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EFT Procrastination and Self Sabotage. Top 3 Reasons We Hold Ourselves Back!

EFT Procrastination and Self Sabotage

Check Out this Helpful ‘A, B, C’ List... GO TO: EFT INDEX (A to Z EFT Topics) An EFT procrastination and/or self-sabotage tapping approach can be extremely effective however, it isn’t very effective to tap on these things directly. Doing this would be much too general or global and the results would be poor. Things could even get worse, because trying to directly tap on these types of negative behaviours will usually backfire! Results can be dramatically improved by doing a little detective work first - And, when we consider the behavior i.e. the procrastinating and/or self sabotage as a symptom or message, we can then discover and tap on the root cause or core issue that is driving the problem in the first place. A, B, C: We Procrastinate and/or Self Sabotage When; - We are missing something A) Absence - We have mental, emotional or physical blocks or barriers B) Blocks - We're disconnected from inner wisdom C) Clarity or Guidance Want to Learn More?

EFT Tap and Breathe Technique. This EFT Breathing tap-a-long guide assumes that you know the basics of EFT Tapping -- If not, click here: EFT Tap and Breathe Technique When we're emotionally 'down', feeling anxious or stressed... we usually don’t have a lot of time or energy to do EFT tapping.

EFT Tap and Breathe Technique

This is when we need an 'easy-to-do' technique that does not take a lot of focus or effort! Here's a simple EFT breathing method I developed. It can really help out when we're quite simply, tapped out! I use this method myself when I am short on time, short on patience and/or unable to focus on more complex forms of energy tapping / EFT. Give it a go in the washroom or a parked car and especially before entering a potentially stressful situation. Tapping and breathing can also help create a calm, focus so we can do some regular EFT tapping. Read through this method a few times first while you follow along. “Did you know that tapping on energy meridians actually releases endorphins and raises serotonin levels in the body? " P.S. (12) EFT 'Tap & Fork' or 'Tapping & Forking' Method a.k.a TAPPING UP THE EMOTIONAL SCALE.

Free EFT Negative Thinking Script - Tap Away Negative Thinking! One of the most powerful abilities we have as human beings, is to decide where to put our focus and attention so we can positively effect our emotional well being.

Free EFT Negative Thinking Script - Tap Away Negative Thinking!

Tapping along with this example can help you shift from a 'doom and gloom' or ‘glass half empty’ type into someone who sees the positive potential in situations and other people. As we think more positively and focus on the brighter side of things, our emotional state is sure to improve! NOTE: Use this script as written, or make up your own EFT ‘truth’, setup and sequence statements to better suit your situation. Truth Statement Get a 0 - 10 'truth level' on this statement: "I will always be a negative person", with 0 = not true at all and 10 = very true.

Round 1: The Problem EFT Setup Statements KC - Even though I am a negative person... KC - Even though I focus on what won't work... KC - Even though being this way is just who I am... EFT Sequence TH - I've been full of doubt and negativity UN - Why should I even try to be positive? EFT Relationship Fear - Run Away or Emotional Abuse. QUESTION: I have a history of being in relationships where I was treated in a disrespectful and demeaning manner.

EFT Relationship Fear - Run Away or Emotional Abuse

The tapping I’ve done has shifted a few things however, for the most part, I am still either running away from potential partners or I get involved with emotionally abusive men. I feel I am not getting to the real underlying cause of this unhealthy behavior. How do I do the EFT tapping to help me end this relationship fear issue?

I’d really love to get on with this area of my life! Thank you :) ANSWER: Sounds like your subconscious mind is taking over and causing you to get into relationships with partners who demean you. Even though you've had recent experiences with unhealthy relationships... patterns such as these are usually formed in early childhood years - 0 to 7 and most likely before you were 4 or 5 years old. We are so easily influenced as children, like little sponges. Tap in detail about how you felt, what you thought, what happened and what they did to you. P.S. Tell A Story or Write a Letter Method. This article assumes that you know the basics of EFT Tapping -- If not, click here: GO TO: EFT INDEX (A to Z EFT Topics) EFT founder, Gary Craig says that there are only two things we need to do in order to resolve an issue with EFT Tapping; 1) Tune into the problem or issue 2) Stimulate the energy system Gary is right about this.

Tell A Story or Write a Letter Method

Stimulating the energy system is easy! Gary teaches and even preaches, that the best ways to tune into our problem is to get as specific as possible. Example; We are very self critical, critical of others and often feel criticized by family members and friends. "... by discovering specific childhood events or memories that align with this criticism theme, we've found a great way to tune into our issue!

" Gary Craig came up with a wonderful tapping method to help us tune in. With some practice and perseverance, we can eventually get the hang of the Movie Technique. Here is a great alternative to the Movie Technique... the EFT Tell a Story or Write a Letter Method. Free Scripts, Audios and Articles. Tapping for Self Confidence. Here at the EFT Self Esteem and Self Confidence Help Center, I begin with a quote from Gay Hendricks.

