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Spatial Data Quality. During this episode, Clarence Hempfield and I discuss aspects of spatial data quality, including the three basic spatial data types (points, lines, and polygons), data quality issues that can affect them, business applications of spatial data for enterprise location intelligence, and how mobile devices are driving the consumerization of geographic information systems (GIS), requiring business and consumer awareness of the data privacy implications of increasingly location-aware mobile applications.

Spatial Data Quality

Clarence Hempfield has over 17 years of experience in the high-tech industry with extensive experience in product management, product marketing, sales, and communications. He is the Director of Global Product Strategy for Pitney Bowes Software, where he leads global product strategy for enterprise location intelligence. Hempfield has spent the majority of his career in data-intensive domains, which include location intelligence, data management, predictive analytics, and document management. Systemed/iD. Data vis. Instantly Deploy GIS Applications. Geomajas.


TileMill. Announcing MapBox Streets: A Global Map with Street Level Detail. We’re excited to release MapBox Streets, our first global block-level map powered by OpenStreetMap.

Announcing MapBox Streets: A Global Map with Street Level Detail

MapBox Streets makes it incredibly easy to get a beautiful, fresh street map on your website or mobile application in place of Google Maps. Get started now using MapBox Streets with a free account from MapBox, or with any of our monthly plans for higher usage and bulk support. For a step-by-step walk-through of how to use MapBox Streets in your web application, see Get Started with MapBox Streets. Powered by open data OpenStreetMap is a wiki-style geographic database with 2.7 billion GPS traces from over 545,000 registered users. OpenStreetMap is open for anyone to contribute, which has proven critical, even in situations of crisis response. Fresh design We wanted to design a map that was flexible enough to be the right choice for a variety of use cases.

What’s next If you’re new to MapBox, check out the newly revised MapBox tour and our roadmap for a better sense of what we’re all about. Tour MapBox. Global coverage and fresh design MapBox Streets is a beautiful alternative to Google Maps powered by high-quality open data from OpenStreetMap, available now from MapBox. Liberate your maps with global street level detail, rich features, and your own custom design. Apply custom styles MapBox streets comes in a variety of gorgeous preset color schemes, or you can take control and customize the color levels and features of your map.

Beautiful maps for the web and mobile. Overlay your data Add interactive markers and overlays to your custom map using our API and Maki , our open source icon library with dozens of symbols for points of interest. Sign up now Want to use MapBox on your site? Register for a free account to get started. Mapnik -outils - Opening Up 140,000 Miles of Road Data in Africa. Interactive maps and visualizations.

Health in Saudi Arabia. Kyris GeoBI. Le blog decigeo.