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LAND MATRIX. Land Matrix partnership launches second phase of its Global Observatory on large scale land acquisitions Dynamic public interface promotes greater transparency in land investments Bern/Hamburg/Montpellier/Rome (10 June 2013) The Land Matrix partnership today launches the second phase of the Global Observatory on large scale land acquisitions.


The Land Matrix Global Observatory is a tool that promotes transparency in land transactions and supports open data and open source communities focused on land deals. Message in-a-Box. Toolkits and Guides. International Conflict Transformation, Resolution, Peacebuilding. 10 tactics. The Creativity Post. Imprimer la sonde «lunettes vérité» du MIT Boffin et pols.

High performance access to file storage A student at MIT’s Media Lab is developing a browser plug-in that can check the accuracy of information posted online, and may use it to monitor political speeches for untruths.

Imprimer la sonde «lunettes vérité» du MIT Boffin et pols

For his master’s thesis, Dan Schultz – who was recently named a 2011 Knight-Mozilla Fellow – came up with the idea for “truth goggles” while talking to a fact checker at Truthsquad, who was explaining that the principle problem with fact checking was getting people access to the skinny. Schultz then came up with the idea as a way to correct incorrect information, but more importantly to get people to think critically about what they are reading. “Even fact checkers aren’t perfect - who watches the fact checker, after all – and the problem will continue if people stop looking for the truth,” Schultz explained to The Register.

“This software puts the onus on users and makes it as easy as possible to find corroborating facts. Tools. offers a wide range of tools to help you find and share good journalism.


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