Tapping for Self Confidence

Gay is a world renowned teacher, speaker and author. His brilliant statement is the featured 'wise quote' for my EFT Wisdom Tip # 89. In this tip I outline an effective EFT tapping approach that will help to boost self worth and improve self image. Quite a few Wisdom Tip recipients have written to me saying that this was a very valuable tip, so I thought I'd share it with you here! Blessings, Karen P.S. Karen's EFT Wisdom Tip #89 “Definition of Self Esteem: The act of discovering who you really are, and expressing it to the world!” ~ Gay Hendricks - Author and Speaker If, for whatever reason, one or both of our parents or our primary caretakers (older siblings, grandparents, babysitters etc.) did not consistently validate, appreciate and acknowledge us as a child, there is a good chance that we grew up to be someone who has low self confidence and a negative self image. Karen Recommends... EFT Global Tapping Technique. A Highly Effective EFT Global Tapping Technique!

EFT Global Tapping Technique

GO TO: EFT Techniques Help Center Techniques such as this one, called the EFT Clean Sweep, are considered by the tapping community to be ‘global’ or general. These EFT Global tapping techniques are usually not used to help resolve a specific problem or issue, because the approach is too general. However, they are extremely helpful in many other ways - you can find out by reading on! First, this technique is effective for soothing or calming energetic static (i.e. stress, worry, frustration, overwhelm etc.) that usually goes hand in hand with any issue or problem - And a wonderful bonus, is that it’s a super tool for discovering hidden memories and forgotten past events, especially ones from our childhood and teenage years.

"Gary Craig says, effectively tapping on specific negative events from our past, is where the EFT Pot of Gold is. " Then, we take the Clean Sweep broom and reach way... under the bed. When to Use the Clean Sweep Technique. Free EFT Positive Outlook Script. Maintain a Positive Attitude about the Future with EFT When it comes to thinking about the future (especially during these times of uncertainty) it's challenging to maintain a positive attitude and a hopeful outlook.

Free EFT Positive Outlook Script

T.V., radio, magazines and newspapers do a wonderful job at boosting negativity by featuring bad news. The media is well practiced at drawing us into the fear drama. This makes staying positive, an even more difficult task! Percentage wise, there is a lot more positive news in the world -- But the uplifting topics and stories do not make as much in advertising dollars. Also, many of us come from a long line of 'doom and gloom' types. We've inherited the habit of dwelling on the bad stuff. Fretting, worrying and having anxiety directly impacts our stress levels. The good news is, instead of getting lost in negative and stressful thoughts and emotions, we can tine in and become more aware. IMPORTANT: This EFT script assumes that you know the basics of EFT. Truth Statement.

Tapping Points Using EFT Short Cut. GO TO: 'NEW TO EFT' Main Here's how to do EFT tapping with the EFT 'shortcut' method or technique.

Tapping Points Using EFT Short Cut

This tapping example uses the emotion of frustration. The short cut technique is a simple and fast way how to tap and it is the most widely used method. Just follow the 5 easy steps below. IMPORTANT: This is only the 'bare bones' basics of EFT, using the shortcut tapping method. You will receive great benefit by subscribing to the FREE EFT 'scripts, tips and tools'. STEP 1 - Get Connected! Focus on the frustration you have around this situation, event or person. STEP 2 - Get the 'STARTING INTENSITY' (0 - 10 scale) Example: On a scale of 0 - 10, I feel a frustration level of 8. ('10' is feeling extremely frustrated and '0' no frustration at all) Check with your ‘gut feeling’ not what’s in your head.

STEP 3 - Say the ‘SET-UP’ statement (you'll learn it next) 3 times while you continually tap on the karate chop point KC (1). STEP 5 - Note of your 'ENDING INTENSITY' (0-10 scale) Helpful Tips: EFT For Cravings and Emotional Eating. It is reported by the EFT community at large, that there is an 80% + success rate using EFT for cravings, emotional eating and comfort eating.

EFT For Cravings and Emotional Eating

I have used this method many times to tap away nagging food or beverage cravings with EFT. Cravings for snacks, sugary treats, sweet beverages or carbs can be frustrating, distracting, lead to weight gain and cause illness. It is a wonderful feeling to watch a T.V program after dinner knowing there is a rich, yummy chocolate cake in kitchen... and not care ONE BIT! :) Note: This EFT for cravings script is NOT meant to be used to reduce legitimate food cravings i.e. real hunger pangs. Before tapping on cravings, we need to make sure we are properly nourished and hydrated. If we are not eating healthfully or keeping our self properly hydrated, then there are likely to be other issues i.e. stress, depression or anxiety that we need to use EFT tapping techniques on before attempting to tap away cravings.

