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Cate's World Kitchen Cate's World Kitchen Basically, my sister’s idea to run a marathon with our dad on Fathers Day was the best ever. It sort of didn’t feel like the best idea ever when the alarm went off at 3:45 (I slept horribly the night before the race) or while we were standing in the dark, chilly morning on the Embarcadero, but once the race got started, it was awesome. I decided to try a new fueling plan after my horrific bonk at Wildflower. I had four vanilla Hammer Gels with me and planned to take them at miles 5, 10, 15, and 20.
The Comfort of Cooking The Comfort of Cooking My motto in the spring and summer is “easy does it.” The holidays and months surrounding them can be such a blur that, come spring, I just wanna let my hair down. And in every sense of the phrase, I do! Never has my easy livin’ philosophy applied more than it does this year, as we’re preparing to welcome our first baby. I’m taking it easy in every way I can… especially when it comes to dinners and desserts! This strawberry tart is a perfect example of simplicity at its best.
Sugar-Free Mom Naturally Sweetened Fabulous Meals for a Healthier You! Sugar-Free Homemade Nutella {Dairy Free & Low Carb} Homemade Nutella that's actually healthy, sugar-free, dairy free, low carb and made with only 5 ingredients! Most everyone knows what Nutella … [Continue Reading] Sugar-Free Mom | Naturally Sweetened Recipes for a Healthier You! Sugar-Free Mom | Naturally Sweetened Recipes for a Healthier You!
I've sat here moping about for the last year+ wishing for a money tree to fund the blog of my dreams. I've contacted designers, and researched templates.I've a wish list a mile-long of things the real Shef Shanan site would feature. I didn't want to encourage visitors to the site until I had this dream site up and running. First impressions last. So until I could put my best foot forward, I didn't want to increase my viewership on a site screaming mediocrity. Shef Shanan Shef Shanan
At the end of March I had the pleasure of being flown out to Ventura California to tour a strawberry field by the California Strawberries to learn more about California strawberries! Strawberries are one of my favourite foods so it was a thrill to be able to visit a strawberry farm! Although strawberries are grown year round in California I tend to see them as one of the first signs of spring and they are at their peak during spring. Given that it was still snowing here in Toronto the day before I left, I was pleased to see a warm sunny day in California and to be able to tour a strawberry farm while snacking on as many strawberries as I could eat! Closet Cooking Closet Cooking
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Me revoilà avec une nouvelle recette ( ca faisait bien trop longtemps !). ( Au passage je vous re-souhaite à tous une belle année 2014 !!) Quand j’étais petite mon père me faisait un goûter que j’adorais, c’était un goûter super drôle et créatif ! Griottes, palette culinaire Griottes, palette culinaire
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pesto alphabet pasta This Silly Green Alphabet Pasta is a fun way to turn pasta night into something green! And the best part is that it is truly a meal in a bowl. I served this dish with a side of white bean soup, some crusty bread and dinner was done. For the pasta, I take whole wheat alphabet pasta, classic kid food, then I doctored it up with some light pesto sauce, sweet sun dried tomatoes and a few sneaky shreds of spinach folded in as well. Green Alphabet Pasta Green Alphabet Pasta
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Making Gnocchi Making Gnocchi Have you ever made gnocchi? All you need are some leftover mashed potatoes, an egg, some flour, and a few minutes. Using a food processor helps, but it's not necessary.