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Say YES! to hoboken. Rockstar diaries. Steoffrey language. Nienie. (My little cherub with angel wings) I had such a wonderful time at the Sweet Tooth Fairy meeting you!


Thank you so much for buying my 2011 calendar. I was honored to see people enjoying it and wanting to display it in their homes.This is the letter I wrote inside the calendars, and I wanted to share it with you this wonderful Sunday before Christmas: Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for having my wall calendar in your home. I have decided to create and dedicate this calendar to all those who have experienced tragedy or loss of hope in life; for anyone who may feel loneliness or sadness. I want you to know, these experiences can also be a blessing in disguise. My life is filled with happiness and peace, and this calendar reminds me of that. I have included some personal traditions and family events to share with you this upcoming year. Hopefully you will too. Kisses, Nie. Merry Christmas to you and yours: Watch my favorite Christmas story here (and if you listen, you will know why I love it so. Seriously, So Wise. At A Glance The anonymous creator, brains and author behind Tiffany/Amber/Megan/Nicole shares why she started Seriously, So Blessed, the highly popular Mormon mommy blog spoof.

Seriously, So Wise

She speaks candidly about how she responds to Mormon culture as an author and as a member, and why humor is such a powerful tool for helping us look at ourselves in an honest light. September 2010 What was your motivation to start “Seriously, so Blessed!”? I started the blog on a bit of a whim, just as a joke with a few specific friends in mind who I knew would enjoy it. Where do you find your inspiration for posts?

Inspiration is all over the place. Of course I don’t think all Mormon women are like TAMN. Is there a tendency for LDS women to hold themselves to an impossibly high standard or feel pressure to conform? In any highly homogeneous culture we all feel pressure to be and look and think and act a certain way. Are there any topic or issues you won’t poke fun at? There are lots of things I don’t mock. The Brass Petal. I can't believe I won. I mean, i can, but i can't. What a secret to keep, and i'm a bad self-secret keeper. I can keep others, sure. But i have no secrets of my own because, i'm the most transparent person in the world. and i like to talk. a lot. obviously.

So keeping this GOOD of a secret was sooooooooooo hard you have no idea. AND BOY am I so excited about that i could wee in my little vintage house dress. And I love how Ian's house turned out and kinda don't understand why its not mine. But back to Design Star. I remember waking up that morning and thinking, 'ok so today is the day that i get told by the Design Star judges whether I will get my own TV series. When Vern announced it, I was shocked. Seriously, so blessed! You guys, I do NOT say this lightly but am seriously ready to swear and cry and just take off my boots in dispair!

Seriously, so blessed!

Just don't understand why life keep's throwing rotten lemons at me. Even typing this gives me a serious bummer but this is my journal, and you do exist to validate me, so here goes everything. deep breathe~ing... JJWT just got laid offgot firedgot let gowas terminated moved on from his kickA dream law/biz/med/dental job. Shrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriek out NOT in a good way!!!! C. Jane, Enjoy It. Nat The Fat Rat.