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3: People don’t scroll. Although people weren’t used to scrolling in the mid-nineties, nowadays it’s absolutely natural to scroll.

3: People don’t scroll

For a continuous and lengthy content, like an article or a tutorial, scrolling provides even better usability than slicing up the text to several separate screens or pages. You don’t have to squeeze everything into the top of your homepage or above the fold. To make sure that people will scroll, you need to follow certain design principles and provide content that keeps your visitors interested. Also keep in mind that content above the fold will still get the most attention and is also crucial for users in deciding whether your page is worth reading at all. Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol. 40, No. 3 (Sep., 1995), pp. 474-494. Why First Impressions Are Difficult to Change: Study.

Usability News 112 - Phillips. Christine Phillips* & Barbara S.

Usability News 112 - Phillips

Chaparro Summary. This study examines the effects of visual appeal and usability on user performance and satisfaction with a website. Users completed search and exploratory tasks on sites which varied in visual appeal (high and low) and usability (high and low). Interacting with Computers - Too good to be bad: Favorable product expectations boost subjective usability ratings. Volume 23, Issue 4, July 2011, Pages 363–371 Cognitive Ergonomics for Situated Human-Automation Collaboration Edited By Willem-Paul Brinkman, Mark A.

Interacting with Computers - Too good to be bad: Favorable product expectations boost subjective usability ratings

Neerincx and Herre van Oostendorp Abstract In an experiment conducted to study the effects of product expectations on subjective usability ratings, participants (N = 36) read a positive or a negative product review for a novel mobile device before a usability test, while the control group read nothing. Graphical abstract In an experiment studying the effects of expectations on usability ratings, participants read a positive or a negative product review or no review in the control group. Research highlights ► Users’ expectations strongly affect usability ratings. ► Positively primed users rate a product highly even when they fail in their tasks. ► The finding calls attention to usability evaluation methods. Keywords. Persuasive Design of Destination Web Sites: An Analysis of First Impression. Eye-tracking studies: first impressions form quickly on the web - Missouri S&T News and Events.

T & F Online. Three studies were conducted to ascertain how quickly people form an opinion about web page visual appeal.

T & F Online

In the first study, participants twice rated the visual appeal of web homepages presented for 500 ms each. The second study replicated the first, but participants also rated each web page on seven specific design dimensions. Visual appeal was found to be closely related to most of these. Study 3 again replicated the 500 ms condition as well as adding a 50 ms condition using the same stimuli to determine whether the first impression may be interpreted as a 'mere exposure effect' (Zajonc 1980).

Throughout, visual appeal ratings were highly correlated from one phase to the next as were the correlations between the 50 ms and 500 ms conditions. Related articles View all related articles. The role of visual complexity and prototypicality regarding first impression of websites: Working towards understanding aesthetic judgments. Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business. Advertisement User experience design for the Web (and its siblings, interaction design, UI design, et al) has traditionally been a deliverables-based practice.

Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business

Wireframes, site maps, flow diagrams, content inventories, taxonomies, mockups and the ever-sacred specifications document (aka “The Spec”) helped define the practice in its infancy. These deliverables crystallized the value that the UX discipline brought to an organization. Over time, though, this deliverables-heavy process has put UX designers in the deliverables business — measured and compensated for the depth and breadth of their deliverables instead of the quality and success of the experiences they design. Designers have become documentation subject matter experts, known for the quality of the documents they create instead of the end-state experiences being designed and developed. A New Mobile UX Design Material. Advertisement.

A New Mobile UX Design Material

FiveSecondTest. Un approfondimento su evo. User experience is strategy, not design : Defining and Informing the Complex Field of User Experience (UX) 4 Strategies for Working With Designers Without Killing Each Other. Fourteen years ago, in my first job where my title was “Information Architect,” I clashed with a designer.

4 Strategies for Working With Designers Without Killing Each Other

We were working at a large advertising agency that was known for stunning design work. The art directors wielded a level of power at the agency that I have never seen anywhere else, and the result over the decades was a portfolio of gorgeous print and TV ads. Lean UX: Getting Out Of The Deliverables Business - Smashing UX Design. Installing Plone on Windows Bika Lab Systems. 20 Free Productivity Booster Apps for Mac. Lacking of productivity applications will slow down our workflow and consume more time, even though we’ve already purchased a Mac.

20 Free Productivity Booster Apps for Mac

Using only built-in Mac applications, we can neither get the most out of our Mac nor boost our productivity. In this article, we’ve compiled several free applications for Mac OS X (including application launcher, easy note-taker application, data backup tool, data sharing utility, etc) that can significantly boost your productivity. Let us know which one is your favorite! Quicksilver Quicksilver is a super fast application launcher empowered with many time-saving actions.