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La Relève et La Peste. 30 Best Backyard Games For Kids and Adults. 15 Things All Dads of Daughters Should Know. “I feel sorry for you when they become teenagers.”

15 Things All Dads of Daughters Should Know

“Dude, you’re surrounded by women.” “What did you do to deserve that?” Being a dad of four daughters (we also have one son), I hear stuff like this almost daily. And honestly, I’m the one who feels sorry for people who think this way. Untitled. Thanks to the ingenuity of one dedicated teacher, students with sensory issues at an elementary school in Illinois now have a creative way to get some relief.


With just some paint and a hot glue gun, Amy Maplethorpe created two sensory chairs by cutting tennis balls in half and hot gluing them to the back and seats of the chairs. Maplethorpe, a speech pathologist at Raymond Ellis Elementary School, says that the chairs are helpful for students who have sensory issues. For some children with diagnoses like autism, Down syndrome, and components of sensory processing disorders, it can be difficult to regulate sensory input within their body and in their environments. Maplethorpe went on to say that the tennis ball chairs provide relief because the tennis balls offer a different texture than the regular chairs.

3D-Printed Solar Systems, Moons and Planets for Your Desktop. The folks over at London-based Little Planet Factory make tiny 3d-printed planets and moons you can sit on your desktop or hold in your hands.

3D-Printed Solar Systems, Moons and Planets for Your Desktop

Designs include everything from entire solar systems to collections of moons, individual planets, and even science fiction creations like a theoretical terraformed Mars globe. Après avoir vu ces 15 cartes, vous ne regarderez plus jamais le monde de la même façon. La raison pour laquelle certains pays semblent plus gros ou plus petits que d’autres est le résultat de la projection de Mercator.

Après avoir vu ces 15 cartes, vous ne regarderez plus jamais le monde de la même façon

En 1569, le cartographe flamand Gerardus Mercator a conçu une carte qui pouvait être utilisée pour la navigation, mais son système avait un inconvénient: il déformait la taille des objets selon leur position relative à l’Équateur. Pour montrer à quel point notre perception de la grosseur des pays est erronée, ipnoze s’est servi du site web pour déplacer des territoires à différents endroits.

Add. Dr. Charlotte Reznick's Imagery For Kids, Healing Children and Teens Through The Power of Their Imagination. Light Science for Kids: Ways to Explore Refraction and Reflection. Here’s a fun collection of light science for kids!

Light Science for Kids: Ways to Explore Refraction and Reflection

You’ll find light science experiments about both light refraction and light reflection in this science roundup. Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board! Because we have been having so much fun with our most recent light science activities, I decided to round up some more fun science ideas for kids having to do with light. You’ll find ideas for examining light refraction (the bending of light) and light reflection (when light bounces off an object) in this collection, as well as science experiments for various ages- from preschool and on up!

La figure d’attachement…. ou pourquoi votre enfant est plus difficile avec vous qu’avec les autres ! « Avec moi, c’est un amour !

La figure d’attachement…. ou pourquoi votre enfant est plus difficile avec vous qu’avec les autres !

On ne l’entend pas. » What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong? June Arbelo, a second-grade teacher at Central School, comforts a student who wants to go home during the first day of school.

What If Everything You Knew About Disciplining Kids Was Wrong?

Tristan Spinski/GRAIN Leigh Robinson was out for a lunchtime walk one brisk day during the spring of 2013 when a call came from the principal at her school. Will, a third-grader with a history of acting up in class, was flipping out on the playground. He'd taken off his belt and was flailing it around and grunting. 10 Insights of Remarkable Parents from a Family Therapist. At any given time you’ll find four or more parenting books on my Amazon wish list, a few by my nightstand, and an email box chock full of insightful parenting theories and approaches.

10 Insights of Remarkable Parents from a Family Therapist

Granted, child development is my career, but I speak with plenty of parents in my practice who find themselves in similar circumstances. With information around every corner and our culture projecting constant messages (many times contradictory) regarding how we should raise our kids, feeling like a confident and intentional parent can seem out of reach many days. In my 12 years as a family therapist, I’ve seen many well-intentioned parents mistakenly employing strategies that aren’t meeting the emotional or developmental needs of their children or families.

The Kids toys you should keep for the next generation. In a world where everyone declutters madly and things are thrown out as soon as they’re not cool anymore, it can be hard to decide whether you should be keeping all those bloody kids’ toys that are currently filling up the cupboards of your spare bedrooms.

The Kids toys you should keep for the next generation.

Really hard. So, on the latest episode of This Glorious Mess, our parenting podcast with Andrew Daddo and Holly Wainwright, we decided to ask our brains trust (read: you) what we should not be konmari-ing and keeping for those potential grandkids. 6 Picture Books That Introduce Kids to Great Artists. The life of an artist is the perfect subject for a picture book.

6 Picture Books That Introduce Kids to Great Artists

The illustrations can provide a sample of the artist’s work or illustrate his or her unique way of seeing the world, while the story can describe how the artist came to be an artist, what they were like when they were kids, or even what it was like to have a famous artist as an uncle. Here are six vibrantly illustrated picture books about artists that will make story time feel as invigorating as a trip to the art museum. Garden Project for Kids: Seed Starts. My grandfather used to plant a huge vegetable garden every year, no matter that he lived right in the heart of Los Angeles. I remember growing up with fresh corn and zucchini from his harvest and seeing his huge stock of carefully caterogized and labeled seeds. Salvaging your child’s creativity — the new literacy. We know them — the kids who read before they are potty trained, play classical piano before entering elementary school, or compute high school math in first grade.

