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A categorized collection of free use resources. Here you will find resources for music, video, photos, graphic art, articles, websites, images, and the Creative Commons movement.

Categorized Copyright Resources. What Is Copyright? YouTube Copyright School. Copyright Kids! Government Resources for Science Images. Most images are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced without permission from the copyright owner.

Government Resources for Science Images

The exceptions are U.S. Government images, which generally are in the public domain and free from copyright. Even though the following image sources are from government Web sites, it is always good practice to make sure that the image is not protected by copyright. One way to do this is to look for the artist credit and copyright symbol (©). If there is a copyright symbol, ©, and a date (©2002) then that image is protected by copyright. The Internet resources below are organized by broad scientific classes. For a complete list of Government image Web sites, see the graphics list at.

Copyright and Primary Sources. How do I use the Restriction Statements that accompany the American Memory collections?

Copyright and Primary Sources

The Library of Congress assesses materials for legal considerations prior to placing items online (see legal assessment). The Restriction Statement that accompanies each American Memory collection provides known information regarding ownership of materials in the collection. If known, we include contacts for permission. In some cases the Restriction Statement will indicate that material in a particular collection may be used freely; in other cases the Restriction Statement may only be a starting point for your inquiry. Wikimedia Commons. Internet Archive: Digital Library of Free Books, Movies, Music & Wayback Machine. Watch, share and upload your high quality videos. SoundCloud – Hear the world’s sounds.

Catalog - Jamendo Royalty Free Music Licensing. Publish/Audio/SoundCloud - Creative Commons. SoundCloud has an excellent primer on Creative Commons, which gives you all the info you need to know about uploading and licensing music on their platform.

Publish/Audio/SoundCloud - Creative Commons

You can 1) choose a CC license when uploading a track or set or 2) change your default license setting in your 'extra settings'. 1) After registering an account, select 'Upload & Share' from the top menu, or go to Upload your track or set. Publish/Audio/Jamendo - Creative Commons. U.S. Copyright Office. Notices of Restored Copyrights In 1996, copyright was automatically restored in certain foreign works that were then in the public domain in the United States but were protected by copyright or neighboring rights in the source country.

U.S. Copyright Office

Read More Online Service Providers The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, signed into law on October 28, 1998, amended the United States Copyright Act, Title 17 of the U.S. Code, to provide in part certain limitations on the liability of online service providers (OSPs) for copyright infringement. Read More Request a Search Estimate The U.S. Read More Vessel Registration The Vessel Hull Design Protection Act, title 17, Chapter 13 of the United States Code, was signed into law on October 28, 1998, providing for protection for original designs of vessel hulls. Read More How is a copyright different from a patent or a trademark? Copyright protects original works of authorship, while a patent protects inventions or discoveries. Publish/Video/Vimeo - Creative Commons. Creative Commons - YouTube Help. Creative Commons licenses provide a standard way for content creators to grant someone else permission to use their work.

Creative Commons - YouTube Help

YouTube allows users to mark their videos with a Creative Commons CC BY license. These videos are then accessible to YouTube users for use, even commercially, in their own videos via the YouTube Video Editor. Attribution is automatic under the CC BY license, meaning that any video you create using Creative Commons content will automatically show the source videos' titles underneath the video player.

Flickr, a Yahoo company. Publish/Images/Flickr - Creative Commons. How to publish on Flickr There are many ways to CC license your content in Flickr.

Publish/Images/Flickr - Creative Commons

The three main ways are 1) setting a default license for your account to apply the license to all new uploads, 2) batch-licensing all your previous uploads, or 3) selectively licensing some of your photos. Setting a default license To set a default CC license for your content, follow these directions: Copyright Free Content. Free Articles, Free Web Content, Reprint Articles. - Free Articles for Reprint. Free Articles for your web site and newsletters. Submit Your Articles to Our Articles Directory. Free Images & Stock Photos by 5000 Free Stock Photos. 8000 Free Cliparts. Free Illustrations Clipart Stock Photos. Free Images - Pixabay.

Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse. That means everyone has the freedom to enjoy and reuse these materials in almost limitless ways.

Public Domain Collections: Free to Share & Reuse

The Library now makes it possible to download such items in the highest resolution available directly from the Digital Collections website. Search Digital Collections No permission required. No restrictions on use. Below you'll find tools, projects, and explorations designed to inspire your own creations—go forth and reuse! Visualize the Public Domain An experiment by NYPL Labs to help patrons understand and explore what is contained in this release. - Public Domain Clip Art. Royalty-free vector clip art and graphics. Free Clip Art & Images - Millions of Royalty Free Images.

Public domain Clipart. Amazingly Simple Graphic Design Software – Canva. Photos For Class - The quick and safe way to find and cite images for class! free stock photos. When we share, everyone wins. CC Search. Firefox and CC Search - Creative Commons. A plugin for the Creative Commons search tool is built into some versions of the Firefox web browser.

Firefox and CC Search - Creative Commons

On most versions, the search box defaults to using Google. You can change your search engine by clicking on the small black arrow in the search bar. See the screenshot below. If CC Search isn't available on your browser, you can always visit directly, or see CC Search Browser Plugins for search plugins you can add to your browser. Using the drop down menu pictured above you can access the Creative Commons search tool or any other installed search engine plugin.

Mac instructions Click on the logo that appears in the search box (the CC logo, or the Google logo, for example). It's easy to switch between search providers through the keyboard as well. Get Firefox! If you don't have Firefox, you can get it from. Blog.