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Health Education | Illnesses, Diseases & Conditions. Gov of Canada diseases. HealthLink BC Health Topics A-Z. For Patients | Resources | The College of Family Physicians Canada. Advance Care Planning What Is Advance Care Planning? An ACP is simply a plan you make in advance, for your care at the end of your life. Advance care planning gives you time to consider and reflect on the kind of health and medical care you would consent to, or refuse, in a crisis. The best time to make an ACP is when you are younger and your health is still good. Anemia Anemia is a condition that affects your red blood cells. Asthma: Learning to control your symptoms. This information provides a general overview on this topic and may not apply to everyone.

Patient Education, Respiratory Disorders At my best. The rates of physical inactivity and obesity among Canadian children are alarming. Child & Adolescent Health Care, Patient Education Breast cancer - steps to finding breast lumps early. How can I find breast cancer early? Cancer, Women’s Health Breastfeeding and radiologic procedures Childhood vaccines - what they are and why your child needs them What is a vaccine? Immunization, Mental Health, MoodGYM Training Program_Depression. Home | Here to Help.