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China Herald. The China Blog - Daily commentary about China by TIME correspondents. - Silk Road International Blog. Last month I was given a copy of an email from the local head of a national political party in the US with an all too common sentiment—China is a threat!

Silk Road International Blog

We need to limit our international exposure via govt fiat ASAP. I won’t share the source or all the back and forth, but I’ll say this: In my opinion, anyone, political or otherwise, that suggests isolationism in any form is not only deluding themselves but is ignorant as well. Shutting the US off from the rest of the world will never bring prosperity nor keep the US “safe.” It hasn’t in the past and won’t now. Chinese media, marketing, advertising, and urban life - Danwei. China Law Blog : China Law for Business. China law, business and economics commentary. China Dialogue - China and the world discuss the environment. ChinaSolved. China Business Blog.