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I am a general manger at wendys, with two beutiful boys at home who count on me. I am very focused, fast paced soccer mom who knows how to spot a good deal. I love my boys and love teaching them how to grow into men day in and day out. I love to blog about our experiences and the lessons they are teaching me while I am teaching them.

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Alternatives To Traditional Dental Insurance. As access to healthcare continues to change, dental benefits through insurance companies have remained stagnant for over 40 years.

Alternatives To Traditional Dental Insurance

How to Find Free or Low Cost Dental Clinics? - Aetna Dental Offers. Dental care can be extremely expensive, and if you’re struggling financially, it can be one of the first costs that seem to get cut from your monthly budget.

How to Find Free or Low Cost Dental Clinics? - Aetna Dental Offers

If you’re dealing with a dental emergency and don’t have the money. Dental insurance or dental discount plans may be able to help pay for your treatment. Why is Dental Care Important? Even if you’ve experienced a number of financial setbacks, one of the worst things that you can do for your overall health is to delay dental work. There are a number of consequences that can easily become realities if you neglect your teeth. Face and tooth pain – This type of pain is often caused by a gum infection, which can ultimately lead to tooth loss. Digestion issues – Digestion obviously begins in the mouth, and if problems arise, health issues can present themselves such as irritable bowel syndrome, as well as other types of digestive disorders. Heart DiseaseDiabetesLeukemiaOral CancerKidney DiseasePancreatic Cancer Clinical Trials. Why Should I Brush My Teeth? Brushing your teeth today can help prevent painful dental problems tomorrow.

Why Should I Brush My Teeth?

You’ve probably been told your entire life to brush your teeth. But why? How can I find low cost dental implants without dental insurance? How does dental insurance work? Dental insurance: you pay for it every month, and it’s supposed to cover all of the procedures that your dentist performs…right?

How does dental insurance work?

Yes and no, but not exactly. Every plan varies from one person to another, but in general, this is what you need to know when it comes to the specifics of how your plan should work: What is a concierge medicine? Telehealth: The Modern House Call! Do I need to go to the doctor for the flu? How To Negotiate Your Medical Bills. You were starting to feel better – until you saw your medical bills.

How To Negotiate Your Medical Bills

You owe more than you can ever hope to pay. What is a virtual doctor visit? You have a telemedicine plan, and you’re a little intimidated by it.

What is a virtual doctor visit?

What happens during a virtual visit to the doctor, and what do you need to know before you request a consultation? First off, visiting a doctor using a video app or via your phone doesn’t require any sort of user guide or instructions. You could stop reading right now, place a request for a consultation, and just figure it out as you go along. What To Look For When Buying Dental Insurance Online! You have a lot of options when it comes to choosing a dental plan.

What To Look For When Buying Dental Insurance Online!

Your best friend might swear by his or her dental PPO, but you’re leaning toward a dental HMO because it looks cheaper, at least from what you can tell. But who knows if that’s best. Or maybe you have absolutely no clue what either plan is or what you should be looking for. Whatever the case, we’ve outlined a few important questions to ask when shopping for dental insurance. As you’re going through them, ask yourself which of these are most important to you.

How Can I Find Affordable Dental Insurance in America? Additionally, a 2016 American Dental Association study found that “more than one in three adults ages 19 through 64 with private dental benefits do not have a single dental claim within the year.”

How Can I Find Affordable Dental Insurance in America?

Why are so many people not using their dental coverage? Some are afraid of the dentist, some feel they don’t have the time for checkups and cleanings, others simply can’t afford to get dental care despite having insurance. Who Has the Best Dental Health Plans? If you’re reading this, you may be hoping to find the name of a few dental insurance providers and be on your way.

Who Has the Best Dental Health Plans?

But, that wouldn’t be doing you any service because dental insurance providers and dental insurance plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. What one person considers the best dental health plan may not be a good fit for the next person. That’s because the word “best” can be subjective. Here are three scenarios to help explain it in terms of dental insurance.

Preventive, DPPO, and DHMO dental insurance. Can low-income families get dental care? - Lower My Dental Bills. Have you ever wondered what the biggest barrier to American dental care is?

Can low-income families get dental care? - Lower My Dental Bills

If so, you’re not alone. The National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) conducted research on the topic (as cited in this American Dental Association brief) from 2003-2004 and again from 2011-2012. During each two-year period NHANES surveyed approximately 10,000 Americans and asked them to identify their reason for not obtaining needed dental care. Respondents could choose from the following 11 reasons for not obtaining dental care: Could not afford the costInsurance did not cover proceduresAfraid or do not like dentistsDid not want to spend the moneyToo busyUnable to take time offOffice not open at convenient timeExpected problem to go awayDental office is too far awayAnother dentist recommended not goingOther.

Save Money & Compare Dental Insurance vs Discount Dental Plans. Are you considering enrolling in a new dental insurance plan through your employer or an online marketplace? It’s worth your while to compare the coverage against a dental discount plan. Depending on your dental history, future needs, and your budget, you may find that one offers you bigger benefits than the other. Differences between Cigna Dental Savings Plans. What is the difference between a dental savings plan and an insurance plan? Both Cigna dental insurance and Cigna dental savings plans can help you to keep your teeth and gums in optimum health. That’s important, not just because a great smile is a terrific asset but also because medical researchers are increasingly finding proof that the health of your mouth correlates with the overall health of your entire body.

