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Le Foodblog de Chihiro. A VOS BAGUETTES! Cahier de Cuisine : livre de recettes, recettes de cuisine économiques. Cookingwithdog's Channel. How to Make Gunkanmaki 軍艦巻きの作り方 字幕表示可 材料(日本語)↓ (serves 2)- Sushi Rice (18 pieces) -330g Fresh Steamed Rice (11.6 oz)1⅔ tbsp Rice Vinegar½~1 tbsp Sugar½ tsp Salt Ikura Shoyuzuke - salmon roe marinated with soy sauce based seasoningSquid sliced into thin noodle-like strips and CucumberCorn seasoned with mayonnaise, salt and pepperFresh Salmon and AvocadoFresh Tuna and Spring Onion LeavesToasted Nori SeaweedWasabi3 Shiso Leaves You might also enjoy ...Pork Cream.

cookingwithdog's Channel

Cuisine-japonaise. Tabimobi | à la cuisine de Shoko * cook + travelCuisine vegetarienne et recettes indiennes video.