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Business & Human Rights Defenders Portal. Natural Resource Governance Institute. Exposing Over 1,000 Fraudulent Practices. Top 5 physiological computing platforms. Physiological computing focuses on the use of biosignals for the development of interactive software and hardware systems capable of sensing, processing, reacting, and interfacing the digital and analog worlds. However, biosignals have specific requirements for which typical physical computing platforms are not particularly tuned.

Until recently, many projects ended up hindered by high costs and limited access to suitable hardware materials. That scenario is different today, partially thanks to the following 5 DIY hardware platforms. BITalino This is the Swiss army knife of low-cost hardware and open source software toolkits for applications with biosignals (muscles, heart, nervous system, and others). Filing A Complaint To Start Your Case - Civil Law Self-Help Center. Learn about the requirements for preparing and filing a civil complaint, including how to prepare a summons, along with some cautions about when filing a complaint could get you into trouble.

Filing A Complaint To Start Your Case - Civil Law Self-Help Center

Overview Most civil cases are started by one party (the party suing, called the “plaintiff”) filing a “complaint” with the court. A “complaint” is a document that describes what the plaintiff wants (money or some other type of relief) and why she believes she is entitled to that relief. It also identifies the “defendant” (the party being sued). When the plaintiff files the complaint, she will pay a filing fee to the court. Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online - Freelancer. Flexwerken in Almere - WTC Almere. Flexwerken in de Espressobar & Deli In het WTC kun je iedere werkdag tussen 8:00u en 18:00u terecht in de WTC Lounge & Espressobar om even te werken, ontmoeten en koffie te drinken.

Flexwerken in Almere - WTC Almere

Je logt in op het gratis wifi en kunt aan de slag. De WTC Lounge is open voor zakelijk publiek en heel geschikt voor korte besprekingen in een informele sfeer. Bij de Espressobar drink je de lekkerste koffie, verse jus d’orange en smoothies, en voor een croissantje in de ochtend of panini met de lunch zit je hier ook goed. About On the Commons. On the Commons (OTC) is a commons movement strategy center founded in 2001.

About On the Commons

Through our efforts, we help: Build and bring visibility to the commons movement; Initiate and catalyze commons work; and, Develop and encourage commons leadership. We believe it is possible to foster a commons-based society, which refers to a shift away from our market-based system, through new, collaborative ways of working. Leadership Team. Glossary. API [Permalink] Application Programming Interface.


For data, this is usually a way provided by the data publisher for programs or apps to read data directly over the web. The app sends the API a query asking for the specific data it needs, e.g. the time of the next bus leaving a particular stop. This allows the app to use the data without downloading the whole dataset, saving bandwidth and ensuring that the data used is the most up-to-date available. Anonymisation [Permalink] Processing data that includes personal information so that individuals can no longer be identified in the resulting data. Awareness at The Sheffield College. Human Trafficking Awareness Human Trafficking Awareness is a general awareness raising course which gives a general overview and introduction to the scale and impact of human trafficking in the UK and beyond.

Awareness at The Sheffield College

Comparison of agent-based modeling software. In the last few years, the agent-based modeling (ABM) community has developed several practical agent based modeling toolkits that enable individuals to develop agent-based applications.

Comparison of agent-based modeling software

More and more such toolkits are coming into existence, and each toolkit has a variety of characteristics. Several individuals have made attempts to compare toolkits to each other (see references). Below is a chart intended to capture many of the features that are important to ABM toolkit users. Comparison of ABM Software[edit] References[edit] Nikolai, C.; G. External links[edit] On-Line Guide for Newcomers to ABM (Axelrod and Tesfatsion)


Step-by-step hacking tutorials. Informatiebeveiliging & Security Trainingen. OpenDemocracy. DIY Book Scanning. A minimum income standard for the UK in 2012. What income do people need to achieve a socially acceptable standard of living?

A minimum income standard for the UK in 2012

Soaring childcare and transport costs plus cuts to tax credits mean families need to earn a third more post-recession to make ends meet. A video and infographics illustrate the data. An interactive visual lets you explore what goods MIS can buy you, as decided by members of the public.A minimum income calculator lets people find out how their income measures up to the MIS.

JRF's annual update, based on what members of the public think people need to achieve a socially acceptable standard of living. This year's study involved 21 new focus groups, who 'rebased' minimum budgets for families with children through fresh research, and reviewed the budgets of other household types. Showing how far changes in living standards and expectations have caused the socially defined minimum to change since the initial MIS in 2008, before the economic downturn, this study found that: Download as PDF 0.3 MB. *Hacking And More - hacking, leer hacken, OV-Chipkaart hack, hackshop, hack, crack, msn hacken, powerhacks, hacksite, hack tutorials, hack uitleg, hyves hacken, habbo hacken, runescape hacken, mailbomber, msn hacken, hakken, msn tools. Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator vs 4.0. -=HackInfo=- Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Version 7 Bootcamp training. Hack42. Opleiding - Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) (met VVV-bon van € 100) Download Resource Hacker v3.6.0 (gratis / freeware) - AfterDawn Nederland: Software downloads. - De verenigde Nederlandse hackerspaces en organisaties. HITBSecConf - India, Amsterdam, Kuala Lumpur. Eth0Wiki. Net-Map Toolbox.