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Road Safety Year 10

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Stage 5 - Course 1 - Shifting Gears. Resource overview Shifting Gears examines the different types of challenges and driving environments that young people encounter.

Stage 5 - Course 1 - Shifting Gears

Students investigate a crash scene, take on the role of a driver, answer questions on the road rules and compile a TV news report. For current statistical information visit the Centre for Road Safety website. Related curriculum Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE) syllabus for Years 7-10. Teacher and student resources There are four sections within the resource. Section 1: Crash Investigator Students investigate a crash scene that has just occurred and identify the factors that contributed to it. Additional information This interactive activity allows students to explore other skills needed for safe driving, aside from controlling the car, such as perceptual, cognitive and social skills.

Section 2: Riskometer Students take on the role of a driver in this interactive activity and identify hazards in a range of driving environments. Secondary School Road Safety Education. Statistics - NSW Centre for Road Safety. We collate and provide road crash statistics using data from the NSW Police Force.

Statistics - NSW Centre for Road Safety

Each day we process and edit road crash data to obtain information for every crash. With help from the police, we monitor and report fatal crashes in the: Our crash database, CrashLink, is used for road safety analysis and research work, strategic planning and policy development. Our road crash data is used by the public and organisations such as the Federal Bureau of Infrastructure; Transport and Regional Economics; NSW Police Force; NRMA Motoring & Services; Australian Bureau of Statistics; local governments; road safety researchers and community groups.

Reports and data Our reports on road user injuries and deaths in NSW include: How to use this information has details on how we define and record statistics. Get your hand off it - Campaigns - NSW Centre for Road Safety. Research shows that being distracted when driving, such as by a mobile phone, increases the risk of a crash.

Get your hand off it - Campaigns - NSW Centre for Road Safety

Simply taking your eyes off the road for longer than two seconds, doubles the risk of a crash. A short lapse of concentration can have lifelong consequences. Overview Our original Get your hand off it campaign has evolved to highlight the serious consequences of using your mobile phone illegally while driving, which could cost you or those you care about everything. We have adapted the successful 'Are you driving blind? ' The campaign also encourages drivers to know the rules about mobile phone use. Dangerous problem Crash data from 2010 to 2014 showed there were 236 crashes where hand-held mobile phone use by drivers was identified as a contributing factor. From July 2014 to June 2015, more than 35,300 fines were issued to drivers in NSW for using hand-held mobile phones, showing the problem is still prevalent. Audience Primary: Males and females aged 17-39 years. Main messages Delivery. MDT - Campaigns - NSW Centre for Road Safety.

The campaign started in November 2015 and is the first NSW road safety campaign targeting drug driving.

MDT - Campaigns - NSW Centre for Road Safety

To deter drug driving, the campaign focuses on the likelihood and consequences of being detected for drug driving by NSW Police using MDT. Education combined with enforcement is the most effective way to tackle this kind of road safety problem. It’s worked with random breath testing, and we know it will work with drug driving as well.

Drug driving behaviour and enforcement Taking illegal drugs before driving puts you at risk of injuring or killing yourself, your friends or other innocent people. We also know that 30 per cent of the drug users involved in our research admitted to driving with an illegal drug in their system. Mobile drug testing (MDT) detects drivers who have recently used three common illegal drugs: ecstasy, cannabis and speed. Watch the shorter version of our MDT TV advertisement or read a transcript. Audience Main messages Delivery Research and evaluation. Home - NSW Centre for Road Safety.