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Verizon’s 5G tests show it to be faster than Google Fiber, could launch as early as 2017. 5G could even make Google Fiber look slow … Early tests of Verizon‘s 5G technology show that it can achieve connection speeds 30-50 times faster than 4G/LTE – above the speeds offered by Google Fiber’s gigabit wired broadband.

Verizon’s 5G tests show it to be faster than Google Fiber, could launch as early as 2017

Even better, the company expects to have “some level of commercial deployment” by 2017, some three years earlier than expected, reports CNET. To put that speed difference into perspective, the movie Guardians of the Galaxy would take around six minutes to download over a good LTE connection – while 5G would have it downloaded to your device in just 15 seconds … There is, of course, a big difference between beginning commercial deployment with a select number of clients and you or I being able to get our hands on all that tasty, tasty bandwidth. But Verizon does look to be upping the pace, moving tests out of the lab and into the field during the next 12 months. ChattanoogaGig: MT @communityn. Voice over IP. Google to FCC: if the internet is a Title II utility, let us expand Fiber. Fiber-To-The-Church. Palo Alto Dark Fiber Brings $2.1 Million Per Year, Expansion Plans Developing. The city owned dark fiber network in Palo Alto is bringing in a steady stream of revenue that may lead to better connectivity for the entire community.

Palo Alto Dark Fiber Brings $2.1 Million Per Year, Expansion Plans Developing

According to a Gennady Sheyner Palo Alto Online article, the Utilities Department recently reported to the City Finance Committee that the city Fiber Fund yields $2.1 million per year. The revenue comes from dark fiber leases to approximately 80 commercial customers. From the article: Viewed as a risky investment two decades ago, the fund has in recent years become a plump cash cow. According to a new report from the Utilities Department, its reserves stand at $14.6 million in the current fiscal year and are expected to nearly double by 2018.

Facebook. Google #Fiber : For The Record. Almost everybody in the IT/Telecoms medias/blogosphere/social networks space seems to be excited by the recent unveiling of Google's commercial plan in Kansas City.

Google #Fiber : For The Record.

To me, this plan is a simple bait to lure customers on the forthcoming (?) Google TV' offering. It misses to address a couple of fundamental points : Open Neutral Access (meaning the possibility for any operator to come on the platform and deliver its own services to its own customers), and Usages (how about non-telecommunications apps, such as Energy Management, Personal Care, etc. ?). Since the very begining of the Kansas City project 2 years ago, I keep saying that Google doesn't have a clue about the real stuff re.

MultiFiber Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits. Introducing the MultiFiber™ Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits. MultiFiber Pro is the only fiber tester that can test MPO fiber trunks without the use of a fan-out cords, it eliminates the complexity of polarity issues, and it makes cassettes easier to test in the field. Whether it is using 10 Gbps preterminated fiber trunks or planning for next-generation 40/100 Gbps performance, data centers are standardizing on an MPO connector solution. Typical data center fiber installation means time-consuming, manual and imprecise MPO validation. MultiFiber Pro is 90 percent faster than the single fiber testing method because it measures power loss and validates polarity on 12 fibers in a single connector— reducing test time from weeks to days.

Features The Scan All function in the MultiFiber Pro Power Meter automatically scans and tests all 12 fibers in MPO connectors – taking just 6 seconds to complete all loss or power measurements. Models & Accessories. Ecoc 2012. Marc Duchesne: 20-yo #CATV #Fiber system. Coops get a nod for advancing broadband in rural areas « Blandin on Broadband. Community Study Tour Sweden - Benefits of Broadband. Community Broadband Works: Knoxville’s High-Tech Jobs Move South For Chattanooga’s Fiber Broadband. Chattanooga’s investment in community fiber broadband is beginning to pay dividends as the city benefits from an increase in high-paying, high-technology jobs.

Community Broadband Works: Knoxville’s High-Tech Jobs Move South For Chattanooga’s Fiber Broadband

Unfortunately for cities like Knoxville, Chattanooga’s gains are their loss. “In a lot of places, you can get the same kind of high speed service as Chattanooga. The difference is the price,” Dan Thompson of Knoxville-based IT company Claris Networks told Knoxville TV station WBIR. Rewired - FTTH's Benefits Are Not That Easy to Prove. The 10 Most Bizarre and Annoying Causes of Fiber Cuts - Beyond Bandwidth. First light wave quantum teleportation achieved, opens door to ultra fast data transmission. Home security packaged with energy and solar. Vivint is a home security company looking for growth in home energy and solar installations.

Home security packaged with energy and solar

The company, formerly called APX Alarms, today is scheduled to announce its new name and strategy to expand into home automation. It now has about 16,000 homes using a combined home alarm and energy management system, which it expects to grow to about 100,000 customers this year, according to CEO Todd Pederson.


Territoires. Deployment. Foire aux questions  Cabling Installation & Maintenance - Testing readiness of sy. NIVERLAN - La Nièvre : le haut-débit pour tous. La fibre optique en vedette genevoise. Les acteurs de la course à l’armement autour du réseau du futur sont réunis dans le même carré à Palexpo.

La fibre optique en vedette genevoise

Si le canon n’a pas tonné, il y a bien exhibition de muscles. Ils sont tous là, à l’ITU Telecom World 2009, ou presque. Qui donc? Les principaux acteurs de la prochaine grande bataille des réseaux à Genève, celle qui mènera la fibre optique, donc l’Internet à très haut débit et ses services associés, dans les foyers. Et dans le même carré qui plus est. Swisscom, tout d’abord, construit à marche forcée un réseau à fibre optique jusqu’au pied des habitations. Les SIG, ensuite. Un crédit de 184 millions sur quinze ans a été approuvé. Télégenève SA, enfin. A Telecom 09, la société ne mettait pas moins en avant que cette toile est aussi composée de quelque 120? Et Georges Desay, directeur du réseau pour Naxoo, d’expliquer qu’en matière de performances, le cuivre coaxial n’avait pas à se sentir dépassé par rapport à une fibre à la mode qui lui dispute ses vertus.

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