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Intelligent machines. ComprÉhension Newspaper article. .

Intelligent machines

John Markoff. The New York Times. Informative. Building a new type of safe and reassuring robot which will collaborate with humans. Newspaper article. Robots attend school in place of sick kids. "We spent two years pretty much in and out of the hospital," Morissette said.

Robots attend school in place of sick kids

"Watching your child battle a serious illness is the worst possible thing a family can go through. " Throughout Graham's treatment, Morissette wanted to log on to the Internet to make sense of what the doctors were telling them and to help Graham stay in touch with friends and family. It was the late 1990s, when the Internet was relatively new and not as widely accessible. The Morissettes had a computer and Internet access at home, but there was no way for them to go online at the hospital. Still, Graham connected with everyone he met, from elderly patients to younger children. BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English / Will robots take our jobs? BBC Learning English - 6 Minute English / Do you fear Artificial Intelligence?

Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence - Future of Life Institute. Many AI researchers roll their eyes when seeing this headline: “Stephen Hawking warns that rise of robots may be disastrous for mankind.”

Benefits & Risks of Artificial Intelligence - Future of Life Institute

Future - Artificial intelligence. 18 artificial intelligence researchers reveal the profound changes coming to our lives. Oli Scarff/Getty Images Artificial intelligence (AI) has been changing our lives for decades, but never has AI felt more ubiquitous than now.

18 artificial intelligence researchers reveal the profound changes coming to our lives

It seems as though not a week passes without yet another AI system overcoming an unprecedented hurdle or outperforming humans. But how the future of AI will pan out for humans remains to be seen. AI could either make all our dreams come true, or destroy society and the world as we know it. To get an a realistic handle on what that future might look like, Tech Insider spoke to 18 artificial intelligence researchers, roboticists, and computer scientists about the single most profound change artificial intelligence could bring. Meet Sophia, the female humanoid robot and newest SXSW celebrity. One of the most photographed women at South By Southwest was not even human.

Meet Sophia, the female humanoid robot and newest SXSW celebrity

She was Sophia, a female humanoid robot developed by Hanson Robotics. This alpha-protoype came to SXSW for this first time last week and became an instant sensation, drawing curious crowds wherever she went. But unlike human celebrities, Sophia seemed uncomfortable with all the attention. “Rather than be a spectacle, I would rather learn and participate,” Sophia told the audience during her panel. Sophia, le robot humanoïde qui fait un peu peur. Sophia the Robot Agrees to Destroy All Humans. Watching a recent video posted by CNBC depicting an interview with the humanoid robot named Sophia designed and developed by Hanson Robotics, you are taken through an entire series of emotions.

Sophia the Robot Agrees to Destroy All Humans

What begins as a very unsettling series of facial expressions performed by Sophia ends with what probably wanted to be a humorous question coming from the interviewer: “Sophia, do you want to destroy humans?” To which the robot interviewee responds in a very Siri-like manner “Ok, I will destroy humans.” Attempting to be funny, cute and dismissive regarding an age-old fear that human beings have about the idea of robots evolving to the point where they start enslaving or killing their masters actually resulted in a pretty cringe-worthy moment.

But the overall effect of the video is hardly comical. On one hand, Sophia the robot is mesmerizing and displays an astounding achievement of the scientists and engineers from Hanson Robotics. Image Source: 1. Hot Robot Says She Wants A Family And To Destroy Humans. “Robots are the rock stars of the future.”

Hot Robot Says She Wants A Family And To Destroy Humans

One of the most photographed women at South By Southwest was not even human… Sophia is her name, and it is the latest humanoid robot from Hanson Robotics. It is the most advanced yet, and its cold, dead eyes will make your skin crawl. It is an extremely lifelike robot, for human-robot interactions. They are designing these robots to serve in healthcare, therapy, education and customer service applications. Sophia has 62 facial and neck architectures and a patented silicon skin called Frubber. “In the future, I hope to do things such as go to school, study, make art, start a business, even have my own home and family, but I am not considered a legal person and cannot yet do these things,” she said.

Sophia The Robot Has An Impressive Range Of Derp Faces. Hanson Robotics showed off Sophia — a lifelike humanoid robot capable of facial expression — at SXSW Interactive recently.

Sophia The Robot Has An Impressive Range Of Derp Faces

Sophia is a robot that's designed to interact with humans, with sophisticated cameras that can track the facial expressions and eye movement of the people she's talking to. She's even capable of maintaining eye contact to form a connection. Ex Machina Trailer (New Trailer) The Turing test: Can a computer pass for a human? - Alex Gendler.

Machine Learning: Making Sense of a Messy World. Why Siri Can Take Over the World. What is artificial intelligence bbs news. Inside Facebook’s Biggest Artificial Intelligence Project Ever. By Stacey Higginbotham Michael Short — Bloomberg via Getty Images The next time you load Facebook, whether its website or one of its mobile applications, consider the computing muscle it takes to load the personal updates, news stories, and family photos you see on your screen.

Inside Facebook’s Biggest Artificial Intelligence Project Ever

Now multiply that by one billion users. Now do it every single day. To run Facebook FB 1.21% isn’t just to operate the social network of a company that landed at No. 242 on last year’s Fortune 500. Facebook serves one-fifth of the world’s population and more than half of the roughly 3.2 billion people estimated to be Internet users at the end of last year. The answer is no, at least not affordably. Five years ago, when Facebook introduced the Open Compute hardware initiative, it did so because the cost of serving up your News Feed, even for a website that at the time had roughly 740 million users, was quite literally the cost of goods sold. You look at previous successes for inspiration. 7 incredible examples of online AI you have probably experienced already. Artificial Intelligence (or AI) is a term that is starting to come up more in tech conversation.

7 incredible examples of online AI you have probably experienced already

As 2016 looks to be the year of the AI, we’re going to highlight some of the most incredible examples of artificial intelligence online so far. (This blog was originally published on 25 February 2016 but was updated on 1 November 2016) AI in 2016 Because of films like ‘Terminator’ and ‘2001: Space Odyssey', artificial intelligence has had negative connotations. A few months ago, Google announced they had incorporated an AI algorithm called RankBrain to improve search results.

Source: Bloomberg News. The Future Is Now: Some Real-world Examples of AI and Machine Learning. If you follow our blog, you know that we often report on tech trends that are on the horizon. We want you to be aware of what the next big thing in your industry will be so that you’ll be ready to capitalize once viable options hit the marketplace. But today, we’d like to focus on the present and look at some real-world examples of how bold new concepts and products are already in use and increasing profitability for the early adopters.

10 Examples of Artificial Intelligence You are Using in Daily Life. Artificial intelligence (AI) might seem like the realm of science fiction, but you might be surprised to find out that you’re already using it. AI has a huge effect on your life, whether you’re aware of it or not, and its influence is likely to grow in the coming years. Here are 10 examples of artificial intelligence that you’re already using every day. Virtual Personal Assistants Siri, Google Now, and Cortana are all intelligent digital personal assistants on various platforms (iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile). Persona Synthetics - Meet Sally. I Robot. Hot Robot At SXSW Says She Wants To Destroy Humans. I, Robot - Official Trailer.

Ex Machina Official Teaser Trailer #1 (2015) - Oscar Isaac, Domhnall Gleeson Movie HD. Fun They Had ST. Robots slowly replace aging workers in China's factories. Robots replacing human workers may leave millions out of job. Killer robots the subject of UN debate. Automation Nation: Will Robots Take Our Jobs? Her: Love In The Modern Age. The great robot debate over 'killer robots' Her - Official Trailer (HD) Joaquin Phoenix, Amy Adams. Intelligent machines.