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Cool Tattoos by Peter Aurisch. Cool Tattoos by Peter Aurisch, a German artist, illustrator, designer.

Cool Tattoos by Peter Aurisch

Cool Tattoos by Peter Aurisch. Xoïl Tattoos. Xoïl is a tattooer at Needles Side Tattoo in Thonon-les-Bains, France.

Xoïl Tattoos

> facebook. - StumbleUpon. There’s always this one question that crosses everyone’s mind at least once in their lives: Tattoos – Should I get one? - StumbleUpon

Yes/No? Tattoos are quiet, inspiring artwork that carry stories and hide secrets on a human canvas. It’s been said that wrist tattoos were used to ward off all sorts of illnesses and diseases. But today, many see wrist tattoos as simple inspirations as they brave through stormy weather – a glance at their wrists and hope fuels them. These 25 wrist tattoos exemplify that. Each one is born with a thought and a tale, memorable and vivid enough to be inked in eternity.

Ultraviolet Tattoos. 8 Flares Facebook 1 Twitter 1 Google+ 1 StumbleUpon 0 Pin It Share 5 5 8 Flares × UV tattoos are also known as black light tattoos.

Ultraviolet Tattoos

These tattoos are made with a special ink which becomes visible under a black light, though the tattoo itself is invisible in regular light. In the last decade these tattoos have become popular among party-goers as they are readily visible at parties where a black light may be used. The tattoos placed with UV ink are invisible in regular light, but become visible under black light. The black light causes the UV ink to light up in different colors. Thank you for visiting, we hope you find our site, enjoyable, informative and educational.

Blacklight Tattoos. Blacklight or UV tattoos can be seen under a black light but are invisible or only partially visible in normal light.

Blacklight Tattoos

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Follow the Colours: #tattoofriday - Matching Tattoos - StumbleUpon. Irmãos, namorados, amigos: quando duas pessoas se complementam tanto que resolvem eternizar seu momento para sempre.

Follow the Colours: #tattoofriday - Matching Tattoos - StumbleUpon

Via Tattoologist, Google Images e Flickr. Pulpography Pulp Fiction Pistol Quote Tattoo Pictures at Book tattoos. Tattoos. 358 445 127 186 1585 255 1514 122 1532 54 210 129 195 191 42 26 293 385 23 14 96 9 23 69 202 43 173 208 596 863 3184 678 234 160 600 50 678 195 513 327 130 1415 331 349 1059 3030 1116 643 732 555 543 236 135 109 214 1316 360 94 688 1904 1207 192 85 622 1060 1471 59 253 852 162 571 73 1184 1042 148 2064 484 966 854 1090 1704 426 248 89 315 42 112 1104 30 1119 646 725 416 266 205 465 185 108.


Tattoos &3. Peacock. Tattoo Brighton. About Tattoo Brighton: Tattoo Brighton.

Tattoo Brighton

I have so much respect for people whose vanity is such that they would indelibly mark their skin just to look good. I like to look good. I like fashion. I see tattooing as the ultimate fashion statement. I started this blog on a whim but have become more and more impressed by the art of tattooing. Please feel free to submit images to me for inclusion on this site. Tattoo parlors, shops and studios in Brighton. A Short History of Tattooing The firs recorded tattoos were found on the fossilised skin of early cave dwellers dated from around 50,000 years ago.

X Pole I've got a new hobby and maybe I'll get quite good, but for now I'm just practicing. Next onto the tattooing scene were Babylonian fishermen. TATTOOS BY ANYONE. I N K. Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!: Archive.

Tattoo Culture and Art Daily. Posted on May 23, 2011 by lenny .

Tattoo Culture and Art Daily

Peter Aurisch is a tattooer based in Berlin, Germany. View more of Peter’s work at Google+