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Clothing that fits my unique tastes. :)

Bright White Chelsea Boot  Taos Footwear Woollery Wool Cork Wedge Clogs. 1981 Vegan Black Trainers. The world’s only plastic-free, vegan black trainer, created in partnership with nature.

1981 Vegan Black Trainers

Shoshana Handmade Leather Sandals, Clothing. Elsa Handmade Leather Sandals, Clothing. Justin Women's Gypsy Collection Tan Jaguar Triad Square Toe Western Fashion Boots. Circle G by Corral Women's Tan with Cream Filigree Embroidery Western Square Toe Boots. Sage Women's Black with Concho Strap J-Toe Western Boots. Circle G by Corral Women's Distressed Brown with Bone Dragonfly Embroidered Snip Toe Western Boots. Old West Women's Camel Suede Snip Toe Western Boots. Ariat Women's Tailgate Silver Metallic Snip Toe Western Boots. Bali Bliss Short Chemise Magnifique Robe gauze avec des. Joséphine Médiévale Renaissance Gauze Chemise w/lacets manches.

Heavy Cotton Peasant Dress - MCI-3233 - Medieval Collectibles. Timeless and reliable, the Heavy Cotton Peasant Dress is sure to become a trusted addition to your historic reenactment and LARP wardrobe.

Heavy Cotton Peasant Dress - MCI-3233 - Medieval Collectibles

This ankle length sleeveless dress features a fitted and adjustable front lacing bodice. The lacing extends from the center of the V-neck down the torso and down past the top of the neatly pleated skirt. Lenora Premium Cotton Dress - MY100306 - Medieval Collectibles. A staple in the wardrobe of any fine lady, the Lenora Premium Cotton Dress is a stylish and versatile gown.

Lenora Premium Cotton Dress - MY100306 - Medieval Collectibles

With dramatic sleeves and a full skirt, this versatile dress makes an incredible base for any historic or LARP outfit. Lace-up detailing on the sides make it easy to customize the dress to fit your unique body shape. The Lenora Premium Cotton Dress is available in a multitude of colors to suit the tastes of any lady, and the round neckline and upper sleeves are adorned with matching lace. Because of its timeless style, this dress is incredibly easy to accessorize and adaptable to whatever other apparel you choose to accessorize with. Freya Viking Underdress - BG-1022 - Medieval Collectibles.

In Norse mythology, Freya was the goddess of beauty and war.

Freya Viking Underdress - BG-1022 - Medieval Collectibles

The Freya Viking Underdress brings these two vastly different concepts together in one classy garment, perfect for any medieval ensemble, be it noblewoman or Viking warrior. This ankle-worn cotton dress fits loosely enough on the body to maintain comfort and flexibility but tightly enough to allow an overdress to be worn over it. Its sleeves are long, ensuring warmth in colder weather, and its modest neckline allows it to be paired with a large variety of other garments. Amazon. Bjorn Fur Trimmed Cape - MY100148 - Medieval Collectibles. The perfect piece of outerwear for any warrior from the northern lands, the Bjorn Fur Trimmed Cape provides an impressive look with the faux fur trimming the edges.

Bjorn Fur Trimmed Cape - MY100148 - Medieval Collectibles

The rectangular cape is crafted from cotton canvas material. The cape works great for chilly days as an extra layer, while also providing a distinctive and impressive look. Available in black or brown color options, the style of the fur cape suits Vikings, barbarian warriors, and medieval royalty equally well. To close the Bjorn cape, we recommend sewing on a rustic button or picking out one of our cloak pins (sold separately). This item is handmade, therefore, it may vary slightly from what is shown above.

Key Features: Natural Dyes for Fabric: All Natural Ways to Dye Fabric Different Colors. Natural dyes for fabric of many kinds can be made from nuts and berries, and it’s not hard to get fabrics any array of beautiful colors you want, naturally!

Natural Dyes for Fabric: All Natural Ways to Dye Fabric Different Colors

Note: Look here if you’re searching for homemade hair dye. It’s January. Cold, windy, snowy and just plain miserable in many parts of the country. During the winter break from school, when I’m cooped up in the house for days on end, I like to have projects to work on. How to Dye Fabric & Clothes - Make Natural Dyes for Dyeing At Home. It may be hard to fathom, but we didn’t always use chemicals to dye fabrics.

How to Dye Fabric & Clothes - Make Natural Dyes for Dyeing At Home

Kronosaurus Marine Reptile Women's T-Shirt for Sale by Corey Ford. The Mountain Adult Unisex T-Shirt - Fire Dragon. The Animal Rescue Site. Elizabeth Swann (Pirates of the Caribbean) Arwen Undómiel (Lord of the Rings) Bethany Hamilton - Life, Age & Family. Bethany Hamilton overcame the loss of her left arm in a shark attack to become a champion surfer and inspirational public figure.

Bethany Hamilton - Life, Age & Family

Who Is Bethany Hamilton? Born in Hawaii in 1990, Bethany Hamilton began competitive surfing at age 8. Her promising career was seemingly derailed at age 13 when a shark bit off her left arm, but she resumed surfing shortly afterward and won a national title in 2005. A successful author and public speaker, Hamilton has shared her experiences in documentary films and appeared on several popular reality TV programs. Early Years and Surfing. Lucy Pevensie's Hair Tutorial. Medieval cloaks for sale. Typically the word 'cloak' implies to a long, loose outer garment often with a hood.

Medieval cloaks for sale

Cloaks were a part of human clothes for thousands of years, so the first people wore animal skins, serving both as clothing and blankets. Middle Ages cloaks were the main outer clothing of the era, so they involve a multitude of materials and decoration. Pirate Fashions - Authentic Clothing, Costumes N' Weapons fer Pirates, Wenches, Privateers N' Bucaneers.