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La vie romanesque de Dostoievski 1550881. L-INTEGRALE-Sportives-1426879. L-INTEGRALE-La-bataille-de-Marignan-et-Francois-1er-1426237-ads151736-186383. L-INTEGRALE-Henry-Kissinger-1425639. L-INTEGRALE-Catherine-II-1425001-ads151736-186383. Le-Grand-Portrait-de-Theodora-imperatrice-de-Byzance-1424215. L-INTEGRALE-Le-roi-tue-par-un-cochon-1423809. L-INTEGRALE-L-histoire-de-l-ecole-1423219.

Franck-Ferrand-a-Versailles-les-coulisses-1422645-ads151736-186383. L-INTEGRALE-300eme-anniversaire-de-la-mort-de-Louis-XIV-1421967. L-INTEGRALE-Louis-XIV-mythes-et-realites-1421405. L-INTEGRALE-La-Quintinie-et-les-potagers-1420517-ads151736-186383. L-INTEGRALE-La-mort-de-Victor-Hugo-1420087-ads151736-186383. L-INTEGRALE-Magellan-et-autres-marins-1419655.

L-INTEGRALE-L-Insurrection-de-Varsovie-1419209. L-INTEGRALE-La-Saint-Barthelemy-1418693. 10 ways to optimize your feed for feedly. We want to make feedly a great tool for publishers, bloggers, and videographers to nurture and thrill their most loyal readers.

10 ways to optimize your feed for feedly

Here are 10 tips on how to optimize your RSS or ATOM feed for the feedly open platform. 01 Feed metadata used for discovery Feedly users are constantly searching for new sites and blogs to add to their feedlys. To optimize the discovery experience, we have created a set of RSS and Atom discovery extensions that allow publisher to deliver a richer discovery experience in feedly. These extensions allow content creators control the cover image, icon, title and description that are used to present feeds when users search for new sources. Milestone: 50,000 feedly pro users. Thank you! This week, the feedly Pro community grew to 50,000 users.

Milestone: 50,000 feedly pro users. Thank you!

Here are some of the short term projects which are going to benefit from this funding: 1. We are going to continue to invest in the feedly Cloud so that the service remains reliable and fast despite the growing number of users and the growing number of stories we deliver each day. 2.