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Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski, lampwork, glass, jewelry, pearls. Twisted Bracelet. If you have admired those seed bead twisty bracelets and necklaces, but didn't know how to get the twisted effect, then today is your day.

Twisted Bracelet

I started with 4 strings of beads. I used a crimping bead and fed all four strings through, and then crimped. I did this at both ends so that the beads wouldn't come flying off. People who follow me on Facebook know that I did this precaution after those beads came off several times. Eventually, I learn. :) Beaded Jewelry Making. Beading Tutorial: Seed Bead Netting Stitch. Flat netting is one of my favorite beading techniques.

Beading Tutorial: Seed Bead Netting Stitch

It’s fun and easy, and totally versatile, although not in quite the same way as other flat stitches. Netting can only be stitched and used in so many ways, but the combinations of bead types and quantities create endless possibilities. Netting is an expanded variation of peyote stitch. Beading Tutorials. Want to learn the art of off-loom beadwork, or master your new beading skills?

Beading Tutorials

You can find free, basic Beading Tutorials here on Inspirational Beading every month. You can also try the Bead Spotlight segment for some recommended projects using the bead of the month, and Wear It Twice for projects inspired by the necklace of the month. For information on copyrights and how tutorials can be used, please see the About page. Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski, lampwork, glass, jewelry, pearls. Step 1 String a bead or beads on the head pin.

Fusion Beads, bead, beading, sterling, seed beads, charm, swarovski, lampwork, glass, jewelry, pearls

Remember to have at least an inch of wire above the last bead. Step 2 Using the tips of your chain nose pliers, grab the wire directly above the beads. Step 3 With your finger, push the wire to a 90° angle. Step 4. Simple Loop aka Unwrapped Wire Loop. This wire method is sometimes called a simple loop or an unwrapped loop.

Simple Loop aka Unwrapped Wire Loop

Basically, what you are trying to do is create a round loop with either wire or a head pin (as illustrated in the picture above). Then you can connect this loop to other loops and items such as links of chain or ear hooks. Once you get the hang of this technique you can use it to help make earrings, dangles, pendants, Y necklaces, and many more jewelry projects.

When I teach jewelry making classes, I often find that the most difficult part of any project we make seems to be when my students use round-nose pliers to make the eye on a piece of wire or head pin. This seems to give people the most trouble. Beading for Beginners, Beading Techniques for Making Beaded Jewelry! Headpin loop. Making a loop on a headpin or 'headpin loop' is probably one of the techniques you will use most for making earrings and necklaces.

headpin loop

Headpins are sold in different lengths. The most common length to use is 2”(5cm). Some projects though require longer headpins. What you need: headpinsbeads of your choiceflat or chain nose pliersround nose plierswire or side cutterssafety glasses (optional) If you are using this technique to make earrings, make both earrings step-by-step together to ensure they are the same length. Step 1: Slide the beads onto your headpin in the desired order. Step 2: Beginner Bead Stringing Resources and Free Projects. Free Project: Woodsy.

"A wise old owl sat on an oak The more he saw the less he spoke The less he spoke the more he heard Why aren't we like that wise old bird?

Free Project: Woodsy

" Owls are associated with wisdom. They can see things that others can't. I am not a big fan of Facebook, as I would rather spend my time blogging, and Twitter is just way too brief for me (please, I say 140 characters before I even get out of bed in the morning!). This necklace features one of the first wise old owls that I made in my 'simple truths' like back in January 2011. Supplies: Bracciale Terra. Non faccio molti bracciali.

Bracciale Terra

E dire che sono stati la mia grande passione, negli anni del liceo ne portavo tanti e li ho sempre amati. Ma farli per altri è decisamente più difficile che farli per se stessi. Innanzi tutto è una questione di misure: non tutti i polsi sono uguali e bisogna adattare il bracciale al polso perchè sia portabile. Ma negli ultimi tempi mi sono sfogata creando bracciali a partire da bellissime perline sfaccettate di pietre dure che mi hanno proprio ispirata. Le ho montate attorno ad un segno forte, perchè mi piace l'idea che la pietra comunichi col metallo, che si instauri un gioco di vuoti e pieni: Questo elemento a S viene di solito utilizzato per fare le chiusure. Inside Stitch: The Official Vera Bradley Blog. If you’re patient and willing to invest a little bit of time in this D.I.Y., we promise, it will pay off.

Inside Stitch: The Official Vera Bradley Blog

We’re sharing steps for crafting colorful jewelry beads using the Ugandan method of rolling paper scraps (we used a 2012 On Top of Things Desktop Calendar). Basic Jewelry Instructions - Jan's Jewelry Supplies. Making Simple Loops It is easy to make simple loops with head pins or eye pins.

Basic Jewelry Instructions - Jan's Jewelry Supplies

Use your flat nose pliers to bend the wire at a right angle. Bend the wire down as close to the beads as possible. Cut the wire between 1/8" and 1/4" from the beads. This is a matter of preference. Grasp the very end of the wire with your round nose pliers. Roll the wire around the tip of the pliers forming a complete circle centered over the beads.