EFT founder, Gary Craig says... 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. #1 EFT Anxiety Tapping Mistake: How to Avoid. We all experience some anxiety from time to time, but for most, it is not severe and considered to be an actual disorder. This more common form is fairly easy to soothe and calm using a variety of self help methods, including basic EFT tapping i.e. the EFT Basic Recipe. However, when using the Emotional Freedom Techniques or EFT for an anxiety disorder i.e. PTSD, panic disorder, social phobias, generalized and OCD, the #1 critical tapping mistake is... trying to tap it away! This may not make a lot of sense right now, but when we try to banish or rid our self of this type of problem with tapping, results can be poor, short lived and things can even get worse! Anxious feelings that are more serious in nature need to be handled differently when it comes to applying the EFT Tapping Technique. So... We can greatly improve our success rate, by doing some investigation and question asking first.

Before proceeding with these questions, take a moment to center yourself and focus inward. EFT Personal Peace Procedure: EFT Not Working. GO TO: 1) Top 5 Articles 2) EFT Troubleshooting Help Center QUESTION: I made my list of negative events and things that I wished never happened (114 items in all, I was VERY surprised!).

I tapped through every item on the list. I thought I was clearing a lot of ''stuff' because at the time, and for a few days after... I felt great emotional relief! As I worked through the process I got quite a few of the past negative events that rated 8's and 9's down to 0's, 1's and 2's on the 0 - 10 SUDS scale for emotional intensity. Now... I’m confused and I’m beginning to think the Emotional Freedom Tapping does not work but, I know this can’t be true, because I’ve talked to others who’ve had great success with EFT. ANSWER: When doing this process or any of the other of the EFT techniques, sets backs can and do happen, when we expect too much, too fast from the EFT tapping.

EFT is a powerful tool but it's not a magic wand. EFT founder, Gary Craig talks about a table top and table legs analogy. Free EFT Negative Thinking Script - Tap Away Negative Thinking! Tapping EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques EFTzone. One of the values of EFT and tapping is that it often “bubbles up” issues at a subconscious level so we can release them. In his book, The Secret of Perfect Living, James T. Mangan, said that to achieve the ultimate in personal joy the key is to bring your conscious and subconscious selves together and hold them together for every second of your entire life.

He developed his own way of tapping into the subconscious mind with what he called, “Switchwords,” which are single word affirmations. Here’s how it happened. “At the instant of noon, Sunday, March 10, 1951, a word fell out of the sky and into my arms. Over a period of at least ten years, he developed and experimented with with different Switchwords. Here’s how I suggest using Switchwords with EFT: Allow 5 to 10 minutes every day to do this.Each day, pick an intention and its corresponding Switchword. To learn more about Switchwords, read James Mangan’s book, The Secret of Perfect Living.

Lastly, I’ve got a proposition for you. Tapintoeft-com-relief-vs-resolve-tapping. More about AudioAcrobat AudioAcrobat is a super easy-to-use service that lets you create, store and share your audio and video clips online, in that “cloud” thing people are talking about. You can create audios and videos about any part of your life: yourself, your business, your family, your faith. Really, anything. It’s very easy to do. First we’ve got to get your content. Before you can bat an eye, we’ve already meticulously optimized your files for fast and easy delivery by generating handy links, code and phone numbers. Then YOU choose how and where you’d like to share your content.

Send it in an email, publish to your blog or website, share on facebook or twitter and even add a phone number for people to listen. We believe that our service is SO easy to use, you’ll be hooked WAY BEFORE THE END of your Free Trial. Have questions? Here are several possible reasons why you're seeing this message: The link sent via email is broken. Solution(s): Like what you see? EFT Cravings - EFT Binge Eating Help Center. A great place to find important clues is right when we have the urge to snack or binge. Are we feeling lonely, stressed, fearful, depressed, sad, guilty, anxious, worried or rejected?

Stressful or negative emotions can trigger excessive snacking and binging, that's why it’s called emotional eating! When we tap on and successfully shift or transform the emotional cause, the urge to eat when we are not hungry will go away because we've calmed our self emotionally and we no longer require the food to sooth us -- for sure, a more resourceful and much healthier solution! So, put on your Sherlock Holmes detective hat and learn to discover and tap on the cause, the underlying negative emotion… instead of the symptom, the craving itself. Once we learn to manage our cravings more effectively, weight loss success is totally within our reach! How to Tap for Cravings: Beyond the EFT Basic Recipe a) "WAIT... 1 - Take notice when you are just about to snack or partake in binge eating.

In Summary P.S. EFT Personal Peace Procedure: EFT Not Working. EFT Emotional Guidance Scale. Resistance to Change. EFT Points, Emotions and Switchwords. EFT Love - Free EFT Self Love 'tap-a-long' Script. EFT Weight Loss - EFT for Weight Loss - Special EFT Weight Loss Video. EFT Guilt Script - Stop Feeling Guilty.