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Best practices for zoom classroom management. Upcoming Educational Webinars for Teachers. Webinars. Calendar of Events. The Worldwide Calendar of Events includes links to conferences and events related to the field of English language education.

Calendar of Events

Organizers are welcome to submit information about their conferences to be included in the list. The calendar is updated once a month. To receive the monthly TESOL Worldwide Calendar of Events by e-mail: Log into the web site Go to My Account at the top of the page. Select the tab for My Preferences. TESOL International Association provides the TESOL Conference Calendar as a service to TESOL members and the field. April 2019. American English Webinars. Upcoming ELT Events and Conferences. Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group. Together with IATEFL / LASIG, the Applied Linguistics-Didactics Section of the Dept. of Anglophone Studies at the University of Duisburg-Essen will host a one-day conference on autonomy in language learning.

Learner Autonomy Special Interest Group

Reforming the foreign language classroom – empowering students to take ownership 23 November 2018. Transformative Teachers Webinars. Literacy and English/Language Arts Webinars. Slow the Summer Reading Slide With School & Library Partnerships Content provided by OverDrive.

Literacy and English/Language Arts Webinars

This webinar took place on June 4, 2020 @ 2 p.m. ETView this on-demand webinar now. Download the PowerPoint presentation. When schools and libraries work together, it opens a whole new world of 24/7 reading opportunities for students, whether they’re at home or in the classroom. American English Webinars. TESOL Online Courses - Webinars. TESOL offers numerous virtual seminars and a growing number of online courses and workshops to help busy TESOL professionals develop leadership skills, improve core competencies, and stay abreast of the latest developments in the dynamic field of English language teaching and learning.

TESOL Online Courses - Webinars

4C in ELT TYSON SEBURN. Immersivities. Ever since Kamila tweeted about this activity, I’ve been wanting to collect activity ideas people share on Twitter because I find that liking or a retweeting stuff like this doesn’t always translate to revisiting or using it subsequently.


What I particularly love about these activities is their simplicity – the picture says it all! This revision activity always goes so well. Throw a paper ball, hit a square, complete task. #dogme#noprep#ELTwhiteboard— Kamila Linková (@kamilaofprague) January 8, 2018. IH Wellbeing Season. We are very pleased to bring all our academic staff a series of four Live Online Workshops (LOWs) this Spring around the topic of Wellbeing.

IH Wellbeing Season

The first in the series will be delivered by Phil Longwell, a functional skills English tutor and ESOL tutor. This will be followed by LOWs later in the month delivered by Sarah Mercer and Ushapa Fortescue. The workshops will be live but recordings will be made available afterwards. To receive information about the time of the sessions and how to access the workshops please sign up below and we will be in touch in March.

The Mental Health of Language Teachers - Phil Longwell (15.00 - 16.00 UK time, 7th March) Is it ever right to disclose a diagnosed mental health condition up front? Bio: Phil is currently a functional skills English tutor and ESOL teacher for Norfolk Community Learning Services. IH Wellbeing Season. Webinars presented by National Geographic Learning - NGL ELT. Download SlidesWatch Webinar Being aware of your impact on the environment, both locally and globally, is an important part of being a responsible global citizen.

Webinars presented by National Geographic Learning - NGL ELT

But for young learners growing up in a digitally-focused global society, the disconnect between their everyday lives and the natural world is greater than ever. Blended Learning: What Works! (Wednesday March 7, 2018 1:00PM EST) on @Webvent - Association for Talent Development. Jennifer Hofmann, a pioneer in the field of virtual classrooms, is the president of InSync Training, a consulting firm that specializes in the design and delivery of virtual and blended learning.

Blended Learning: What Works! (Wednesday March 7, 2018 1:00PM EST) on @Webvent - Association for Talent Development

Featured in Forbes’ Most Powerful Women issue (June 16, 2014) as a New England Women Business Leader, she has led InSync Training to the Inc. 5000 with recognition as the 10th Fastest Growing Education Company in the U.S. (2013). Hofmann is author of The Synchronous Trainer’s Survival Guide: Facilitating Successful Live and Online Courses, Meetings, and Events (Pfeiffer, 2003), Live and Online! Tips, Techniques, and Ready-To-Use Activities for the Virtual Classroom (Pfeiffer, 2004), and How to Design for the Live Online Classroom: Creating Great Interactive and Collaborative Training Using Web Conferencing (Brandon Hall, 2005).

Her most recent projects include a monthly Training magazine online series, Virtually There. Webinars. Video for your Business English Classes. Transformative Teachers Webinars. Event Registration. Content provided by: Young learners who struggle to read need more than books to achieve literacy.

Event Registration

They need teachers who know how to teach the foundational skills of reading and comprehension of academic language. When teachers understand the WHY behind the HOW of teaching reading, students make greater gains—and are on track for lifelong success. Join this webinar to learn how a Louisiana district achieved incredible K–3 literacy results and continues to make great strides in improving reading and literacy, intervening before students fall too far behind. Upcoming webinars for ELT educators. Here’s a round-up of webinars scheduled over the next two months.

Upcoming webinars for ELT educators

I’ve been told that I neglect webinars provided by North American platforms although I’ve always included ones from Tutela – I’m going to try to cast my net a bit more widely but do let me know if I’ve missed any. Academic skills. Webinars - Global TESOL Certificate ProgramProfessional Opportunities. TEFL & TESOL Teacher-Development Webinars, Seminars, Videos & Podcasts. Webinars. 4C in ELT TYSON SEBURN. Free Webinars – CELT Athens. ELTWebinars: Specials Promotions - Pearson ELT USA. Our 2016 Professional Development Webinar series was a huge success! More than 2,200 teachers attended from around the world. The series offered seven Webinars, presented by authors, series editors, and consultants. The Webinar topics ranged from academic skills for college transition and grammar practice techniques, to English for academic purposes, and the Global Scale of English.

TeachingEnglish. Cambridge English Teacher. Stop Complaining – Enjoy Teaching! ELTWebinars: Specials Promotions - Pearson ELT USA. Exploiting digital video for language development. Oxford University Press. Free online support for teachers. Skip to main content View related sites Change Language. Webinars. Please click on the link below or scroll down the page to the relevant section Coming next on the IATEFL monthly webinars: Download the poster to share with colleagues Future events: We are always adding extra webinars to our programme so please check back on a regular basis.