered even more important than ever before. This book for the first time explores the role and importance of ‘community’, ‘culture’ and its impact through festivals and events. Participatory Practice: Community-Based Action for Transformative Change, Ledwith, Springett. Beyond Text. Festival Performance as a State of Encounter As part of the Beyond Text Networks and Workshops programme, we will be running a one day practical workshop at the School of Performance and Cultural Industries, University of Leeds on Monday 20th April 2009.

Beyond Text

We also have a Facebook group called ‘Festival Performance as a State of Encounter’. Please sign up for it if you are interested in this workshop and other related research activities. The day will involve exploring notions of interactive and relational performance within a festival context. The Transformational Festival Calendar — Festival Fire. Welcome to our main Transformational Festival Calendar, showing events in the North & Central American region.

The Transformational Festival Calendar — Festival Fire

We’ve had to divide the calendar because the movement is growing so rapidly. See our other calendars for more events – International, Flow Arts, Burning Man Regionals and more. Transformational refers to cultural transformation or the re-invention of humanity on earth. These events are not your ordinary music concerts. Burns & Transformational Festivals 2016-2017. About the Birmingham CCCS. History of the Centre In the inaugural lecture that followed his appointment as Professor of English at the University of Birmingham in 1962, Richard Hoggart announced his intention to conduct research into ‘mass’ culture.

About the Birmingham CCCS

Two years later, Hoggart had founded the Birmingham Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies. Under the directorship of first Hoggart and then Stuart Hall and Richard Johnson, and with the commitment of Michael Green throughout, the Centre operated at the intersections of literary criticism, sociology, history and anthropology. Rather than focus on ‘high’ culture, the intention was to carry out group research on areas of popular culture such as chart music, television programmes and advertising.

This approach went profoundly against the grain of conventional academic practice. The Centre’s focus on the ‘contemporary’ in Birmingham, Britain and later around the world was combined with an engagement with critical theory, often introduced from the continent. The project. Browse Author Index. Adamek, Cathy, Hawke Research Institute (Australia) Alisch, Stefanie, University of Bayreuth (Germany) Alwakeel, Ramzy (United Kingdom) Anderson, Reynaldo, Harris-Stowe State University (United States) Attias, Bernardo Alexander, California State University, Northridge Attias, Bernardo AlexanderAttias, Bernardo Alexander, California State University, Northridge (United States) Baldini, ChiaraBalli, Riccardo (Italy) Balli, RiccardoBhardwa, BinaBhardwa, Bina, Institute for Criminal Policy Research (United Kingdom) Bodenheimer, Rebecca, Hamilton College (United States) Brighenti, Andrea, University of Trento (Italy) Chew, Matthew M, Hong Kong Baptist University (Hong Kong) Christodoulou, Chris, University of Westminster; London South Bank University (United Kingdom)

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Dancecult: Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture.

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Rituel. L'électro côté jardin (1) : ils nous parlent de leur festival. Si une hirondelle fait le printemps, une rave fait l’été !

L'électro côté jardin (1) : ils nous parlent de leur festival

Eh oui, avec les beaux jours qui pointent à l’horizon, les rassemblements extérieurs célébrant la musique électro vont pousser comme des marguerites dans un champ renaissant ! Déjà, sur la Toile et sur les réseaux sociaux, chaque communauté redouble d’efforts pour se mettre en ordre de marche et attirer un maximum de fidèles, tandis que les aficionados ne se font pas prier pour se ruer comme des abeilles sur ces nectars synonymes de partys endiablés. Bloomsbury. Inside the world of the modern 'neo hippy' who seek bliss through transformational festials and meditation unlike the drugged up flower children of the 1960s. A photographer famous for his iconic snapshots of the flower children of the 1960s, documents the hippies of today and their lives in and out of transformational festivals.

Inside the world of the modern 'neo hippy' who seek bliss through transformational festials and meditation unlike the drugged up flower children of the 1960s

In the book 'In Bliss: An Exploration of the Current Hippie Counterculture & Transformational Festivals,' Steve Shapiro, 80, zooms in on the modern day hippies he coins as being 'bliss ninnies.' Time reports that unlike the hippies of the past who popularized psychedelic drugs, the 'bliss ninnies' are focused on meditation, dancing, yoga, and other drug-free activities as a way to reach ecstatic states of joy. Scroll down for video The more things change the more they stay the same: In the book 'In Bliss: An Exploration of the Current Hippie Counterculture & Transformational Festivals,' Steve Schapiro zooms in on the modern day hippies he coins as being 'bliss ninnies' Burning Man: Modern day hippies sport festive garb as they pose for legendary photographer Steve Schaprio who traveled to various festivals with his son.

Discover Today's Neo Hippie Counterculture. For decades, Steve Schapiro’s iconic photographs have been witty visual documents of American cultural and social movements.

Discover Today's Neo Hippie Counterculture

He’s captured significant moments like Robert Kennedy’s presidential campaign and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s march to Selma as well as intimate portraits of Hollywood celebrities such as Marlon Brando in The Godfather and Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. To this day, the American photojournalist and documentarian still gives his audience compelling testimonies of the social and cultural flaws that society has survived, capturing an intriguing side of a multifaceted complexity. And his latest body of work is no different. In Bliss: Transformational Festivals & the Neo Hippie, slated for release in October by powerHouse Books, Schapiro chronicles today’s hippie counterculture movement throughout the U.S. and in parts of Europe. What impressed him most was the spiritual commitment of such communities.

Laboratoire Urbanisme Insurrectionnel: Nomadisme Hippy. Voyager pour t'appauvrir, voilà ce dont tu as besoin.

