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Endpoints - NEM Developer Center. REST Gateway — NEM Developer Center. To get live updates when an event occurs on the blockchain, Catapult REST publishes WebSockets.

REST Gateway — NEM Developer Center

Client applications can open a WebSocket connection and get a unique identifier. With this identifier, applications qualify to subscribe to the available channels instead of constantly polling the API for updates. When an event occurs in a channel, the REST Gateway sends a notification to every subscribed client in real-time. WebSocket URIs share the same host and port as the HTTP requests URIs, but use the protocol: Channels block The block channel notifies for every subscribed client every time there is a new harvested block. Request body Response format BlockInfoDTO. Leading Japanese VCs, Nippon Technology Venture Partners, FISCO Capitals, and ABBALab Inc all to invest in COMSA ICO tokens and XEM - NEM News Website. From COMSA Raises $9 Million in Venture Capital Funds For Upcoming Token Crowdsale.

Leading Japanese VCs, Nippon Technology Venture Partners, FISCO Capitals, and ABBALab Inc all to invest in COMSA ICO tokens and XEM - NEM News Website

TOKYO – August 10, 2017 – Tech Bureau, a fintech and cryptocurrency solutions company, announced that leading Japanese VCs vow over $9 million investment in COMSA’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO). COMSA, a complete Initial Coin Offering (ICO) fundraising and cross-chaining platform built on the NEM blockchain protocol, is meant to streamline cryptocurrency funding and cross-chain transactions. COMSA aims to address current uncertainties held by the ICO process. By working as a full-fledged ICO fundraising service, COMSA will exercise a completely streamlined process of token offering, sale and distribution, and subsequently listing on an exchange on one efficient platform. “The participation of not one but three VCs is testimony of their trust in the acceptance and viability in raising capital using cryptocurrencies.

Token Crowdsale is on track to account for more funding than venture capital. La fiebre Ethereum se desata: las ICO son la moda en el mundo de la inversión tecnológica. El segmento de las criptomonedas está en plena ebullición en un 2017 en el que parece que bitcoin parece perder terreno frente a Ethereum.

La fiebre Ethereum se desata: las ICO son la moda en el mundo de la inversión tecnológica

La nueva plataforma que da nombre a la moneda virtual ether cobra cada vez más interés, pero lo hace por otro fenómeno llamado ICO. Las Initial Coin Offering (ICO) se han convertido en una de las formas más interesantes de atraer rondas de inversión millonarias para todo tipo de proyectos. La última de ellas, creada por la aplicación de mensajería móvil Status, ha logrado recaudar 270 millones de dólares en menos de tres horas. Ethereum promete, pero nadie sabe cuánto Esta aplicación de mensajería y de navegación web está en fase alfa, algo sorprendente teniendo en cuenta que las rondas de financiación de proyectos como este suelen confiar en productos y servicios más maduros o que ofrecen más garantías en mercados tan competitivos como el de la mensajería móvil. Un fenómeno con demasiadas incógnitas. Setting up your workstation — NEM Developer Center. This first guide will walk you through a step-by-step installation of the required tools to start developing on NEM.

Setting up your workstation — NEM Developer Center

Note ⚠️ NEM’s next core engine, code-named Catapult, is under development. This bootstrap setup is for learning and development purposes, and it should not power any production Catapult instances. Getting a test account An account is a key pair (private and public key) associated to a mutable state stored in the NEM blockchain. The public key is cryptographically derived from the private key. Finally, the account address is generated with the public key, following the NEM blockchain protocol. Home — NEM Developer Center. NEM Development 101 (episode 02 - idea intellij + nem.core = vanity gen) - Guides - NEM Forum.

If you’ve read the first episode, you should be able to compile nem.core, now it’s time for something bit more interesting.

NEM Development 101 (episode 02 - idea intellij + nem.core = vanity gen) - Guides - NEM Forum

We’re gonna install idea, and create a very primitive project in it. Download and install idea. Installation is straightforward, next, next, next. On first start idea will ask few questions, but you can quickly skip over them. I personally prefer dark theme, so screenshots will use dark theme. We’re gonna create a “New Project”, and to make things easier, and since we’ve used maven in previous episode, it’s gonna be a maven project to make things easier and quicker. Initially the list of SDKs will be empty, so we’ll need to add new SDK. We’ll need to set a few more things, we’ll give our project a “group id” org.nem.samples, and the “artifact id” episode02. We’ll name it KeyGenerator and place it in the projects dir from the previous episode. This is more or less how the idea should look like after finishing If IDEA will ask about MAVEN changes, select “Import”. NEM Documentation.

NEM Developer Kit for Node.js and the browser This SDK is just a "draft" for now, lot of things will change as development and feedback goes, but it is enough to start developing great applications.

NEM Documentation

Nano Wallet will integrate this library instead of everything being merged in the same project. So we have a real separation between core and client. Features: Easy integrationOrganised in namespacesCreate wallets compatible with Nano Wallet clientSimple transactionsMosaic transactionsEncrypted, unencrypted and hex messagingCreate and audit ApostillesCreate and verify signaturesHelpers and formatting functions22 NIS API requests with promisesWebsockets for real time blockchain dataCommented code and examplesBrowser examples ready to use out of the box Packages:

Introduction to Blockchains, NEM, and 2.0 Features. Polski Cryptocurrency is just a little too complicated for the average person.

Introduction to Blockchains, NEM, and 2.0 Features.

So let’s take a moment to discuss some beginning concepts about NEM. First, we will start off by explaining what a ‘Blockchain’ is. Then go on to explain ‘Harvesting’ and the idea behind the ‘Proof of Importance’ algorithm. Lastly, we are hoping to shed some light on some of the interesting and innovative features that we have on our Blockchain platform. Home - NEM Library. How to start a NEM Project – Aleix Morgadas. Twitter “In open source, we feel strongly that to really do something well, you have to get a lot of people involved.” — Linus Torvalds I would like to share a simple guide for the NEM newcomers that want to create a open source project using NEM.

How to start a NEM Project – Aleix Morgadas

If it is the first time you read about NEM, I recommend you check the beginners guide to NEM. Before start a new project, I strongly recommend you to check the current projects available that you could contribute to (end of the article). Start a new project is not easy, and it requires tons of time. The guide focuses on open source projects, the reason is that, in order to have more and better products, we need to share our knowledge with each other to do not repeat the same mistakes. Quoting what Eric S. “If you treat your beta-testers as if they’re your most valuable resource, they will respond by becoming your most valuable resource.” — Eric S. The main goal of create a project, is solve someone else’s problem. Listen the community. General Information. NEM NodeExplorer. NEM – Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain)

Fotos - NEM Blockchain Colombia (Bogotá) NEM Blockchain Explorer v3. NEM techRef. Coinmarketcap.