Orthodontics: What You Don't Know Can Hurt You! Braces For Adults We tend to think of braces as a dental treatment for adolescents, but that’s changed in recent years. From 2012 to 2014, adults seeking treatment from orthodontists in the U.S. and Canada increased 16 percent, resulting in a record high of 1,460,000 patients ages 18 and older, according to the American Association of Orthodontists’ (AAO) report “Economics of Orthodontics.” Adults choose to get braces for medical and cosmetic reasons.

Correcting problems such as misaligned or crooked teeth may make people more confident about their smile. And in some cases, braces may be required as part of a treatment plan before getting dental implants or other restorative work. For others, the focus is on addressing issues that can contribute to or cause tooth decay, ear and jaw pain, and difficulties in eating, sleeping and speaking. Orthodontic Treatment For Adults Both adults and children can expect the same benefits from orthodontic treatment – straighter, well-aligned teeth. Dental insurance plan.

Dental savings plans are designed for individuals, families and groups looking to save money on their dental care needs. Plan members save 10%-60% on the typical cost of dental care and treatments at a nationwide network of more than 100,000 dentists. Participating dental care providers have agreed to accept a discounted fee from plan members. As a plan member, you simply show your membership card when visiting any participating plan provider to receive most dental services at discounted fees.

You pay the discounted rate directly to the dentist. How Much Does It Cost To Get Braces. Orthodontic treatment – more commonly known as braces – used to be the bane of adolescence. Now new techniques and materials make wearing braces to correct teeth that don’t line up correctly, are crooked or crowded less painful and problematic. But one thing hasn’t changed – braces are expensive! Here’s a breakdown of the types of braces now available, and the average cost of each treatment: Metal braces: These are the traditional braces you – or your parents – may remember.

But they’ve gotten lighter, smaller and less metallic, thanks to better adhesives that reduce the need for running wires across the teeth. Ceramic braces: blend with the color of teeth, usually with only a thin metal wire visible, cost $4,000 -$8,000. Lingual braces: these are made out of metal but are bonded to the inside surface of teeth (the side facing your tongue) which makes them virtually invisible when the wearer smiles. Do I Need Cosmetic Gum Surgery. Your teeth may be the “main attraction” of your smile—but your gums are no less important as its supporting cast. Dental Insurance That Covers Everything? How To Choose The Best Dental Insurance. Dental Care For The Uninsured. Dental Insurance Decisions. Broken Tooth Emergency. Protect your teeth while playing sports. Fixing Broken Teeth On A Budget! The good news is that dentists can do amazing restoration work on broken teeth, making them look as good – or even better – than before they were broken.

The bad news is that getting damaged teeth fixed can be costly. Depending on the condition of the broken tooth, your other teeth, and your bones and gums, you may be looking at a bill ranging from $800 to several thousand dollars. And the price goes way up if you want or need a dental implant. Typically, a dentist fixes a broken tooth with a root canal to clear out any infected tissues, followed by a crown – which is basically a partial or full replacement for the damaged tooth. In some cases, the broken tooth can be repaired with overlays, bonding, or other techniques. Getting Used To Dentures. Adjusting to dentures typically takes a month or so, but you’ll see progress every week. Should I pay for dental insurance? Obamacare Dental Insurance Penalty. It goes by many names, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the Affordable Care Act (ACA), ObamaCare or Marketplace insurance plans.

How to straighten teeth without braces. How much pain is involved in all-on-4® implants? Perfect Your Smile: A Look at Dental Implants  New Affordable All-on-4® Dental Implants  I’m interested in getting the all-on-4® dental implants. Im in Cayman and need extensive work including implants. Where Did the Idea of Dentures Come From?

Gum Recession Treatment Miami. Lip Repositioning Surgery for Gummy Smile - Miami, FL. Pinhole Dentistry. Teeth Whitening Miami - At-home Teeth Whitening. Top 6 Gum Disease Procedures and Treatments. All-on-4 Dental Implants. Full Teeth Replacement. Dental Implants in One Day - Miami. Dental Implants vs Dentures Cost - Pros and Cons. Single Tooth Dental Implants Miami. How to choose dental insurance. Dental Insurance with No Waiting Period? Does Dental Insurance Cover Sedation Dentistry? Dental Care For The Uninsured. Dental Coverage Options for Unemployed. Dental Insurance That Covers Everything?

Is Dental Insurance Worth It? Should I Travel For My Dental Care? How to choose dental insurance. Mia Life Style Blog. Mia Ava Espinosa's Personal Blog: Teeth Grinding Facts. Mia Ava Espinosa's Personal Blog: My Favorite Celebrity Smiles. Is Chewing Gum Really Good for your Teeth? Miaavaesp79 - Getting kids excited about brushing and flossing. Find your college student a dentist. Mia Ava Espinosa's Personal Blog: Electric toothbrushes or ??? Chew Gum & Save Your Teeth. Being too frugal can cost you big bucks. All about Sealants… Mia Ava Espinosa's Personal Blog: New dental clinic, free services may benefit low-income families. Mia Ava Espinosa's Likes.

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