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The following is a question submitted to me by Jeremy, a Cupcake reader who is a theist. Jeremy was kind enough to permit me to post this. If you know anyone who would like to submit a question or if you have a question yourself, you are welcome to email me at Amy, thecupcakeatheist.wordpress thecupcakeatheist.wordpress
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The Alot is Better Than You at Everything

As a grammatically conscientious person who frequents internet forums and YouTube, I have found it necessary to develop a few coping mechanisms. When someone types out "u" instead of "you," instead of getting mad, I imagine them having only one finger on each hand and then their actions seem reasonable. If I only had one finger on each hand, I'd leave out unnecessary letters too! If I come across a person who seems to completely ignore the existence of apostrophes and capital letters and types things like "im an eagle and im typing with my talons, so dont make fun of me cuz this is hard," I like to imagine that they actually are an eagle typing with their talons. The Alot is Better Than You at Everything

Go away

Go away Avaliable Now. More articles, more emails, more everything. I'll Go Home Then; It's Warm and Has Chairs contains all new, never before published material by David Thorne, the author of and the New York Times best selling book, The Internet is a Playground. Order your copy today... Very Disappointed Good writers do not need to use foul language several times in the first few pages.