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English 4

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Apply online - IH Bristol Exam Centres. Exam English - Free Practice Tests for IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and the Cambridge ESOL exams (CPE, CAE, FCE, PET, KET) Have-English. First Certificate in English - FCE (Cambridge English: First): Practice Tests and Exercises from Flo-Joe. ENGLISH FLASH GAMES for Learning Vocabulary: Food Game. World English : test, learn and study the English language online. English Current : ESL Lesson Plans, Tests, & Ideas English Current.

Phonics Activities, Learn to Read, for Preschool, Kindergarten, First Grade, 2nd Grade. Podcasts in English. ►Go to travelogues Follow the pie team on their travels and learn English along the way ►Go to pie plus Our monthly magazine with news, videos, information worksheets and our monthly competition.

Podcasts in English

Take a look! ►Go to extras Extra worksheet activities to support the podcasts Podcasts in English are not just listening activities for efl and esl students to improve their conversation. From Our Partner Sites: Many thanks to partnersinrhyme for the jingle on our podcasts. Check out the following essay writing service - for professional assistance. Conversation cards. Are you finding these conversation cards useful?

Conversation cards

Our new book 50 Conversation Classes features 50 themed sets of conversation cards each set is accompanied by a sheet of vocabulary, grammar and idiom activities to help prepare the ground. Keep it in your bag and you’ll always have a back-up plan. Buy it now from Amazon, get it as an eBook or view some sample pages. Also available: the Kindle edition containing the 500 conversation questions featured in the print version of the booka web and Android app app – featuring randomised question cards from 50 categories. English Books Daily. English Language Proficiency Test, Advanced Level. Basic English expressions. In this section you will find our collection of easy-to-play card games created to make the learning process more fun.

Basic English expressions

Each package includes game accessories and instructions.Being a part of the Wordies in Space series, our games are designed for practising and revising the new language material presented on the Reader and Reference Cards.They are easy to teach, fun to play in pairs or small groups, and lots of them can be adapted to play with any vocabulary or sentence patterns, so you can use them independently, in any way feeting your needs, as well as change or invent game rules.

Enjoy! This is a game for 4 players adapted from the traditional game Go Fish! The object is to collect sets of four cards of the same rank, by asking other players for cards you think they may have. Whoever collects most sets wins. This game is a great way to practise language concepts with the whole class. This is a game for two or three. English listening exercises and printable listening worksheets for free, ESL listening activities for kids. Learn English for Free with elllo! Learn English through movies/videos. The English Learner Movie Guides. English Language (ESL) Learning Online - Technology and English Language Learners.

English Learning. Listen to English and learn English with podcasts in English. Free Online IELTS Listening Test. English listening exercises and printable worksheets for free. Study spoken English free online with native speakers.

LearnEnglishToday. ENGLISH FLASH GAMES for Learning Vocabulary. English grammar - relative clauses - defining - ESL activities. WELCOME ON THE ENGLISH PAGE. Discussion topics for English language learners. Scrambled SentencesJumbled-Sentence Exercises. Aardvark's English Forum: ESL, EFL, ELT, TESOL, TEFL, TESL. Absolutenglish. TIMSBOX_Learn English the fun way !-Free online ESL games-Primary Secondary.

B1 level English language practice tests. English language teaching resources – interactive ELT teaching resources. Kindergarten Phonic Sounds Game. Phonemic charts and SWFs. Learn English Pronunciation Online. Phonics. English Pronunciation. We use Cisco wireless in all our buildings for convenient and immediate online access.

English Pronunciation

You will need the following for the files below: English Pronunciation/Listening We use the popular Can8 VirtuaLab for all our digital language lab programs. Unit One: TH, as in THINK, BATHROOM, and TEETH. Watch this QuickTime movie on the word 'Thought' to see how to correctly make the 'TH' sound (894k). Unit Two: TH, as in THOSE, MOTHER and SOOTHE. Watch this QuickTime movie on the word 'Thy' to see how to correctly make the 'TH' sound (725k). Unit Three: L and R, as in COLLECT, CORRECT, LAMB, and RAM. Minimal Pairs (228k) In this exercise, you will hear pairs of words that are the same except for one sound.

Unit FOUR :i and I, as in SEEN and SIN. Minimal Pairs (228k) In this exercise, you will hear pairs of words that are the same except for one sound. Unit FIVE: s, sh, and ch. Minimal Pairs In this exercise, you will hear pairs of words that are the same except for one sound. Unit SEVEN Our Address at OUC: Practise Mock Phonics Screening Test for Year 1.

Present continuous v. present simple. The Flintstones: Verb Tense Review. 1-. 21- Present-simple-or-present-progressive. American English Pronunciation Practice (For ESL/EFL) Dl-finley-53-ways-to-check-understanding. Learning basic English Learn English lessons books exercise free. EnglishClub. Funny English. English language teaching. At Easter it’s our custom (more out of nostalgia than out of any sense of religiosity, it has to be said) to listen to the Lebanese singer Fayrouz singing traditional Easter songs from that region.

English language teaching

Here’s a taster: What language is she singing in, though? Reading the comments thread on the YouTube site is revealing: In a new book, Suresh Canagarajah (2013) reminds us that this blending, mixing and meshing of languages, rather than being the exception, is the norm. Quoting Pattanayak (1984), he cites the example of south Asia, to the effect that, ‘if one draws a straight line between Kashmir and Kanyakumari and marks, say, every five or ten miles, then one will find that there is no break in communication between any two consecutive points.’

Nor is this linguistic intermingling and hybridization a purely Asian or Middle Eastern phenomenon. It’s not just that languages vary from region to region; they vary from person to person – and even within one person. References: Labov, W. 1969. Free English Language lessons and EFL exam practice. Free Daily English Lessons! Learnenglish.britishcouncil.