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Plantillas varias para elaborar materiales educativos y gráficos en nuestras presentaciones de contenido.

Plantillas gratuitas para PowerPoint, fondos y presentaciones. Diagramas gratuitos para presentaciones. Plantillas gratis para crear Diarios en tu clase. Earlier this year we wrote about web tools teachers can use to for their classrooms.

Plantillas gratis para crear Diarios en tu clase

This post turned We have selected for you today a host of awesome templates for your Power Point presentations. These are basically newspaper templates provided by for free. If you want to create a newspaper for your class, you can do it through one of these templates. The procedure is very easy. Just download the template you are going to use, and once downloaded open the file and start customizing it the way you want. Plantillas de Notas + Pins para descargar en la PC.

Adhesive Notes and pushpins are pretty popular in web design and so to make my life easier – and hopefully yours too :) – I made a pack of vector post-it notes and drawing-pins.

Plantillas de Notas + Pins para descargar en la PC

There are 9 unique post-it notes, out of which I made 6 color combinations (yellow, blue, green, white, pink and orange) for a total of 54 colorful sticky notes plus shadows; and if you need a worn out look some of the paper notes are wrinkled as well. About the vector Push Pins – there are 3 kinds (tall, flat and round) in 7 color variations (red, green, yellow, white, blue, pink and orange) and from different angles; over 100 vector thumbtacks in total. At the bottom there are two format versions for downloading, one contains ai + png files and the other eps + png. Plantillas para Historietas.pdf.