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The kids will never see. Funny-vegans-joke.jpg from Aircraft Carrier Story. Stabby.jpg from When Insults Had Class. Your Birth. ''Man, what a great nap.'' A comic is alive for the world to see despite Wes crossing the desert while Tony was severely disappointed.

Your Birth

Check out some other stuff! 32232.jpg from Crazy Illustrations By Chow Hon Lam. Chow Hon Lam is a t-shirt designer and a humorous illustrator from Malaysia.

Crazy Illustrations By Chow Hon Lam

He has been completed this crazy project called Flying Mouse 365, which is create 1 design per day. I hope his illustrations can bring some smile and entertainment to the world. About the author. Six Comedians We Wish Would Return to Standup. I've always rejected the idea that standup comedy is useful as merely a stepping stone to other things (movies, a sitcom, writing gigs).

Six Comedians We Wish Would Return to Standup

In my opinion, it’s as noble a final destination as any other. That’s what made Seinfeld documentary Comedian so refreshing to watch — a legendary, insanely-wealthy comic heading enthusiastically back into the standup fray, while a virtual no-name claws and screams as he tries to escape it. That’s not to say that a successful standup shouldn’t venture out into other areas. Obviously, comedians should explore the creative impulse in any direction they feel drawn. But while doing this, many comedians lose their way. Here are a few comedians that are overdue for a return to the stage: Jim Carrey His recent return to SNL was a tease — offering an all-too-brief glimpse back inside the mind of a comic genius that has for the most part been wasted for a decade. Airline Story. The Lolbrary - Funny Random Pictures.

Was Rebecca Blacks &Friday& Really About the Kennedy Assassination?... 1268106195_acid_picdump_99.jpg from Pizza Delivery Instructions. 20 Funny Marathon Signs. ← Previous Post Next Post → 20 Funny Marathon Signs jon May 5, 2011 2 Other Stuff You Might Also Like» The Greatest Resignation Letter Of All Time How Dead Rock & Roll Legends Would Look Today The 9 Most Unusual Models On The Planet The 20 Most Horrifying Sports Faces Pretty Girls Making Ugly Faces How Deaf People Think How Spam Came to Mean Junk Mail How to Remove Stripped Screws Origin of the Words Geek and Nerd 10 Interesting Celebrity Facts 10 Interesting Human Body Facts 8 Interesting Facts About Businesses Quick Facts Rage Comics This Day in History 2 Comments »

20 Funny Marathon Signs

Sorrycard.png from e96788364a85e860817c33fa951241ab.jpg from 257.jpg from So That Happened. Tonight at the supermarket I found myself behind a pretty girl in the checkout line.

So That Happened

The universe hates me. Like this story? Did you know I have a book coming out? Funny-picture-lsd.jpg from The Loney Infermo - Sea Cow. The Best Age Verification Test of All Time [Pic] Norris.gif from 2010-09-14-657stop.gif from ATT00095.jpg from Updated Tuesdays and Thursdays & Archive & Stealth Dad. High School Was A Lie.

Changes-channels.jpg from The Best Of The Steve &Bill Meme. After sitting down together at All Things Digital 5 in the historic Steve Jobs and Bill Gates discussion, the images of a convivial Steve Jobs and Bill Gates became internet meme fodder.

The Best Of The Steve &Bill Meme

And so the Steve Jobs and Bill Gates Meme, or simply the Steve and Bill meme, in all their rich glory, was born: American point of view for Cousin Marriage. b3d8c111f742d0aab89169f9c07971ac.jpg from Funny lol pictures. Browser Wars. 1242172147011_f.jpg from Comic104.gif from Jenny vs. Spencer. Interpretative Dance: Queens Dont Stop Me Now. Phil McAndrew Illustrations &Comics. Santasia - Pulp Christmas - Pulp Fiction Parody from Santasia. How Grad School is just like Kindergarten.

POKEDADS. Epic-hysterical-facebook-fails from When you’re on Facebook, you can never be too careful.

epic-hysterical-facebook-fails from

You can never know who’s going to be checking out your status or watching what you do. Now most of us, change our privacy settings or know not to put things in our status that we done want others to see, others however, don’t pay enough attention. Check out what happens when you share your life on Facebook for the world to see. The below fails, and many other like them, can be found throughout numerous places on the web. For your convenience though, I’ve gone through many of them and put together these 9 epically hysterical facebook fails. “I hope you dont breed!” Why’d you break up? Some people should not be allowed to drive I hate my boss! Favorite MILF Glitter’s a color I swear! Thanks for pleasuring me so well Leave my boyfriend alone! It’s called an anthem! So which was your favorite? Still life: Bent objects &, News, Augmented.

UPDATE: The Return of Bent Objects Wires transform these objects from inanimate to hilarious works of art.

Still life: Bent objects &, News, Augmented

Little polish girl McDonalds as Sculpture Materials Yeah, this is where those come from Dancing Queens English breakfast. Lovelove03.jpg from I write for myself and Ill say anything I damn well please. Transcripts follow.

I write for myself and Ill say anything I damn well please

(Source: Dexter; Image above, via NME.) Transcript. 6a0120a721c2d7970b0133f1c7c40a970b-pi from Never say no to Panda. Obama_reddit.jpg from Hey-jude-flow-chart-20091029-133742.jpg from - StumbleUpon. 25 Celebrities You Never Knew Were In Classic Movies (And Shows): Pics,... Bigbox_en.swf from Whenwolf.png from Rosscott, Inc. & Archive & The System 472: Road Sage. UPDATE: The Quirky Nomads Podcast has made this comic into a radio production!

Rosscott, Inc. & Archive & The System 472: Road Sage

More info here » ALSO: Now avaiable as an 11×17 print! Check it out here. This is a followup to one of the more popular comics in the archive, famously featuring “figure out purple”. Hitting conflict in the face with more conflict never seems to help, as both sides immediately identify the other as the enemy and shut off any ability to listen to reason. I’d like to point out where this comic starts, “when someone yells at you from their car”.

UPDATE: Thanks for all the love on the comic! You can also buy this t-shirt about biking: Robbie and Bobby - Tattoos are Like Cats.