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50 Ways to Get More People to Like your Facebook Page. Social Commerce for SMBs: Facebook Stores, Promotions, Deals, Flash Sales, Coupons, Gift Cards, Welcome Tabs, Like Gates, Landing Pages. Easy scheduling. Profile Pic Maker. Invite all facebook friends.

How to set up a poll on a Facebook Fan Page and get people to vote! - Help File - Schipul - The Web Marketing Company. A Note on Facebook Applications for Fan Pages Fan Pages may look a lot like personal profiles, but they don't behave exactly the same way.

How to set up a poll on a Facebook Fan Page and get people to vote! - Help File - Schipul - The Web Marketing Company

And because Facebook Applications were dreamed up before Facebook Fan Pages, not all applications will integrate with Fan Pages as easily as they do with personal pages (often they won't integrate at all). If you find an application that you would like to add to your Fan Page it must have the blue button that says "Add to Page. " Note: You must add the application to your personal profile before you can manipulate it on your Fan Page. First things first - add the Poll application First: Install the polling Application called "Poll" on the Facebook Fan Page so you can create polls for fans to vote on! How to create a poll Go to the link above (or click a shortcut in the applications list on the bottom left of your Facebook page). Choose where you want the poll to live. Enter the question, and any answer choices *separated by spaces*. Click "Submit. " Software for Facebook Page Management: Sprout Social. Have you found the right Facebook page management software?

Software for Facebook Page Management: Sprout Social

I’ve put together a series of posts with the pros and cons of today’s best Facebook page management tools. Today, I am taking a look at Sprout Social. Others under review are Social Oomph, HootSuite and TweetDeck. Sprout Social Software for Facebook Page Management Sprout Social is a social media management tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Small Biz, 20 Profiles, $39 per month 360° Social Media ManagementPublish & Schedule MessagesRobust Reports & AnalyticsComplete Brand MonitoringAudience Targeting ToolsCheck-in & Loyalty MonitoringContact Management. - Free Fans for your Facebook Page. Likify - Generate Facebook likes using QR codes.

Facebook Select All Friends Script - 2011 Code. Here is a bullet proof method to Select All of your friends or fans inside Facebook.

Facebook Select All Friends Script - 2011 Code

This is especially useful for inviting friends and fans to events within Facebook. This code does not rely on some sort of javascript, it uses a Macro which clicks on the check boxes just like a human would. Meaning this works in the current Facebook in 2011. All the other scripts no longer work. Here’s how to use it: Install iMacro in Firefox.Open Facebook in firefox, and go to either your event, or your like page and click invite all guests/friends.Scroll to the bottom of your friends list so that all your friends have loaded in the little window.Go to the iMacro icon on the top of the tool bar near refresh.Click on the record tab in iMacro. You can download the Select All Robot here. The 7 Biggest Fan Page Marketing Mistakes. After working with many companies on Facebook marketing, teaching many students, and speaking with many audiences, I’ve discovered some common mistakes that hold companies back from getting results.

The 7 Biggest Fan Page Marketing Mistakes

If you want to get better Facebook fan page marketing results, check this list and find out whether you’re making any of these mistakes. Fan Page Mistake #1: Assuming People Go To Your Fan Page (Versus Seeing Your Posts In Their News Feed) Most people, if they ever go to a fan page, only go there once. Some highly interactive pages get more visitors, and you can bring fans back to the page or to specific tabs with posts or ads, but usually fans see your page’s posts via their news feed.

One of the biggest surprises to me, in teaching Facebook marketing to many audiences, was that most business owners don’t understand how people use Facebook: This is also a good reason to look at Facebook Groups, because every time any Group member posts or comments, everyone gets a notification. How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 Days. When we took over the Facebook Fan page for Weekly World News , they had 3,244 fans. 4 days later, we had 40,310 fans– 10 times larger.

How We Got To 40,310 Facebook Fans In 4 Days

We’re going explain exactly how we did it in this exclusive article for In the coming days, we’ll demonstrate how fans translate into trackable revenue, how to perform analytics, integrating social widgets (Open Graph Protocol) with your site, and other aspects of effective Facebook marketing. But today we’re looking only at growing your fan base quickly. A few weeks ago, Facebook made some massive changes– more of your personal data as publicly available, you could like something from a website (as opposed to only from Facebook), community pages launched to challenge Wikipedia, and so forth. But the biggest change in our mind was that “become a fan ” was changed to just “like”.