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Bundled Q-Tip Autumn Tree – The Pinterested Parent. Here is a new twist on Q-tip painting with amazing results. This Q-tip fall tree painting is a great idea for toddler to adults. *This post contains affiliate links* I just can’t get enough of fall trees. I think it is the beautiful colors that draw me in and delight me. Autumn trees are one of my favorite painting subjects because of those gorgeous vibrant colors and because they are just plain fun to paint. While we love the paint brush, it is always fun to experiment with different tools & methods. Last night, we had an idea to make a Q-tip tree, but since the swabs are so small & it can sometimes get tedious for my little girl, I tried bundling them to cover more area.

What you will need: Canvas or Watercolor Paper Acrylic Paint Q-Tips Rubber Band Paint Brush Directions: I painted two canvases with a simple bare tree on them. I grabbed a handful of Q-tips & bundled them together with a rubber band. We squeezed acrylic paints in yellow, orange, red, brown, gold & green into an old paper bowl. Colorful Paper Plate Birds (And our favorite bird books!) Today I'm sharing another beautiful and easy paper plate craft.

These paper plate birds are simply gorgeous. They are also a great art and craft project to make with kids of all ages! Paper Plate Bird Craft This post contains affiliate links. Thank you for your support! I hosted a play date with 5 other children this past summer and wanted to give them a small art activity to do. That's when I came up with these paper plate birds! Everyone took home their birds. Let's Make some Paper Plate Birds! First, I folded a paper plate in half. Here's what the bird looked like when opened: To get these super vibrant colors, we used our favorite liquid watercolors. My husband saw how much fun we were having that he had to join in too! Our Favorite Kids Bird Picture Books And if you're looking for some great bird picture books to go along with this project, here are some that we've enjoyed reading! Let's keep in Contact! Scratch off magic paper art - My Mommy Style. Today for our Summer Learning Series we are so happy to have Natalie from Doodle Craft blog!

We love this easy and fun art project to make with kids of all ages! I know my kids would love this one! I am so excited to be sharing this fun learning craft with you today. Scratch-Off Magic Paper Art! This is a fantastic craft that can be done with school children of any age–even my teenagers loved it! My 12 year old daughter taught a Kids Craft Class to earn some summer camp money and this was one of her projects. It was fast and fun and everyone was successful! This craft is pretty basic and you may find you already have the supplies on hand!

You will need: White cardstock paper crayons black (or other dark color) paint dish soap foam paint brush toothpicks or paper clips Let’s begin. I cut my cardstock in half. It’s just easier for little hands to manage. Then have your child fill the paper with crayon. This works the best when the entire page is filled with thick, waxy crayon. Let them sit to dry. Beaded Wind Chime. A few days ago, I packed up the kids and we went raspberry picking. It was a very hot day that made us all sweaty. Once we got home, it was time for Little J to take a nap (to which he happily obliged after he consumed a pound of raspberries in the hot summer sun). Miss O and I just wanted to sit inside and enjoy the air conditioning. I love finding simple activities and crafts for kids using dollar store items to keep my kids occupied and away from technology. Today was no exception. This is a great craft for honing fine motor skills in young kids. What You’ll Need Plastic cupString or plastic lacing (5 x 6″ strands)Variety of beads – pony beads work best How-To Use a pointy object (such as the end of a pair of scissors or even a pen) to poke a small hole in the bottom of the cup and four evenly spaced holes about 1cm down from the edge of the cup.

Next, slide one end of each string through the four holes around the edge and knot them. Jellyfish (try with yarn) This jellyfish craft for kids was lots of fun for my preschooler to make. We used paperclips and disposable cups to create these cute and funky little jellyfish to hang outside. (We even added some small jingle bells so they’d be like wind chimes!) They’d make a perfect addition to an ocean theme or even just to do on a rainy day! Join the FREE Buggy and Buddy Mail List! I noticed Theo playing with my paperclip stash a few weeks ago. We decided that when we clipped a bunch of paperclips together they looked like legs or tentacles, so we decided to hang our connected paperclips from a plastic cup to make a jellyfish (or jellies as we call them since they are not actually fish).

Materials for Jellyfish Craft Paperclips in a variety of colorsPlastic cups (Like Solo cups)String or plastic cord for hangingSmall screwdriver (or other tool to poke holes)Google eyesOptional: Jingle bells Directions for Jellyfish Craft 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.