Laboratoire Urbanisme Insurrectionnel: Nomadisme Hippy

Henri Michaux. Flore Muguet. Flore Muguet, La construction collective de l'expérience de soi au festival Burning Man et dans les festivals dits transformationnels. La fièvre de l'hyperfestif. Montréal se décrit souvent comme la capitale mondiale des festivals. Entre le Grand Prix du Canada, le plus grand festival de jazz et le plus gros festival d'humour du monde, la ville s'anime tous les jours d'été. Le Québec, comme le reste de l'Occident, n'est pas en reste. Comment expliquer ce «panludisme»? Que révèle cette hyperfestivité? La grand-messe en odeur de sainteté nationaliste vient de se terminer. Le Québec s'enorgueillit de quelques très grands «événements majeurs internationaux» de classe mondiale.

European Festival Research Project. Efrp. The European Festival Research Project is an international, interdisciplinary consortium, focused on the dynamics of artistic festivals today and seeking to understand the current explosion of festivals and its implications and perspectives. History EFRP started as an informal research platform, defined its research model and approach in Brussels in May 2004, held a researchers’ meeting at the Divadelna Nitra Festival in September 2005 and another one at De Montfort University in Leicester in March 2006, following a one-day conference for British festival operators, supported by the Arts Council England.

Electric Forest Festival. Bass Coast festival headdress ban ruffles feathers and sparks debate - Arts & Entertainment. What started as a policy decision by the Bass Coast Music and Arts Festival in Merritt, B.C., has exploded into an international discussion on cultural appropriation and a movement to stop revellers from wearing First Nation-style headdresses to parties around the world. The feathered headdress has become a sensitive pop culture phenomenon, springing up in fashion shows, music videos and on the heads of partygoers from Coachella to Bonnaroo. But in a statement posted last week on Facebook, Bass Coast organizers explained that headdresses are unwelcome at this weekend's festival, which takes place on indigenous territory, and that security would be enforcing the ban.

Paul Brooks, the festival's communications manager, told CBC Arts reporter Zulekha Nathoo that the ban is about respect: Paul Brooks, the Bass Coast Music Festival communications manager, told CBC News that his team felt it was time to take a stand. (CBC News) Pharrell Williams sorry for wearing First Nation headdress​ L’immersion et la synesthésie comme mode de connaissance. L’immersion et la synesthésie comme mode de connaissance : Ethnographie sensorielle du festival transformationnel OpenMind. Transformational Festival Season 2015 Is Here: More Than Just a Party, These Events Could Help Heal Your Life. Dr Kelly Neff, The Lucid Planet. Transformational Festivals: Reflections on Social Movements and Transformational Festivals as Civil Spheres by Eric Turner - Psychedelic Press UK. The following article, written by Eric Turner, was first published in the Psychedelic Press UK journal.

To the many people who frequent music festivals and raves, and generally rejoice in creating temporary communities in diverse settings, the protest encampments which appeared all over Europe, North America and beyond in 2011, must have appeared oddly familiar. What most of us saw was a clear intention to create a space for egalitarian interaction that eschews the impersonal realities of urban life in the developed world. Yet the protest encampments were created for primarily political purposes and with political motivation as opposed to the sub-cultural features behind the ethos of outdoor music gatherings. Prezi. Stumbleupon. We have rounded up a list of 30 festivals we want to experience before we are 30! Reckon we will get through it? 30. Winter Light Festival Where: Kuwana City, JapanWhen: October to MarchWhy: Titled one of the best winter light shows in all of Japan, experience a large landscape turned into a giant light spectacle.

With LED light tunnels, light rivers and even a LED sunset of Mt. Transformational Festival Season 2015 Is Here: More Than Just a Party, These Events Can Help Heal Your Life - The Lucid Planet. It’s my favorite time of year again… Transformational festival season! I got a pretty early start this year at Envision in Costa Rica, but my first stateside festival is Firefly Gathering in Flagstaff AZ June 12-15, followed closely by Sonic Bloom in Rye Colorado from June 18-21. I will be covering both events for my website and radio show The Lucid Planet, as well as offering sexuality workshops on the topic of love, polyamory and open relationships.

Last week, I interviewed Sonic Bloom director Jamie Janover on my show, as well as festival photographer Matthew Cremer. (You can listen to the full podcast of Lucid Planet Radio here). TEDxVancouver - Jeet Kei Leung - Transformational Festivals. 2012-2013 Map - The Bloom Series. Welcome to The Bloom’s 2012-2013 Transformational Festivals World Map, listing 91 festivals on 5 continents!

It is with great excitement that we share these maps as we continue to track the growth of this movement around the world. Music Festivals vs. Transformational Festivals — Festival Fire. By Jessica Devnani of, originally published at Too often do people group these two types of festivals into the same category.

Although there are similarities, there are also very distinct differences. Most of the time, each type of festival provides the attendee a uniquely contrasting experience. Ever since attending my first festival back in 2011, festival culture has become a large and influential part of my life. I went to Burning Man for the first time, and my mind was blown. Feeling Stuck? 5 Transformational Festivals You Should Attend in 2015. If your life is a bit mundane lately and you’re starting to feel dull inside, it might be time for a life refresher. Here’s 5 transformational festivals happening this year that could be just the pick me up you need. 1.

Fest300 - 15 Transformational Festivals to Attend in 2015. 8 Ways Transformational Festivals Can Change Your Life and Change the World. Transformational festival. Transformational Festivals - Experiencify. Transformational Festivals & Gatherings - Fleshcap. 16 Transformational Festivals You Need To Experience.

Consciousness Convergences: Festivals and Conferences. Transformational Festivals « Psychedelic Trance Festivals 2015 - List and Calendar - The Transformational Festival Calendar — Festival Fire. Australia, Dates , Venues & Tickets.