While the world shudders, in reality, most child prodigies rarely become influential change agents. Why not? According to Adam Grant, in his New York Times article, How to Raise a Creative Child. Step One: Back Off, what holds them back is that they don’t learn to be original. They strive to earn the approval of their parents and the admiration of their teachers. Grant explains how the gifted may learn to play Mozart, but rarely compose their own original scores. In comparison, the most creative artists didn’t have elite teachers — their first lessons came from nearby instructors who made learning fun.

Raising a creative generation – One family at a time. Reading the ABCs from Space : Feature Articles. By Adam Voiland Design by Jesse Allen & Paul Przyborski December 15, 2015 A few years ago, while working on a story about wildfires, a V appeared to me in a satellite image of a smoke plume over Canada. That image made me wonder: could I track down all 26 letters of the English alphabet using only NASA satellite imagery and astronaut photography? With the help of readers and colleagues, I started to collect images of ephemeral features like clouds, phytoplankton blooms, and dust clouds that formed shapes reminiscent of letters.

Some letters, like O and C, were easy to find. Others—A, B, and R—were maddeningly difficult. When I finally tracked down all the letters and it was time write captions, I happened to be a new dad and deep into a Dr. World café in a school with 11-years-old kids - The World Cafe Community. In sept, I posted several questions about world cafés with kids, here: The world café actually took place on oct 16th. Here is what we've done for now: - we had two prep meetings with the principal, the primary education advisor and several teachers. they were quite moved because they were not used to working like that (asking the children what they were waiting for this event, having deep conversation between themselves to make sure they had a real common understating of their goal...). we agreed on this: "how to make Henri George Adam a school where we can all feel good and learn" (Henri George Adam is the name of the school) - the primary education advisor and the school mediator ran three meetings "alone" with three groups of 6 kids from the three classes that went super well.

Un service de baby-sitting qui éduque les enfants à la culture et aux arts. L'idée Lorsque les parents partent faire une sortie culturelle le soir, il se pose très souvent le problème de la garde des enfants. Très souvent, ces derniers ont donc l'habitude de faire appel à une baby-sitter pour pouvoir prendre soin d'eux le temps de la sortie. Here's Why Steve Jobs Didn't Let His Kids Use iPads And Why You Shouldn't Either.

If you fall within the Gen-Y era like us, chances are you've given a bunch of thought as to how you would raise your own children in this day and age (assuming you don't have children already). Especially with technology, so much has changed since our childhoods in the 90s. Here's one question: Would you introduce the technological wonder/heroin that is the iPod and iPad to your kids? Steve Jobs wouldn't, and for good reason too. Everything About These Pictures Of A Tiny, Adventurous Lego Photographer is Awesome. Thanks to Instagram and similar filter-heavy photo apps, artful photography has become so user-friendly that everybody seems at least proficient at it—even, apparently, a little Lego person. U.K. -based photographer Andrew Whyte shows us the world through the lens of just such a small artist in a new photo series called "The Legographer.

" These expertly composed photos, which Whyte took on his iPhone every day for a year, feature a Lego Man, rocking a Lego knit cap instead of the famous bowl cut, lugging around a Lego camera and taking pictures that we will never see. Despite his diminutive size, this little guy seems to have had some big adventures. Mandala Coloring Pages for Kids & Adults. "Dyslexie" : la nouvelle police de caractères spécialement conçue pour les dyslexiques. Il fallait y penser. VOS ENFANTS SONT SURPRENANTS DE CRÉATIVITÉ ! The characteristics of GEN Z. In the first of our blogs serialising our latest book 'GEN Z: The New Kids on the Block', we look at the 7 key characteristics of GEN Z.

These are based on our understanding of GEN Z's personalities, dispositions and interactions with the world around them. We’ve observed these through our desk research and by talking to experts, but they really came to life and became exciting when we talked to GEN Z directly. Overprotected In Denmark, they’ve aptly dubbed Gen Z, ‘the curling generation’. Explee Animation Video about Lego Serious Play. Flow and Adolescence. The flow experience is a state of complete involvement in an activity that requires complete concentration (Csikszentmihalyi, 1999). Flow is characterised by the matching of high environmental challenges with equally high levels of personal skills, the merging of action and awareness, the loss of reflexive self-consciousness, a sense of control and a distortion of temporal experiences (Nakamura & Csikszentmihalyi, 2005).

Dino Pet – BioPop. The lifespan of the dinoflagellates will vary based on their exposure to sunshine, external temperature and how quickly they require new nutrients to be supplemented. Delightful robots for children to program. Traits and Characteristics of Gifted Children. Bilingualism in Young Children: Separating Fact from Fiction. K-12 Education & Learning Innovations with Proven Strategies that Work. Finland’s Formula for School Success (Education Everywhere Series) Pasi: If you look at the 15-year-olds, or 16-year-old Finns who are leaving the basic school, most of them have been in special education throughout their schooling.

Which means that special education is actually nothing special. Change the Subject: Making the Case for Project-Based Learning. Resource Collections - BioEd Online.