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Old photo collections

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Classic Photo's of Celeberties. Some classic photo’s I got compiled up!

Classic Photo's of Celeberties

I do not own these pictures, someone else had taken them…i am unsure who to give credit for, but enjoy! Jimi Hendrix & Mick Jagger, New York, 1969 The Beatles and Mohammad Ali, 1964 Martin Luther King Jr. and Marlon Brando (The Godfather) Danny DeVito and Christopher Reeve Charlie Chaplin and Albert Einstein Chuck Norris and Bruce Lee Paul Newman and Clint Eastwood Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Warren G. Steve Jobs and Bill Gates James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor Ian Fleming and Sean Connery Johnny Cash and Ray Charles Elvis Presley and Tom Jones Jerry Lee Lewis, Carl Perkins, Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash Ella Fitzgerald and Louis Armstrong Charlie Chaplin and Gandhi Marilyn Monroe and Sammy Davis Jr. Share! Great Photos of Famous People (14 pics) Rare and very interesting photos.

Interesting and very rare photographs, you may never see.

Rare and very interesting photos

The first McDonald’s. Che Guevara and Fidel Castro. Capital of Brazil, on the beginning. Pius XII and Hitler. The King. Rare Beatles photos. Osama bin Laden and his family. Titanic. Fall of the Berlin Wall All forms of Coca-Cola bottles. John Lennon shortly before his death. Principles. Statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Albert Einstein. Charlie Chaplin and Gandhi. First computer. Albert Einstein’s diploma.

The early Beatles. The first team of Google. Pope John Paul and the man who tried to kill him. Moment when Bush heard about the attacks 11th September. Rock stars at school - in pictures. This is not porn - Rare and beautiful celebrity photos. Twenty Five Rare Pictures of Celebrities. Coppola In the same fashion as looking at old pictures of yourself and saying “I can’t believe that was me,” the same rings true when looking at pictures of celebrities.

Twenty Five Rare Pictures of Celebrities

While we don’t literally know these people we have been following their careers over the years and despite not having personal relationships with them, we somehow feel bad when they do, and happy when they do. The point is, since they are so public, at times it feels like we actually do know these people. So if I were to show you old pictures of me you probably wouldn’t react all that much.

However, the photos I’m about to share are pretty damned cool if I do say so myself. Check out these 25 rare photos of celebrities Thanks to Crack Two for the assist. Madonna Cher, Sonny, Dylan Marilyn Monroe Jack Nicholson Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, and John Lennon Marlon Brando Frank Sinatra Kurt Cobain Warren Beatty and Jack Nicholson Bruce Lee Dennis Hopper Sean Connery John Travolta John Voight and Angelina Jolie Stanley Kubrick Paul McCartney.

Never-Before-Seen Photos from Photographer Leo Fuchss Hollywood Archives: Celebrities: GQ. Gregory Peck and Mary BadhamKatharine He. Gregory Peck and Mary Badham Katharine Hepburn William Holden and Audrey Hepburn Grace Kelly Errol Flynn Brigitte Bardot Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton Frank Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra and Yul Brynner.

Gregory Peck and Mary BadhamKatharine He

Audrey Hepburn Paul Newman Polly Bergen and Gregory Peck Marlene Dietrich, Frank Sinatra and Betty Furness James Stewart Ursula Andress Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor Marlene Dietrich Gregory Peck Vanessa Redgrave.